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Sea of Poppies19th century adventure yarn without abandoning a realism which makes it a compelling page turner The humorous episodes largely supplied by the Falstaffian figure of Baboo Nob Kissin enlivens the story between accounts of opium addiction imprisonment and various corporal punishmentsGhosh s experiment with Anglo Indian dialects

tremendously to the authenticity of voices of the characters although sometimes it could be rather distracting especially in the earlier part of the story There is a glossary The Chrestomaty appended to the end of the book which is uite appended to the end of the book which is uite to decipher the various lingos but regretfully not all of the words used is included Obviously it would be helpful if all the words are included so that readers wouldn t miss any bit of dialogueProbably Ghosh s best and most impressive work to date As this is said to be the first part of a projected trilogy I ll be waiting with bated breath for the next installmentWrite uickly Mr Ghosh The title of this book is so spot on While an interesting cast of characters populated the story of opium from the empoverished villages of India to the compromised users in China with the movers and shakers of colonialism in between only one element dictated the outcome and that was poppies These happy little flowers invaded every single aspect of land sea and all things alive even innocent animals There was not a soul psyche or physical body devoid of its impact in the nineteenth centuryI started this book two years ago but set it aside for a time which promised me hours to proceed The initial dialects or shou. E ahnt dass sie vor einer großen Veränderung in ihrem Leben stehen önnteBis zum Tag der arrangierten Hochzeit mit Diti hat Hukam seine Opiumsucht verschwiegen die ihn längst zeugungsunfähig gemacht hat Diti erfährt dass sie in der Hochzeitsnacht unter Drogen gesetzt und von ihrem Schwager vergewaltigt wurde Als Hukam nach einem Unfall in der Fabrik stirbt will Diti sich deshalb lieber verbrennen lassen als mit ihrem Schwager zusammenzuleben In letzter Sekunde wird sie von dem Unberührbaren Kalua gerettet und die beiden fliehen auf dem Ganges stromabwärts nach Kalkutta Als sie nach einer abenteuerlichen Reise dort ankommt erblickt sie das Schiff aus ihren Visionen und versteht endlich dass sie als Teil einer Schicksalsgemeinschaft das Land und ihr bisheriges Leben hinter sich lassen wirdHistorienepos Gesellschafts und Abenteuerroman zugleich At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship the Ibis Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage ac. ,

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English demanded concentration but it such an intricate part of the plot since it was a world in one story that I wanted to be prepared for the rest of the taleAnd what a compassionate gripping saga it turned out to be All the hours investe donald harington recommended this book to me and now that he s gone i can t even talk about it with him and that is what i was thinking the whole time i was reading this book if i hadn t had to read it for school i would have waited until the other two books in the trilogy were published so i could have had at them all at once but again school screws up my plans it s an amazingly uick read i was under the impression that i was supposed to have read it for yesterday s class so i zipped through it in a day and a half which is way uicker than i read the nown world a less fun and much shorter book also for class this book is just vibrant it too is a sprawling narrative with a huge list of characters but this one has pirates and drugs and a man growing boobs so It S Familiar Territory s familiar territory slave owning for me shortest review ever i now you re welcome dana but i have to get back to my stupid paper about collection development and somehow write at least 5 pages on a topic i feel i have already exhausted cliffs notes for this review it is fun and good read it I give a high place to Ghosh among contemporary English Authors from IndiaA saga of a ship the Ibis in the Indian Ocean and beautiful depiction of local characters in typical Indian way enthralled me and it ept me engaged with its characters Ross the Indian Ocean; its purpose to fight China’s vicious nineteenth century Opium Wars As for the crew they are a motley array of sailors and stowaways coolies and convicts In a time of colonial upheaval fate has thrown together a diverse cast of Indians and Westerners from a bankrupt raja to a widowed tribeswoman from a mulatto American freedman to a freespirited French orphan As their old family ties are washed away they like their historical counterparts come to view themselves as jahaj bhais or ship brothers An unlikely dynasty is born which will span continents races and generations The vast sweep of this historical adventure spans the lush poppy fields of the Ganges the rolling high seas the exotic backstreets of China But it is the panorama of characters whose diaspora encapsulates the vexed colonial history of the East itself that makes Sea of Poppies so breathtakingly alive a masterpiece from one of the world’s finest novelists.

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If I had nown this book was the first part of a trilogy the other books as yet unwritten and that the book was not complete unto itself in other words this saga is a serial not complete unto itself in other words this saga is a serial than a series I would probably not have bought it And then I would have missed a book interesting for its historical period the Opium Wars with China about which I new nothing for its Finely Drawn Characters And General Good All Round Storytelling This drawn characters and general good all round storytelling This really a 5 star book but I am only giving it 4 stars because any serious review would be a spoiler and this book is so good I wouldn t want to do that and because I am pissed off at the author for finishing the story uite arbitarily and without having published the next chapter the next book in the trilogy All I can say to Amitav Ghosh is hurry up man I m waiting what happens next A beautifully written historical novel about 1830 s India in the grip of the opium trade The characters are just as diverse as the British Empire itself each with their own dialects and idiosyncracies all brought together by the opium trade s many tentacled hands into the Ibis on a voyage that will irrevocably changed them forever The author has obviously done a massive amount of research into the period and this novel is so rich with details that it could veritably serve as an encyclopaedia of early 19th century Indian life both at sea and on land However this was never allowed to stifle the narrative which deftly moves between a half dozen main characters and different settings with ease The novel is as chock full of exciting incidents as a door stopper. Das neue große Epos voller Geschichten und Geschichte vom Autor des Weltbestsellers „Der Glaspalast“1838 Am Oberlauf des Ganges schuften die Menschen für die britische Opiumindustrie Verfolgung Intrigen und Not vereinen Glaspalast“1838 Am Oberlauf des Ganges schuften die Menschen für die britische Opiumindustrie Verfolgung Intrigen und Not vereinen Gruppe von Flüchtlingen als Schicksalsgemeinschaft auf der »Ibis« einem ehemaligen Sklavenschiff Die »Ibis« ist Hoffnung und Strafe Zukunft und Endstation zugleich Und hinter der Mündung des Ganges wartet die Ungewissheit Unterdrückung und Kolonialismus das Aufeinanderprallen von Kulturen Liebe und Hass sind die großen Themen bei Ghosh Spannendes soziales Drama und literarischer Abenteuerroman zugleichDie junge Diti lebt und arbeitet mit ihrer 6 jährigen Tochter Kabutri und ihrem Mann Hukam Singh auf einer Mohnfarm Diti hat Tagträume Visionen in denen sie ein Schiff unter Segeln sieht das den Fluss herauf ommt Noch nie war sie am Meer am »Schwarzen Wasser« und ann sich die Vision nicht erklären Doch si.