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Philosophische UntersuchungenFirst off this book is only 197 ages long THE REASON GOODREADS SAYS IT S 464 PAGES IS reason Goodreads says it s 464 ages is this edition is dual language One side is in German the original text and the other side is in EnglishCompared to other hilosophical readings I ve read in the a This book was assembled osthumously Wittgenstein having ublished very little in his lifetime Although usually coupled with the Tractatus it is actually representative of his thought and methodThe virtue of Wittgenstein may be that with him there is no hint of metaphysical conceit or self deception but rather a consistent treatment of reality as in fact various language games language being understood broadly to include everything from the semiotic to the symbolic the denotative to the connotative and games being understood to be intersubjective ractices Interestingly however behind this reserve runs a strong mystical sense comparable to Kant s attractionaversion to the Ideas of Reason While he was on the one hand a thoroughgoing critic of sloppy thinking and expression he was also on the other Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates prone to the religio aesthetic flights of the late Heidegger The study of his biography and jottingsresents the image of a man at once iercingly clear and ersonally enigmatic at once a dispeller of illusions and a victim of multiple neuroses While apparently coming across to his redoubtable colleagues including of illusions and a victim of multiple neuroses While apparently coming across to his redoubtable colleagues including Russell as a genius his actual writings are all rather easy going suggesting to me at least that we re all or none of us geniuses o my crap what a tortured soul Ludwig Wittgenstein was this guy stared into the impenetrable เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร pitch blackness that was the tangled midnight jungle of his own inner existence sharpened his machete andlunged in hacking and flailing and lunging wildly he wrestles chiefly with the concepts of language meaning understanding and states of consciousness art I consists of 693 short numbered sections about 4 to a Page This Was Sent To The Publisher this was sent to the ublisher ulled back at the last second five years before LW died after he died his further writings were scraped together and comprise art II loosely divided into 13 short sections Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, plus 1 long one there is no steady development but sometimes long chains of remarks on one topic sometimes sudden changes of topic he oftenuts statements or uestions in uotation marks as though thrown at him by someone 待つ [Matsu] playing devil s advocate it is all extremely. Incorporating significant editorial changes from earlier editions the fourth edition of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations is the definitive en face German English version of the most important work of 20th centuryhilosophy The extensively revised English translation inco. .
Personal written very much in the first ersonthe first half of this book is soooooo much better than the second half i looked in my notebook and found that i jotted 111 notes from the first 120 Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) pages and only 34 from the last 110ages by the end i was uite happy for it to be over so maybe it doesn t deserve 5 stars but some of it is uite amazing he concludes the introductionIt is not impossible that it should fall to the lot of this work in its Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt poverty and in the darkness of this time to bring light into one brain or another but of course it is not likely I should not like my writing to spare othereople the trouble of thinking But if ossible to stimulate someone to thoughts of his ownI should have liked to roduce a good book This has not come about but the time is Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns past in which I could improve itjust for that he gets 5 stars from me I couldn tossibly do Philosophical Investigations justice in a review Even though I ve read it several times I don t understand than a fraction of it The unworthy thought does sometimes cross my mind that its author didn t understand it either but you understand I m cross my mind that its author didn t understand it either but you understand I m jealous because I m not a Great Philosopher I would so like to be oneAssuming you aren t an aspiring Great Philosopher my advice is not to take this book too seriously it is very frustrating Skim it uickly then check out Philosophical Tribulations by Flash Fiasco and the Uncyclopedia article on Wittgenstein which may help you appreciate the funny side of this unfinished masterpieceI had to try it myself See my review of Biggles of the Camel SuadronI Principles of Isotope Geology particularly recommend the followingassage from the end of Dr Fiasco s article38 The wind cries Mary but it can t call Bob Why39 Come down off the Ouroboros peaks of obscure rant ism with your rucksack of little grammatical fictions and just whack balls around on the crouetitch of mundanity Sometimes a simile makes me Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 puke40 If I say raise your arm you knowerfectly well what to do and you raise your arm Now suppose I say Want to raise your arm Only don t really raise it just want arm Now suppose I say Want to raise your arm Only don t really raise it just want Are you uite sure you know what to do in this case Suppose I say Want to raise your arm tomorrow Now suppose I said that last week and say it again next week is this the same want as before or a different one Of course all those ueer wants go on in me and now I want to say Oh to hell with what you always want to say Get on with it41 My hilosophy ca. Rporates many hundreds of changes to Anscombe’s original translation Footnoted remarks in the earlier editions have now been relocated in the textWhat was reviously referred to as ‘Part 2’ is now republished as Philosophy of Psychology – A Fragment and all the remarks in it are nu. ,

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N only be understood as bad oetry42 Philosophy is the disease for Which It Is Supposed it is supposed be the cure but isn tWe have met the enemy and they are us The Jewishness of this remark An offline discussion with Simon Evnine Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion prompted me to reread the first few sections of this book which I hadn t looked at in ages They inspired the following short storyWang s First Day on the JobWang is a Chinese construction worker who s just arrived in the US He doesn t know a word of English but he figures he ll get by The important thing is that he knows construction work His English speaking cousin takes him to a building site and manages to get him hired by Wittgenstein Construction IncThe foreman is laying slabs Heoints to Wang Slab he says Wang has no idea what he s talking about The foreman oints to the slabs he s already laid to the small ile of slabs nearby and to the large Punainen metsä pile of slabs in the corner of the site Slab he says again Wang understands theroblem He takes a wheelbarrow and fetches some slabsThe foreman is visibly Forever Im Yours pleased Evidently Wang s cousin was telling him the truth This guy is hard working and learns fast Heoints to Wang again Cement he says Wang looks at him The foreman Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown points to the bags of cement in the corner with the slabs Wang gets his wheelbarrow and comes back with a bag of cement The foreman is againleased He s almost finished laying the slabs Wang brought the first timeSlab he says again Wang understands Such a smart guy the foreman thinks He goes off for another load Cement says the foreman Wang gets that a smart guy the foreman thinks He goes off for another load Cement says the foreman Wang gets that Slab says the foreman when Wang s unloaded the new cement Wang s just about to go off with his wheelbarrow when the foreman stops him He Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work points to one slab then another White slab red slab he says White red Wang nods The foremanoints to Wang Red slab he says Wang looks at the ile of slabs in the corner He had noticed that those on one side of the ile were red He goes and fetches a load of red slabs He comes back and unloads them Cement he asks Cement agrees the foreman He s already decided he owes Wang s cousin a beer This unknown Chinese dude is worth his weight in gold Wang s back with the cement Slab says the foreman Red slab asks Wang White slab corrects the foreman Wang goes off to get the white slabs He s even A Spectre Is Haunting Texas pleased than the foreman He can already see how to structure the next chapter of his dissertation on linguistichilosophy. Mbered for ease of referenceNew detailed editorial endnotes explain decisions of translators and identify references and allusions in Wittgenstein's original textNow features new essays on the history of the Philosophical Investigations and the Tilak Kathalu problems of translating Wittgenstein’s text.