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What a reat bookHugh Warwick has managed to write a book that is simultaneously informative and deeply entertaining His passion for the humble hedgehog shines through in every page and it s impossible to not have some of that rub off on you while reading this book Indeed it s impossible not to fall a bit in love with the animal *THE SECOND YOU DO THE NOSE TO NOSE THING *second you do the nose to nose thing them The hedgehog is an inherently silly animal but there s something in its industrious and utterly benign nature that attracts both passion and "ob I have a hunch that he s a better speaker than a "I have a hunch that he s a better speaker than a as his stories carry sparks of animation but simply does not execute it well He s a hedgehog enthusiast telling his exploits in the wilds I would have preferred explicit reasons on why he dislikes them as pets His stories of people rescuing hedgehogs and founding centers are disturbing as no sane person would want to interact with people with no sense of hygiene or personal awareness However he does a charming job of bringing these little beasts nearer and I completely agree with his final chapter on how hedgehogs can save the world This book is reat fun and uite revealing As always it s the humans who come out the most bizarrely There is something very engaging about someone who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subject although without humour they can become a bore Warwick manages to et the mix right in this book which has a similar feel to William Bryant Logan s Dirt which was may favourite book of 2011 I will be looking out for these industrious and magical creatures with far Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans greater vigilance from now on I loved this book As I m relatively new to feeding and watching Hedgehogs as i ve oly been doing this for the past 3 years I wasreatly looking forward to hear what this was all about So much I enjoyed about this book the information the wonder of the animal and what it means to so many of us Luckily I live in Suffolk where the Suffolk wildlife Trust has been covering the whole area with a Hedgehog officer. Hugh Warwick is Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet gek op egels Stapelgek En hij is niet de enige Egels blijken ware hartendieven te zijn Met de kenmerkend Britse humor beschrijft Warwick zijnedrevenheid voor egels en belevenissen met hen En dat zijn er nogal wat Nachtenlang zoekt hij naar die schattige bolletjes onderneemt hij levensgevaarlijke tochten maakt hij oncomfortabele vliegreizen heeft hij aa.

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A Prickly Affair My Life with Hedgehogs

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D and find out how best to look after the hedgehogs that visit our ardensI imagine most people will be totally charmed by this our ardensI imagine most people will be totally charmed by this and will then want to observe these wonderful animals in the wild Well in the UK that s sadly becoming a rare event these days for most of us What can I say It s a book about hedgehogs I liked it but then I do like hedgehogs I used to have at least four different hedgehogs coming regularly to my arden but now I have none If You Have No you have no in hedgehogs then this book probably isn t for you If you have no interest in hedgehogs then "you probably aren t oing to be reading this review anyway "probably aren t oing to be reading this review anyway a wonderful read Even if you re not already in love with our tiny spikey companions this book will be a fun read for youIt s entertaining hilarious sad exciting and most of all full of passion for hedgehogs I ot this book as a present because the person who ave it to me and I had a habit of using hedgehogs as symbols Although I wasn t actually interested in the animal itself and although I usually don t read nonfiction it was a wonderful thing to readThis book is entertaining and interesting and I soon found myself telling friends and family what I had read Hugh Warwick does a reat job of Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth-Century America giving information mainly through anecdotes using humor and cuteness to make the reader relateTowards the end there are a few repetitions and the last chapterets kind of sappy while simultaneously claiming to be above sentimental love but that is my only criticism The rest of the book is a lot of fun and factsAnd of course Dave Shephard s illustrations are lovely as well A delightful book by hedgehog enthusiast Hugh WarwickHe talks about how he Dealing with Risk: Why the Public and the Experts Disagree on Environmental Issues got hooked on hedgehogs visits hedgehog hospitals talks about the disgusting cull on Uist his search for his chinese hoggy namesake and lots of other interesting stuffWell interesting if like me you adore hedgehogsThe tiny page illustrations are charming and Hugh s uirky sense of humour often had me laughing out loudAn absoluteem of a book. Rtaalde zijn edrevenheid in dit hartverwarmende boekje Zijn dagelijkse observaties wetenschappelijke feitjes en welhaast filosofische bespiegelingen werken aanstekelijk Hugh Warwick is een Britse ecoloog die jarenlang onderzoek deed aan egels Tegenwoordig werkt hij als schrijver journalist en televisiemaker Hij houdt een weblog bij over egels en houdt regelmatig lezing. ,

Who ave out a lot of *INFORMATION AND HELP TO TRY TO *and help to try to others to open their ardens up to hedgehogs What a wonderful job she did I now have 1 feeding station "1 hedgehog house and 2 cameras to record them I place the cameras out for a "hedgehog house and 2 cameras to record them I place the cameras out for a at a time and then watch the recordings and what else they have captured throughout the week Such fun and so enjoyable I would never have known without doing this that during the nights over a few weeks we athered That We Have Over 14 we have over 14 cats visit and not one of them disturbs the hedgehogs they seem to just not bother a bout each other We did Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids get a view of a cat and a hedgehog sitting beside each other drinking out of our pond This book just made itood to know there are others doing just the same out there fighting for their survival This was a charming little book that fell just short of being a five star rating for me The focus was on Hugh s personal experiences with hedgehogs and exploring those of others from people who help wild hedgehogs to pet hedgehog owners and why he thinks they are so charming for people rather than natural history although there is a bit of this too Sadly the overall picture for wild hedgehogs in this country is that of decline and there may come a time when these charismatic little creatures are consigned to the history books Hedgehogs are one of the most popular inhabitants of the British countryside this book describes them as the most universally loved animals but the author obviously hasn t visited any bunny blogsThis book is a wonderful mix of natural history animal welfare and total eccentricity It includes an investigation into the reasons why hedgehogs are declining in the wild whether hedgehogs have caused population declines in seabirds in Scottish islands an expedition to China to find the very rare Hugh s hedgehog and a brief trip to the Hedgehog Olympic GamesWe meet people who have Culture Wars: School and Society in the Conservative Restoration given up almost everything to set up hedgehog hospitals find out whether hedgehogs really can harvest fruit by rolling aroun. Ntrekkelijke ontmoetingen met bijzondere egelliefhebbers eneniet hij van de prachtige Engelse en Schotse natuur Hij reist zelfs half China door op zoek naar een egel die zijn naam draagt Volgens Warwick Daguerreotypes: Fugitive Subjects, Contemporary Objects gaan egels de wereld redden Met hunrappige uiterlijk en hun aantrekkingskracht zorgen zij ervoor dat mensen de natuur opnieuw Direct Action: Radical Pacifism from the Union Eight to the Chicago Seven gaan waarderen en beschermen Warwick ve.