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The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-To in West African Fiction jWas with Blaze again And most importantly why didn t he want to leave Blaze now that Jane was there He loved him OMG Would youust shoot me As I said one very sick puppy And I could not feel sorry for him Not even for a moment But that has to do with one major problem I have with this author Her theory that violence sexual or direct is cured by later being dominant or submissive This was the same with Val s Val s brothers and Peter s rape that resulted in their love for male dominance by them or directed at them This is bullshit And further it is a psychological nightmare It made me want to burn book 4 and now book 5 Rape is not cured by rape And I do not care if it is male rape If you wish imagine a woman being raped common and doctors tell her in order to be cured she has to get in to a BDSM club and simulate rape or really get raped Analogy to this book where Robert was abused and now likes to be under Blazes thumb And so this girl goes trough life having an urgent need to get raped over and over and over again Uhso not going to happened It is importantly a known fact that rape and violence victims have a higher rate of mental brake downs if the rapeviolence occurs againGaaaah So stop forcing this theme on meAnd BlazeWhat the hell was wrong with that man any wayAh yes The fights And the sex Where to start Maybe with a lot of high born Englishmen that made their male kids fight and then the loser gets fucked LiterallySorry whatDid somebody call the waiter and ordered some sanity If not could you pleaseWhyNo really whyAnd uhwhy did Blaze s father think Blaze is unnatural for having sex with RobertEven better was his father not un natural for having sodomized his own son while telling him he knew Blaze liked it telling him he knew Blazes needsBut the paradox aside again why Really why would they make them fuck each other And even importantly lets be real not all people are even bi Some would have towell statistics tell you that at least some of them boys would have trouble getting it up and fucking an other boy The straight ones you know The ones that were repulsed by the male bodyTrough these whole series I felt like I was being rubbed in the face with the world of gay and bi men Is it not unrealistic to have all these men wanting to put it blaze some cock And now we have a whole group of young boys having sex with one an other There is a lot of gay people in the world But not so many in one place Look at being bi or gay as being blond There is no possible way that a whole group of RANDOMLY ASSIMILATED people be blond Or gay Or bi Or have dimples Or like kiwi ice cream What ever Gomy mind was Understanding Shutter Speed justfried Most of this book made no sense as I sated before but thisWell the author wanted to shock Bravo you shocked But how about at least trying to make up a real plot that could hold the story in a realistic way Or even in a 2% possible way Because there is less then 2 percent possibility this could happened Really Which maid it plain stupid thank you very muchAgain here I have to go back to the cure rape by rape theory Blaze is having fightsex because they did it to him as a kid Because that fought his demons Uhhhno That isust bat shit crazy No psychological course makes this result Again the author shoves in my face things that have a 2% possibility rate Why Could she not at least taken a moment to research trauma victims and their responses as a subject if she so freely uses it in her books Does she think I am not familiar with the subject I am I am a med student Does she think it is not necessary for it to be realistic if this is a book If I am not reading a fantasy romance please leave the flaying pink elephants out of the story Then the author did one number on me Thomas Wesley the first boy that beat and fucked Blaze and a self proclaimed lover of men wanted to cure Blaze by having sex with him He got back from India to tell him thisUhhuhNo amount of twisted logic could make this real No person gay straight abused not abused what ever would if he lived trough this bizarre scenario go to this guy and told him let me cure you by fucking you I ustgah I have no idea what you by fucking you I ustgah I have no idea what say to thisI was shockedAnd I am never shockedStill it was not by sex Or the implication of sex It was by the sheer stupidity of the authors statementsI am guessing here but I think this was supposed to show us that Blaze was in fact not even bi That he did not like it and Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature just fell in to some sick pattern because this Thomas dude beat him first and fucked himWowIs this supposed to be angstyIt s not angstyIT S STUPIDAn this author turns that table many times as the book progresses making you think is he straight Bi Gay Gay Bi Straight Is he even male Is he an alien Maybe he should go celibate and cut us the trouble Now lets take a deep breath and talk about the women in these novels for a moment They were always shared very little and almost forbidden to interact with the other male partners in a relationship In this book Jane made me sick She had a spine but the author still makes my inner feminist go Nazi She was celibate for 7 yeeeeeeeeears while her man had lovers all over the place An then she comes to London and and andshe wants him O she is to die And he doesn t want her Oh boohoo How will she make him want her Jane die And he doesn t want her Oh