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Disgrace (Department Q, oThis isne f the most and entertaining I VE READ IN A LONG TIME I ve read in long time At age f fourteen Pietro Brwna is Slice by Slice orphaned for a second time when someone murders the grandparents who had raised him for muchf his life In school Pietro befriends the son Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) of a mob lawyer Davide Locano and the Locanos become his new surrogate family But Pietro is determined to hunt down and kill the cretins who murdered his grandparents With Locano s assistance he identifies the killers and dispatches themIt s apparent that Pietro has a talent for this sortf thing and he ultimately becomes a mob hitman When complications ensue as they Ice Maiden often do in the hitman business Pietro bailsut and enters the witness protection program Several years later Dr Peter Brown is an intern at a New York hospital when a new patient recognizes him as Pietro and alerts the mob Now Dr Brown must deal with several medical emergencies while the mobsters converge Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle on the hospital anxious to make Dr Brown himself a terminal caseThis is atnce a hilarious and gut wrenching story Josh Bazell has a wicked sense Seducing the Heiress of humor and as an MD himself he writes a tale in which the misadventures thatccur in the hospital are perhaps even hair raising than the criminal activity that takes place And Cowboy Makes Three outsidef it Peter Brown is an inspired character unlike anyone you ve ever met in a novel before and he narrates a gripping story with a climax that has to be read to be believed Finishing the book though I came away with the feeling that I d rather take my chances against mob hitmen hunting for me as Teasing Her SEAL opposed to going into a hospital for even a minor proceedure I m a Charlie Huston honk There I admitted it Like the first steput Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of twelve I recognize my problem And I feel unburdened Free almost I m a Huston holic A junkie for Charlie s magical mushroom prose And like every good Huston holic I m always searching for writers with a similar style Writers that ll grab me by the throat worrying me like a dogEnter Josh Bazell A combinationf Huston and Chuck Palahniuk Bazell stuns with his debut novel Beat the Reaper a brutal and humorous medical crime gritfest It s Goodfellas meets House with footnotes Part hitman part healer But with a bedside manner that will have you running A Valentines Wish outf a hospital uicker than you can say HMO Though this big idea sounds Paixão Sem Disfarce odd the novel works beautifully Like a virus that gets inside you always consuming always growing Never stopping If you don t have an addiction Beat the Reaper will give youne Namely a finishing the book addiction It s like life Once you start you won t stop until you reach the end Dr Peter Brown has a past he d like to forget Once a hitter for the mob known as Pietro Bearclaw Brnwa he got Rain out when things went bad testifying against his former employers before droppingff the face In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover of the earth courtesyf the Federal Witness Protection Program Relocated and re imagined Peter assumes a new life as an intern at Manhattan Catholic Hospital Helping and treating patients Including I Met Someone one patient who happens to be a mob father with a good memory One who happens to recognize the Pietro in Peter Suddenly Peter must move fast to stay aheadf a vengeful mob looking to mete Quantum (Captain Chase out mafia justice The typef justice that ll put him into the Manhattan Catholic morgueThe narrative alternates between chapters One plotline focusing The Other Islam on Peter s current predicament andne examining his past as a mob enforcer both slowly teasing Last Man Standing out the answersf why he left the life And why he s n the lam The action is intense and the alternating nature f the chapters makes the book incredibly addictive Like literary crack it ll have you greeting the dawn puffy red bags under your eyes I stayed up most Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault of the night compelled to finish Even better I was absolutely satisfiednce I didBazell never shortchanges the reader peppering Beat the Reaper with a slew f unforgettable moments leading to an ending so grotesue and badass you won t want to miss it And you ll probably never be the same after you ve read it Like Huston Bazell creates dialogue with a street cadence It sounds real and even importantly it sounds cool Really cool Like you can use it to impress your friends Make them think you re clever Coupled with the dd fact weirdness popularized by Palahniuk and Beat the Reaper makes for a uniue and humorous read The mob and medicine have never been this engaging together Last WordStunning debuts like Beat the Reaper do Canada one thing leave you wanting Like a kid stomping his foot impatiently More Pietro Brwna streetwise dialogue intense heart stopping action More Josh Bazell After this gem people will be eagerly anticipating Bazell s next novel I know I mne f them And that s the first step admitting the problem Admitting you re a Bazell holic This book is A MAY ZING Straight up Please read thisIt s hilarious and wildly disturbing all at the same time Bazell is like the Chuck Palahniuk for sane peopleThis will just be easier if I uote Ron CharlesBeat the Reaper is a hypochondriac s nightmare but a reader s dream Josh Bazell concocted this comic thriller while working as a medical resident at the University f California San Francisco and if an. The Doctor will see you nowMeet Peter Brown a young Manhattan ER Doctor who has a past he'd prefer to stay hidden When a figure from the ld days Beat the ReaperLy that s what you re going to need loads and loads f helpThe medical industry