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O s life in Los Angeles it is #written in a way that each chapter can be its own separate short story of life in #in a way that each chapter can be its own separate story vignette of life in The irst chapter talks about the group of kids standing up to the gringo teacher and not letting their names become Anglicized but rather stay Spanish Another chapter is "A FUNNY STORY OF ARTURO S MOTHER FACING A "funny story of Arturo s mother Janae (Blacktop, facing a and dialing 911 because she is afraid There are some other silly and sweet stories about volunteer coaches and his dad painting heartsor his mom on the sidewalk but then there are the serious and sad chapters of the piano lady who could have been a star but chose to teach in the barrio and how a police officer helped Rosa smile after a gang shooting at their house Just like life in Los Angeles the stories are mixed with very different moods and eelings really giving an idea of the culture of Mexican immigrant amilies in Los AngelesI really enjoyed reading this book I can see how many of my students could connect to some of the unny and sad stories of Arturo Many students who don t live in the best neighborhoods of Los Angeles can identify with Arturo wanting to be a good kid but seeing the pull of belonging to a gang many of his riends could all in to I only give this book 4 instead of 5 stars because it is set in a time when the Lakers use to be a star basketball team and Chick Hearn the sports announcer was still alive The coach in this story is based on the ormer basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar that many of today s students might not know It might be slightly dated but I eel the concepts of hope love and amily are still explained well even today Any small goodness is a very interesting book that I recommend to you guys to read A lot of things happened throughout the book Some of the things that happened are happy sad and interesting Throughout this book review I m going to tell you guys each of the categories that happen throughout the novel that are happy sad and interesting One of the good things that happened in the novel is that there were that Arturo was a very trouble kid in school Somethings that he would do in the classroom would be that one time they did this project and it really didn t turn out good Also Arturo lived in a barrio because he belonged to a poor Why Diets Make Us Fat family that could t afford a lot of things Some hobbies that Arturo had was that he loved basketball because it was hisavorite sport and he would always play basketball Arturo was a very troubled kid and he would be part of a gang He would always want to be the Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., first one on everything that he did Also some of hisriends in the gang would like to bully him One time he was very tired that people would bully him and he just wanted to get revenge So I do recommend this book because it s a very interesting book to read and a lot of things happen throughout the novel. A place where random acts of generosity and goodwill improve the lives of the community Any Small Goodness is a novel illed with hope love and warmt.
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Ces of a rich basketball coach wealthy librarian and talented piano teacher all of whom choose to volunteer "their time with the disadvantaged rather than resting on their comforts Hoping that he can "time with the disadvantaged rather than resting on their comforts Hoping that he can up and do something or love p 52 Arturo is Everyday life in medieval times faced with daily conflicts in the poor crime ridden barrio that make him uestion why the poor seek better but always end up with worse p 54 After a gang shoots up his home while hisamily is eating dinner in the kitchen Arturo realizes that despite the good no one s real safe p 103 at least in the barrio Left with a decision to remain good or become a part of the bad what Arturo ends up choosing will surprise you at least how author Tony Johnston creatively paints the novel s North final developments Much than multicultural literature ASG serves as Johnston s social commentary on the many problems that take place in the barrio most notably including how its people are misrepresented asalling into a certain stereotype Noting how people in the barrio are victims p 99 Johnston through the amazing Arturo shows how there are truly good people out there in the barrio p 125 despite the incredible challenges that are aced on a daily basis It s about time that people recognize not only this point but ASG as a novel worth reading inside or outside the classroom whether a kid or an adult as it is much than an example of small goodness but a ar powerful read than I certainly expected when I read this story it makes me Dead Giveaway feel sador the boySo the boy was mad when he moved to new school I Andrew Lost In the Kitchen felt like I m part of the storyBecause that happened to me tooon theirst Day Of The School He of the school he t have Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism friends also it was 2 students makingun of him so I m sure nobody like that So then there s a 3 students tried to talk to him and Invite him to the launch everydayAlso he joined the basketball team with his new Nope friends they helped himAnd after 2 months he made a new basketball program affects all the studentsor all the grades everybody liked it actually it was Rejected Rejected Rejected fun and everybody was happy Character driven slower pace lack of plot to compel readerorward Conveys a positive messageEach chapter offers an example of the advice that Arturo s Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison father gives him In life there is bueno and there is malo If you do notind enough of the good you must yourself create it Remember this thing any small goodness is of value Spanish #Language Embedded With A #embedded with a at provided 2006 Caudill nominee MULTICULTURAL CHILDRENSJohnson Tony Any Small Goodness New York Scholastic 2001TARGET AUDIENCE Grade 4 to Grade 6Setting Urban Los Angeles area around the late 1980s early 1990sCharacters Middle schooler Arturo and his Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz friends Alicia Jaime Lloyd and Raul Arturo s Abuelta his mother andather his litte sister Rosa dn his oldr brother Luis Although this is one continuous story of Artur. D death But there's another LA one where warmth and humor and humanity pervade Where a tacueria sign declares One cause one people one taco This LA is. Purpose Multicultural Literature Wide Reading ProjectGenre Realistic ictionFormat NovelAge Level "Intermediate I grades 3 56 ages 8 1011Themes identity adolescence amily community inner city life poverty gangs love vs hate "I grades 3 56 ages 8 1011Themes identity adolescence amily community inner city life poverty gangs love vs hate vs bad languages stereotypesCultures Mexican American cultureRead Aloud NoLiterary Elements Powerful multicultural insights into the cultural traditions and close bonds that comprise a poor yet incredibly rich Mexican American Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series family Very relevant and relatable settingor urban students specifically the barrios of Los Angeles Strong characters including the adolescent protagonist Arturo an intelligent and introspective boy who struggles with the different contradictions in the world including but not limited to poverty and wealth Excellent themes about the power of Five Days Left family love and goodness despite all the bad that may happen or be represented in the barrio or ghetto Surprise ending that reveals the hope and goodness of the barrioinner city that is rarely if ever recognized Awards Rebecca Caudill Young Reader s Book Award Nominee 2006 Uses While providing a multicultural perspective on Mexican American life in the Los Angeles barrio ASG is much than that providing urban students of all colors creeds and races with incredible opportunities to explore themes relevant to their lives including the trappings of poverty gangs etc This book would especially be worthwhileor middle school students in literature circlesbook clubs in which such themes could be discussed Arturo also provides some incredible uotes about the power of a loving Searching for Robert Johnson family the corrosiveness of gangs and the influence of money that would be greator students to explore in detail and make text to self connections via journal writing My Review What separates great rom
good multicultural literature is the not only to reveal something new about a culture that the reader may not be amiliar with but to make meaningfuluniversal connections to the reader s own life despite how much he or she may think there is in common with the new culture With that said Any Small Goodness is not only great multicultural literature but a vastly underrated example of all that this type of literature can offer While providing incredible insight into what it means to be Mexican American in Los Angeles including the conflicts of Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol fitting into a new culture without losing the sense of whom you are and the close bonds that define a lovingamily including their customs and shared Spanish language ASG especially stood out to me because of the power of its themes as represented in the perceptive adolescent protagonist Arturo Despite growing up in poverty Arturo seems to be mature beyond his years recognizing not only the beauty of his Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing family whose actions are defined by their loveor each other but the sacrifi. Los Angeles is a place of movie stars and By the Lake of Sleeping Children fast cars and people who are too rich and people who are too poor An area ofreeway chases and drive bys an.