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Conclusion intelligently pleasing All in all it was a classic murder mystery story similar to a classic Sherlock Holmes story I would say that anyone who loves Sherlock Holmes like I do will really njoy this book Charles Lenox tries to solve the murder of two journalists as he campaigns for a Parliamentary seat in the town of Stirrington The political part of the story was a little less interesting to "Me But The Murder Mystery Made Up For It As " but the murder mystery made up for it As usual for this series great characters and a feeling of being totally immersed In Victorian London Society Victorian London society njoyable read This third book in Charles Finch s Charles Lenox Mystery series continues a brilliant story of an aristocratic bright and intelligent self made detective The writing is xcellent and imagery atmospheric The setting is 1866 London Our 40ish detectective is betrothed to his childhood friend and must leave her as he campaigns in Stirrington for a Parliamentary seat She has developed cold feet and he s now gone Meanwhile two journalists are murdered virtually simultaneously One is deemed virtuous and the other a corrupt and corruptible soul Will Scotland Yard carry out its due diligence and find the perpetrators of these crimes or will Charles again step into the breach to resolve the matter at hand Mr Finch has written a most clever story drawing on English history and laying out the breadcrumbs for the mystery loving reader The references to a prior book of the series were a delicious reminder of much which came before I agerly look forward to reading the subseuent books of this brilliant series First Sentence It was late in the vening and a thin winter rain beat down over London s low buildings and high steeples collecting in sallow pools beneath the streetlights and insinuating its way inside the clothes of the miserable few whom fate had kept outsideAmateur sleuth Charles Lenox is recently ngaged to his best friend and neighbor Lady Jane Grey and is running for parliament in the small town of Stirrington north of London However two important Fleet Street journalists are murdered on the same night at nearly the same time but one mile apart Lenox becomes involved in the investigation but must do so remotely while he works on his lectionFinch brings Victorian England to life taking us from the residences of London society to a small working town to Newgate Prison making ach real The characters are diverse and real as The Settings I Like That settings I like that and Lady Jane are not young with Charles being not uite fifty Graham is Charles friend and butler their friends who suffer a miscarriage the young son of a noble house who Lenox is trying to save from a life of dissipation by teaching him investigation and many others I love British historical mysteries and authors who seamlessly incorporate people vents and places into their books such as Dickens drinking at the Fleet Street Pub Ye Old Ch. Have just met with violent deaths one shot one throttled Lenox soon involves himself in the strange case which proves only complicated as he digs deeper However he must leave it behind to go north to Stirrington where he is fulfilling a lifelong dream running for a Parliamentary seat Once there he gets a further shock when Lady Jane sends him a letter whose contents might threaten their nuptials In London .
The third book in this series WAS WONDERFUL FROM START TO FINISH wonderful from start to finish Lenox is at his best in this book besotted with his fiance Lady Jane Grey campaigning for a seat in Parliament while simultaneously trying to solve the double homicide of two journalists Some of the story takes place in Stirrington a smallish town north of London where Charles is trying to win over the people to gain their vote and represent them in Parliament Unfortunately for him he is going up against a local businessman and much is made of his outsider status by the opposite party It s going to take a lot to win over the populace but if anyone can accomplish this it would be Charles Lenox I A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enjoyed reading about his campaigning and his debates with the opposing candidate Charles has a great deal of wit and charm which makes any book featuring him a joy to read The murder mystery was clear and interesting complex without being too complicated and I was unable to guess thending although it made sense in the The Shadow Reader end The twist at thend of the book I saw coming but to be honest I would have been unhappy if it had not occurred Very recommended for anyone who likes Victorian mysteries Charles Lenox runs for a House of Commons seat and investigates suspicious deaths of men in finance Lenox and Lady Jane Gray make plans for their wedding While I m certain the author will use the Parliamentary seat in future novels it seemed a distraction in this one I m not certain how I feel about a private investigator holding that title and continuing to practice private investigation James Langton always does a good job narrating books I would go to the bookstore very often and Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies every time I would pause at this book until finally I picked it up and bought it I wish I would have known that was the third in the series but glad I could read it out of order I reallynjoyed this book It is very similar to a Sherlock Holmes book xcept with a personable character as the detective There is a character similar to Watson Moriarty Mycroft and ven Lestrad It had The Power Of A Choice enough differences though that it didn t feel like a total Sherlock Holmes knock off But maybe it is but I love Sherlock Holmes so any book that has a similar feel to it I will love When I read a lot of the reviews for this book some people felt that there was too much of the political aspect and some felt that there was notnough or not nough of the crime I felt like the book had a very good balance between the crimes in Fleet Street and Lenox running for a seat in Parliament Even though I really wanted of the crime aspect I still "Enjoyed The Political Aspect At " the political aspect at book that I didn t miss it too much I really liked the main character Charles Lenox and his relationships with all his friends I specially njoyed how his butler was one of his best friends and liked the conversation that went between them The case itself was interesting and I found the. The third book in the Charles Lenox series finds the gentleman detective trying to balance a heated race for Parliament with the investigation of the mysterious simultaneous deaths of two veteran reporters It’s Christmas 1866 and amateur sleuth Charles Lenox recently ngaged to his best friend Lady Jane Grey is happily celebrating the holiday in his Mayfair townhouse Across London however two journalists.

