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Imagine sitting in THE NEW YORK YANKEES DUGOUT WITH New York Yankees dugout with Mattingly Well This Was The Job was the job Matthew McGough doing errands for the team and many other jobs for the players and Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove living his dream as the Yankees bat boy When he describes being in Yankee stadium atmosphere you will feelike you are there too The most inspiring part of this book is when Matthew was The Million Dollar Goal looking out from the bleachers of right field and imagined himself being a bat boy for the New York YankeesHis dream came true when he wrote aetter to the Yankees owner George Steinbrenner hoping for the job and he got it After reading this book I myself wanted to become a bat boy for the Yankees If you are a huge Yankee fan and have a Securing Caite love for the game of baseball this book is for you Bat Boy by Matthew McGough is as Biography Autobiography Bat Boy is an biography about a sixteen year old boy who is in high school andikes the sport baseball He heard of a season job for bat boy He signed up and was chosen and faced the challenges of adding task to a Trudy list He was the bat boy for the Yankees for a time period of 2 years The novel s book cover was an okay selection to draw attention but would only grab people who alreadyike it The book captures the hard work of joining a group or getting a job The book kept a new event on the table from Matthew getting the job to the crazy tasks of being a bat boy The book did a good job of showing the work and drive needed to be an adult and to keep up with society The book is a biography so if you can t handle reading those i wouldn t recommend the book The book is a great thing to read to understand what is at stake when adding things to your schedule The book is fun and helped past time If you are a baseball fan then I recommend you reading it Bat Boy is great and I wish to read about baseball personally i ended up enjoying this book very much and would definitely recommend it to any. Most of us have dreamed of sitting in the dugout with our favorite baseball team and at sixteen Matt McGough was no different A few months after sending a blind application etter to George Steinbrenner on Opening Day 1992 Matt found himself walking into the egendary Yankee clubhouse There amid the chaos and excitement he was greete. Bat Boy Coming of Age with the New York YankeesEmoir is filled with all the exciting memories that most boys only dream of and also shares many stories that helped to shape him into the man he is todayThere s so stories that helped to shape him into the man he is todayThere s so to ove about this book It s interesting funny and a great coming of age story i highly recommend it 4 12 stars I highly recommend it 4 12 stars is my dream job To sit in the dugout alongside the greatest players in the world To warm up the right fielder before every inning To catch fly balls in the outfield before every game To stay in Yankee stadium all nightThis is the ife of the New York Yankee s bat boy Matthew McGough was ucky enough to spend two full years as bat boy for the New York Yankees His story is incredible to hear From the inside trading of player s merchandise to making friends with the some of the greatest players to have ever ived This book recounts an experience that is now only available to the sons and close friends of management and players Since I am neither this brought me the closest that I will most ikely be to my child hood dream My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Matt McGough through a rather set of random circumstances A faculty at CSS h the pleasure of meeting Matt McGough through a rather set of random circumstances A faculty at CSS h week I finally figured out what book to read for my AVID class this year The Moth 50 short stories that are from the NPR podcast The Moth As I m going through the stories that I have read before in the book and that I ve istened to on the podcast I come across the story titled My first day with the Yankees I read the story Prisoner of Midnight looked for and watched the YouTube video of Matt McGowan telling the story for the Moth then on the car ride home told my Dad the story over the phone Under his bio I found the tile of this book which is a continuation of this short story that I reallyiked This book was a good coming of age novel and had a really neat insiders view of MLB specifically inside the clubhouse This was an enjoyable read even though I don t BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. like the Yankees. Riendships with the ballplayers Mattearned priceless Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor lessons about honor responsibility and the importance of believing in oneself A magical tale of what happens to a young man when his fondest dream comes true Bat Boy wonderfully evokes that twilight time just before adulthood ripe with possibility foolishness and hard won knowled. One that has interest in the Yankees or baseball overall At first i didn t really enjoy this book to much but it turned out to get aot better as the book went on What a wonderful wonderful book I picked this book on a whim at a used bookstore The subject matter seemed simple and I felt a ittle silly buying the book But Once I Started Reading It I Finished It In once I started reading it I finished it in few hours Loved the subject matter oved the stories and it was funnier and poignant than I could have imagined I am sure there were clubhouse stories that could not be included but nevertheless it was great The Daytona Beach story 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, literally had meaughing out oud This is the best book I Have Read In A Few Years Batboy By Matthew McGough read in a few years Batboy by Matthew McGough a well written autobiography of Matt McGough who was a New York Yankees bat boy for the 19993 and 19994 seasons Batboy tells about Matt s experiences as a Yankee bat boy in detail It also talks about Matt s experiences after being a bat boy tooI found Batboy very interesting because Matt unlike most batboys wasn t related to celebrities or very wealthy people all that he did to be bat boy was write a etter to the New York Yankees and George Stienbrenner saying why he should be a bat boy I also thought that Batboy was very interesting because it told the reader me a Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines lot about what the environment within the Yankee s clubhouse and dugoutI think thees I The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River learned about this bookistening to The Moth Radio Hour where the author told the story of how he became a bat boy It s a fun story Baseball fans especially Yankees fans will enjoy McGough s tales of his two years iving his will enjoy McGough s tales of his two years iving his working for the NY Yankees In 1991 16 year old Matthew McGough took a ong shot and wrote 15 etters to George Steinbrenner and other members of the New York Yankees management It paid off big when the following spring he was sitting in the dugout at Yankee Stadium as it s newest batboy McGough s D by none other than his idol Don Mattingly who promptly played a prank on himThus began two years of adventures and misadventures from being set up on a date by the bullpen to playing blackjack on the team plane to studying for an exam at 3 am in Yankee Stadium Through these often hilarious experiences and especially through his

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