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Orangutan Tongs Poems to Tangle Your TongueOme uite devilish ones Orangutan Tongs is the most enjoyable book of poems I ve read in a long time This is a delightful book for adults and children alike I don t think anyone can read through the amusing tongue twisting tales without cracking a smile One after another the fables get sillier and challenging to read This would be a good book for learning pronunciation blending and segmenting words and rhyming I would consider this a book
of poetry than 
poetry than book of tongue twisters but the themes are funny the art is kid centric and readers of all ages will have fun trying to untangle their tongues long enough to recite the dozens of poems in Orangutan Tongs A delightful road trip companion or summer boredom buster I am soooo in love with this book The poems are a riot and occasionally brilliant in language and structureSo many of the poems in this collection are a perfect synthesis of language intent and humor in this collection are a perfect synthesis of language intent and humor often use tongue twisters in warm ups and as verbal exercises in my theater classes my favorites are from Gilbert Sullivan and Dr Seuss and I will be adding several of Agee s works from this book beginning this fallOrangutan Tongs itself is a feast for the lipsthe tonguethe jaw and the palate I can t wait to share these with my own children for fun and with my students for experience in projection enunciation and power of languageTry saying Peggy Babcock or Mixed bisuits three times fast Go on I DARE ouMy. U know New York's uniue but did Un lieu incertain you know that uniue New York's also pretty chic And ifou switched our wristwatch with York's uniue but did ou know that uniue New York's also pretty chic And if ou switched our wristwatch with new Swiss watch could ou tell which wristwatch was

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Favorite marries meaning and the magical sound of language ROTTEN WRITINGReading writingWhen it s written really rottenCan cause our eyes and intellect to strainWhen it s written really rottenWriting s really rotten readingYes reading rotten written writing really is a painIf Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you love the sound of language and the linguistic gymnastics of poetic tongue twisters give this one a try andou won t be sorry My family are big fans of Agee s Dmitri the Astronaut and Milo s Hat Trick and we looove this exhausting collection of tongue twisters eg Mixed Biscuits Knapsack Straps and nonsense rhymes to witWalter Witter called a waiter Waiter over hereI want some water waiter Water waiter Is that Waiter over hereI want some water waiter Water waiter Is that waiter brought some water Walter Witter shouted WRONGThis water s really watered down I like my water strongThe waiter brought water Walter Witter was upsetThis water s dry said Walter I like my water wetBring me wetter water waiter Walter Witter saidThe waiter brought a pitcherful and poured it on his headRead this book aloud repeatedly These fun rhyming poems are also trippy tongue twisters that are great fun to read aloud My favorite involved feeding large antlered mammalsMuesliIf The Summer I Wasn't Me you offer moose muesliThey ll thankou profuselyFor muesli makes moose feel grandWhen feeding moose muesli Hold the muesli looselyTo avoid getting nipped on the handAnd here I thought moose the cereal with the moose on the package. Hich Wordplay master Jon Agee tackles and other tricky tongue twisters in a funny new title featuring master Jon Agee tackles these and other tricky tongue twisters in a funny new title featuring eually hilarious artwork The combination will leave ou speechle. Copyright Jon AgeeNumber of page 47Book format HardbackReading level Grades 1 5Genre PoetryLit Reuirement Themed Poet reuirement Themed Poet Summary Can ou follow along to figure out what annoys an oyster Or not get Tales from a Pilots Logbook your tongue tied reading my rhymes Response This book is fun to read but wouldn t be enjoyable for struggling readers In my opinion some of the poems tangleour tongue too much making it hard to read and enjoy However for strong readers this would be fun to read or use as a fun read aloud If used as a read aloud only read some of the poems في الانفصال you would want to read not all of them 35 Fun poems to read aloud I can see my kids having a contest to see who can say them the fastest Read this one real nice and uick but it taxed my brain and made me chuckle a couple times Very cute and fun Looking to teach alliteration or to read some tongue twisters This book of poems is ready to tangleour tongue Between blowing the world s biggest bubble to mimicking hiccups there s a poem for everyone Good luck trying to get there s a poem for everyone Good luck trying
to get this 
get this without stumbling and getting tongue tied Not sure why these are called poems when they re just tongue twisters I guess cuz they rhyme But if Natural Cat Care you re tired woodchucks chucking wood try the title poem Ifou re tired of toy boat try mixed biscuits I prefer my word play books to have a variety of jokes riddles etc but if And the Ass Saw the Angel you re interested in just tongue twisters there are lots here including Haveou ever gotten tripped up trying to say a silly succession of similar syllables Of course everyone hasIt can be sometimes frustrating but it's always funny For example Passer par le Nord: La nouvelle route maritime yo.