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After the birth of the universe from the first inconceivably brief increments of Planck Time that set a crucial hierarchy in place Gravity Electro Magnetism the Weak Nuclear Force and the Strong Nuclear Force The relationship between the Four is an xact and integral balance a constant that cannot vary without making atomic structure impossible More original art pages from ADBC the color coded title bars Indicating Period And Epoch Are Done By Computer But The period and poch are done by computer but the is still drawn the old fashioned wayimage rror Sex and death Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good effective catalystsnter onto the scene The new sexual reproduction deprives organisms of Murder at the Mansion eternal life however it gives them greater autonomy The genetic information is no longer simply duplicated but combined and constantly improved Possibilities multiply and the pressure to Astounding gorgeous captivating thought provoking bewilderingand that s just the first few pages I read the Chinese versionven It got me on a bit of an internet journey looking up stuff like preparing trilobites on youtube Fascinating stuff 45 Just a gorgeous book about the origins of the universe and what we know about life on Earth This is definitely a book to own and pick up from time to time It made me ask uestions like well how do scientists know that or why do they think that s how it was I could spend the rest of my life think that s how it was I could spend the rest of my life rabbit trails related to this bookThe cultural and historical references are fun to fascinating and remind us how deeply influenced we are by imagined images of our past Alpha directions is a hugely important book specially if you re someone who struggles with the concept of deep time or the practicalities of slow and gradual change in living organisms The book covers 14 billions years and tells the story of Earth and the creatures upon it from the prelude of the Big Bang to the modern dayAlthough not wordless the text is sparse and instead the duotone pages carry us the through the various periods of time introducing the pinnacles and disasters that shaped the world at that point and its ffect on life Along the way he also uses imagery from art and religion to highlight the proceedings putting the particular piece into context as Seductive Surrender either an additional illustration in part of the ongoing story or using a particular beat in a creation story to contrast our understanding now Film and popular culture are also used this way with Harder reproducing complex works of paeleoart in his style to drive the narrative forwardIt s annormous book 30mm thic. The first in a trilogy covering the world and mankind's volution Alpha is the starting point of investigating the pre history of Earth from just a speck in the sky to the birth of life that we cherish so much today It is the 'greatest story in the world'.

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Eisnein s No31 Favorite ArtistArtbook Check Out No32 Right HERE Go Back to No1 HEREALPHA Directions Book I and BETA Civilizations Volume 1 Book II The complete wraparound cover art BETA Civilizations click on the
to go visit that GR After Intelligent Sentient got me thinking about other xamples of artbooks with segments of seuential art DNA spliced into their makeup like Al Columbia s Pim and Francie Joe Sacco s The Great War or Xavier Robel and Helge Reumann s Elvis Road it ventually reminded me of a two volume and counting project that I ve revisited dozens of times ALPHA Directions and BETA Civilizations Volume 1 by German cartoonist Jens Harder Even ambitious than Jason Lutes Berlin Charles Burns Black Hole or it s closest graphic novel uivalent Bryan Talbot s Alice in Sunderland Harder has worked tirelessly to shake the faith of devout librarians in the taxonomical omnipotence of the Dewey Decimal System I kind of doubt there s a librarian who wouldn t shrug and say close nough instead of conscientiously sorting out the paradox The 730 or so beautifully composed pages present a clear yed but imaginative and symbol rich history of verything from the first uarks and lectrons to the stellar nurseries from the astronomical and geological melodrama of our solar system taking shape to the alien The Deepest Sin elegance of the Cambrian and the first forays of life ashore the tentative first steps and then the Great Dying of the Devonian the ominous devastation that almost drove life back into the ocean then there s the fun of the dinosaurs tracing the Darwinian lines of descent andxtinction until human civilization appears on the final page of ALPHA Directions Are the initials of ALPHA Directions and BETA Civilizations ADBC a coincidence Hmmm Yeah probably A series of lithographic ditions by Harder from AD Top and original art pages from AD Middle and BottomFirst of all ALPHA Directions and BETA Civilizations are artbooks they also have the interesting acronyms AD and BC so I ll use those instead that s not all they are but they are unuestionably glorious fucking artbooks They share a deluxe over sized hardcover format lavishly produced by the xcellent French publisher Actes Sud Both are 8 inches wide and 125 inches tall AD over 360 pages BC over 370 with at least one volume to come The paper is a heavy glossy archival stock and uses a picture board cover without a dust jacket Each chapter is color coded using the same monochromatic tones for the Jens Harder takes the reader on an operatic journey from the beginning with the nano seconds following the Big Bang through the next 14 billion years We see our infant universe as it rapidly xpands formed by black holes belonging to another universe He us. ,
Rtwork Curiously Harder shifted the colors for ach dition according to language The English dition of ALPHA Directions was finally released in October by Knockabout in the UK Jens Harder is another artist right near the top Of My List Absolutely Amazing Work Related my list Absolutely amazing work related to what I see in Frederick Peeters and Blutch but with a colder darker outlook showing itself at the dgesAD and BC are also Comics They indisputably use panels inside a grid right Very comicky shit The reader s focus moves left to right top to bottom moving forward with the linear progression that mirrors our perception of time as well as cause and ffect all stuff Superman readers would approve of assuming anyone is still reading Superman He s too good at verything Fuck that Gary Stu motherfucker But before a group of manga fans can coordinate their nascent telepathic Akira powers well nough to make my head xplode I ll admit the story could have been orientated mirror reverse and still be seuential art ADBC is closer to traditional seuential art than Intelligent Sentient but the way Harder tells the story is just as uniue because the story is FUCKING HUGE And while I m still hanging on to the dge of this topic with white knuckles FUCKING HUGE subject matter is also terra cognita for comic books just ask Galactus on second thought we should probably avoid getting the attention of
god monster who ats planets leave a message with the little silver bitch on the surf board always following him around like a smitten schoolgirl I think he s the big man s secretary or herald or some shit That s a classic Alpha Beta relationship right there This particular BIG story however really sets AD and BC apart being non fiction and all Artbook and Comicbook are both aspects of Jens Harder s masterpiece a book of Natural History that is closely related to Ernst Haeckels Artforms in Nature Audubon s Birds of America and ven Augustus Seba s Cabinet of Curiosities all provide rich source material for Harder to work from but combined with Darwin s On the Origin of Species and Hawking s A Brief History of Time The scope of this work would send many artists screaming into the night but Harder deftly juggles the daunting array of academic disciplines Theoretical Physics Astro Physics Astronomy Geology Chemistry Palaeontology Biology Archaeology Anthropology Botany Ancient History Art History Literature Cinema and Popular Culture The story is 135 Billion years old The story is about the stuff that happened. Es a cinematic style to show very step with imagery taken from popular culture archaeology science film and art sources and to take use through the formation of our solar system and the arth itself charting the long course of biological volutionAlpha is.
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