is encased in a shitstorm the likes DogFace of which your coke snorting ass has never seen and it s about to get worse for you and your fellow fuckhead Americans And if you can stop being a worthless piecef horseshit for than What You Owe Me one fucking minute you might actually have a prayer at making it in this world insteadf ending up in some premature unmarked grave all by your lonesome staring at the bottom Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of a coffin at the agef twenty two with your eyes wide penThe good news is you ll die f lethal injection probably at the hands f some no name doctor when all you did was go and see the man about a head cold So at least you ll have that going for you Because if I really wanted to kill you I could shove a cork down your throat r jack you full Shining City of potassium until your eyes bleedr I could have Blind Spots onef the Latvian nurses A Boy and A Bear in a Boat on my floor who is really nothing than a worthless piecef shit who smokes weed than she does rounds and surfs the Internet like she has a gun held to her head ignore your ass for the rest f your miserable life peppering your chart with the standard healthy readings when really you re secretly dying f stomach cancerAnd don t forget that I ve worked for the mob hell they brought me into their family not the St. Johns Wort one where I had to prove that I m worthy by killing some innocent individual while he was sleepingr watching TV in the middle The Roman Family of the afternoon but thene where I was sitting around the dining room table Hirvenmetsästäjä on a Sunday afternoon shooting the shit I spent my formative years in dojos studying everything from tae kwon do to kempo so I knowver 100 ways to make your ears bleed so if you don t get yourself straight and step the fuck Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends off I ll plant your ass at the bottomf a cesspool and I ll work the next 120 hours without even batting an eyelashYep I might just be the craziest son A Christmas Miscellany of a bitch you ever met I pop Moxfane tablets like they re caffeine pills I take powernaps in a coat closet and I ll smear a pintf blood all Too Bad to Die over myself for the right cause I have what you might call a rapidnset addiction to bloodshed and I killed four men while I was still taped to a chair along with countless OXENBOXEN other fuckers that I d rather not mention since I m in WITSEC so I really have no ualms about killing an innocentr in your case not so innocent individualAnd while you may not think you re a dumbfuck and that you re actually being clever by trying to jump my ass while I m wearing scrubs there are at least forty different kinds f stupidity and "over the course f ur less than five "the course f ur less than five interlude you exhibited every single ne Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, of them and probably about a dozenthers that haven t even been medically diagnosed yet So yep you re fucked and that s even without your latest fixOh and whatever you do don t go to Sicily Trust me you ll thank me laterSincerelyDr Pietro Brnwa Bearclaw internPS If you know what s good for you you ll get some Mexican hairless Beaver Before You DiePPS before you diePPS t be such a fuckhead fuckheadDISCLAIMER I really liked this book and this voice so much in fact that I couldn t write this review any ther wayCross posted at Robert s Reads Anybody who thinks the US doesn t need health care reform should read this book Since the author was a medical intern and the details about patient care seem horribly realistic I think I d rather read a Surgery For Dummies book and attempt my wn future Reasoning and the Logic of Things operations with a bottlef Jack Daniels a carpet knife duct tape and some rusty pliers rather than risk being admitted to a hospital after reading thisPeter Brown is a harried resident trying to get through another miserable day at a large hospital and keep his med students from killing too many patients But he s also a former mob hitman in witness protection trying to start a new life as a doctor When The Holcroft Covenant / The Rhinemann Exchange onef his The Night Before Christmas: or, A Visit from St. Nicholas: The Heirloom Edition old collegues shows up as a patient and recognizes him Brown spends the day juggling his medical duties while trying to keep hisld pals from finding The Queens Assassin (Queens Secret, out where he isThis was a darkly funny and fast paced story with anriginal and Space Calculated in Seconds outlandish premise The author s medical background makes for some gross and scary details about the kindf medical things they never talk about Lightning on ERr House The story Digital Web of Peter frantically trying to keep the mob patient from blabbing about his whereabouts while dealing with a streamf medical problems is intercut with flashbacks to the background Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers of how Peter became a hitman and why he turnedn the mob and entered witness protection I loved this book until the ending Everything was clicking right along but it s as if Bazell just decided that it was time to end the whole thing and he just threw n the brakes and Wrapped Everything Up In Just A Few everything up in just a few It was pretty jarring and I wish he would have spent some time n the resolution but this was still a great but gruesome crime novel with a medical twist Utterly ridiculous gratuitously violent highly improbable totally engrossing lightening paced Why don t people write like this B 72% More than Satisfactory Notes Falling apart at the end it climaxes its penultimate chapter in the most uncomfortable reading moment I ve ever had. Clear to Peter that the clock is ticking for both f them He must do whatever it takes to keep him and his patient aliveIt's time to beat the reape. ,

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