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Eshire Cheese a pub still in operation today Even Finch s narration conveys the decorum of the time their conversation devolved into all the The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right endearments and stolen kisses and long laughs that belong to any new love and that scarcely need to be repeated here Following Lenox through his campaign was fascinating and very much I m certain still the way of campaigns today perhapsven down to buying votes although one hopes not Balanced against that is the unfolding of "the investigation much of which he has to conduct remotely and " investigation much of which he has to conduct remotely and the help of others The various story lines are very well constructed seamlessly blended and Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling each as interesting as the other The story builds to a veryxciting chase and an unexpected twist My fondest wish is for many Charles Lenox books to comeTHE FLEET STREET MURDERS Hist Mys Charles Lenox England Victorian1866 VGFinch Charles 3rd in seriesMinotaur Books 2009 US Hardcover ISBN 9780312565510 This third in the series had a few twists and surprises in store I m njoying these books and as I go along Good historical mysteries The time is the Mid 1860s the place is England both London and the North the private investigator is Charles Knox a member of the upper class rich nough to indulge this hobby The murders take place almost immediately Knox is again involved mostly from his curiosity and his connections with the very young Scotland Yard I find it a bit puzzling that it takes until almost three uarters of the book is written before Finch gives his readers some background on what is Fleet Street and how it became the ground zero for much of London s newspapersFinch s mysteries are is Fleet Street and how it became the ground zero for much of London s newspapersFinch s mysteries are filled with suspen I listened to the nding of the story twice to make it last a little longer Lady Jane Charles Edward Robert Toto and Graham all feel like an xtended part of my family now I can t wait to meet them againI am grateful to the folks at the Dundee Illinois Public Library for the InterLibrary loan of this book on CD so that I could listen to itI will try to think a It s refreshing to find a series with a detective who is uiet intelligent and decent Don t get me wrong some of the detectives who are alcoholic anti social shell shocked miserably partnered devastatingly widowed tc are well drawn and ngaging However as Jasper Fforde so mercilessly showed up in The Big Over Easy characterization by uirk has been overdone and Lenox is a good antidote In fact Lenox is almost a challenge to the axiom that the detective has to be some kind of outsider His reserved demeanor itself fits him into his Victorian society and ngages the reader in part because of Finch s prose Admittedly the sidekick in this series has some of The Usual Ualities Listed Above And I Hope Finch Doesn usual ualities listed above and I hope Finch doesn go overboard with that Add to Lenox a well written cast of supporting characters most of whom are at their best in book 2 although still strong in book 3 and one has He police apprehend two unlikely and unrelated murder suspects From the start Lenox has his doubts; the crimes he is sure are tied but how Racing back and forth between London and Stirrington Lenox must negotiate the complexities of crime and politics not to mention his imperiled ngagement As the case mounts Lenox learns that the person behind the murders might be closer to him and his beloved than he know. The Fleet Street Murders