(PDF) [Chicago A Biography] ´ Dominic A. Pacyga

Chicago A BiographyGoing from the great cover art and the recommendation of a friend i thought this would be a good read i was wrong there was nothing wrong with the facts of the book nothing idiotic was going on except for a real lack of roofreading sooo many errors maybe just bc i was reading the ebook edition the author s style of writing was just so much stiff than what i like to read and to take two things i love history and chicago and make them boring for me made me not want to "go on reading so i only read about a uarter of the book "on reading so i only read about a uarter of the book maybe i can t tell you all the best arts of it since i only got up to about the haymarket riots but ersonally this was just not a compelling book sorryyyy This is a deep wide and henomenal history of the city of Chicago From the first trading Changing Face of the Hero posts and settlers moving up the Mighty Mississippi to the lakefront lands that would become a city to theolitics and racial issues that make up a world class city Pacyga does a great job "In Covering A Lot "covering a lot ground I ve lived a large chunk of my life in this city but it was great to read about the foundations The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry person. Chicago has been called by many names Nelson Algren declared it a “City on the Make” Carl Sandburg dubbed it the “City of Big Shoulders” Upton Sinclair christened it “The Jungle” while New Yorkers naturallyronounced it “the Second City” At last there is a book for all of us whatever we choose to call Chicago In this magisterial biography historian Dominic Pacyga traces the storied ast of his hometown from the explorations of Jol. Alities and stories behind many of the events that shaped our Second City Never Lignin Biodegradation pandering or talking down to the readers the author alsouts the growth and changes of the city he calls it Chicago shedding its skin like a snake in their cultural contexts It s a beefy book but well worth the read I suspect this is interesting but the typos and grammatical errors are too distracting for me I finished the first chapter but I ll find a different book for Chicago history I thought it was a great Biography of the best city in America This is the best one volume history of Chicago I m aware of Pacyga is a Pure Chance professional historian but he is writing for the layman here he admits in hisreface that this is "Not A Complete History But Rather An "a complete history but rather an to highlight those The Lady and the Lionheart peoplelaces events and relationships that capture the essence of the individual That s why he called it a biographyWhatever it is it s consistently readable and absorbing The story of Chicago is in some respects astounding as it grew in thirty years from a muddy village in a swamp to a city of a hundred thousand that hosted. Iet and Maruette in 1673 to the new wave of urban ioneers today The city’s great industrialists reformers and oliticians and indeed the many not so great and downright notorious animate this book from Al Capone and Jane Addams to Mayor Richard J Daley and President Barack Obama But what distinguishes this book from the many others on the subject is its author’s uncommon ability to illuminate the lives of Chicago’s ordinary eople Raised on.

The Republican convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln Pacyga recounts how the railroads and the Illinois and Michigan Canal made Chicago the transportation hub of the rapidly expanding country assuring its importance The fire in 1871 cleared the slate for a makeover that roduced "The Outlines Of The Modern City And "outlines of the modern city and the end of the 19th city and the end of the 19th Chicago was immense chaotic and corrupt but also the industrial and financial capital of the American heartland Pacyga devotes a great deal of attention to the ferocious labor struggles that resulted from the Haymarket riot to the Pullman strike Chicago was for a time the epicenter of America s class struggle With the Great Migration came racial strife as well with conseuences enduring up to the resent day The Prohibition gangster wars get their due as do the Depression the Second World War industrial decline suburbanization and the changes overseen "or resisted by the two DaleysPacyga covers it all with a historian s "resisted by the two DaleysPacyga covers it all with a historian s and a native son s affection This is an excellent comprehensive look at the city s history for the general reader. The city’s South Side and employed for a time in the stockyards Pacyga gives voice to the city’s steelyard workers and kill floor operators and maps the neighborhoods distinguished not by Louis Sullivan masterworks but by bungalows and corner taverns  Filled with the city’s one of a kind characters and all of its defining moments Chicago A Biography is as big and boisterous as its namesake and as ambitious as the men and women who built