boohoo How will she make him want her Jane Blaze fuck meBlaze No I do not want you Robert come here and let me sueeze youJane thinking Oh oh he does not want me what ever shall I doGo get a lover Go find some other penisesJane I will take a loverBlaze Graor you will not No other man will have you Robert stroke my cockJane thinking Oh he does not want me But I want him so much And I do not want to have other penises in meLady your husband is a dirtbag I do not care how hard and abusive his childhood was He is a sadistic manipulating bipolar moronWhy the hell would you even want to have kids with himBut lets make this mess a bigger one shall we Ta daaaamNow we have the other 12 year old son momentAh should I say itWhat as the point and yes what was the possibilityBut mostly pointThey needed the catalyst for vaginal penetration Ok SureMe likes vaginal penetrationBut why this Because it will make angst Super Like there was not enough at this pointAnd really why was the older lady that got him as a lover breading Why didn t she you knownudg nudg get rid of itBecause it was a plot device Was there something in this book that was NOT a plot deviceSo Blaze decides to fuck Jane until she gets pregnant and then she can get lostHere I stood and tried to think what is going on in his mindI have no idea Clearly he is crazy A multiple personality maybe There are some pointers to this We see he wants kids And he wants Jane It is even hinted he loves her So what is he thinkoh never mind Why do I care Nothing made sense up to that point why should it startThe world worst hero continues to maul degrade and hurt the heroine page after page after page and I was fully nauseous now At this point I did not care if there was HEA there somewhere or if the hero will redeem himself IuststoppedBut thenthe stress was there again with the scene in the Pleasure house with Thomas where Blaze wanted needed to e fucked by himI was appalled Yes appalled And The Writing Workshop just a few minutes ago I had vowed that nothing in this God damn book could make me cringe any But he couldn t What if he turned his head and caughtThomas s eye Would he end up begging to be fucked Would helook as eager as he felt to have Thomas moving over him hiscock buried deep fucking Minshom as Minshom fucked JaneEwWhy ew Because we were once back to the if they rape you you will like it Thomas was yapping all around how Blaze was really straight and now we have angst loose ends am I or am I not but most of all we had AGAIN the theory that somebody making you do something have sex with men fight what evermakes you want it Crave it This is pure madness And it drove me nutsAnd then came the cherry on top oh No He let Thomas fuck himYeah really oh no He didn t want it likefive pages back He was horrified Now he thrived in it Look out people Bipolar person thereThe sex in that scene was not sexy It deeply disturbed me because somehow it felt wrong Just plain wrong Maybe because it wasust a means to and end for the author to get extra pages for the book Maybe because I was sooooo sure we finished that sexual orientation theme once an for all Maybe because I did not care for Thomas to even exist Maybe because Blaze now WANTED Thomas made me feel emotionaly cheatedBut Blaze was now upset because he knew that his father was right he was unnatural Uh are we talking about the father that made him fight for money and then had him fucked by the winner if he lost The father that prepared him for this by fucking him himself Yeah that father had a say Why notI am going ti insert here out of order the thought how STRANGE AND WEIRD it was for Blaze to go and forgive his fathersay good buy to him on his death bead David had a logical reaction when his father died he was frustrated but free Almost happy If not for the new parental info he got So Blaze actions wereughStupid crazy unreasonable bookThe author let the natural HR plot devices slip at this point the hero pushes the pregnant heroine out of his life until he is miserable and goes to herThe only difference was of course the deal Sir Thomas and Blaze made to get funky if you know what I mean in the futureStopLet me Agricultural Engineering just say this OMG WOMAN Is he gay Is he bi Is he in love with Jane or does he love Thomas Does he want Thomas or is it really hero worship Why the hell would he love Thomas Etc But mostly would you stop being bipolar leaving contradictory hints ad DECIDE what orientation your characters areAs I said at the beginning of this rew I am a fan of MMF romances Thomas is not a part of a Romantic trio and he is not even bi He is not a occasional partner that has his own life like the characters from books one and two So please why is he not GONE Why did Blaze ever have sex with him Why is his bi side embraced again and left open in order for Thomas to slip in pun intended in trough the back entrance when ever he likesI hate this un romanceIt s a total messBut have no fear I decided to make a bonfireust for this book not because of all the points made above but because of the final sentence made Jane the only woman he had ever wantedAnd yet he has a son in somebody else s marriage Get an editor You are umping in your own mouth MrsAuthor Anything gets published todayAnd yes I know everybody likes these books what can I say Lucky you for liking cheating bipolar un romances with anti feminist streaks and characters that are as fickle about love and sexual tendencies as can be hide spoiler. Om her husband Jane is now ready to settle their differences and start afresh But when she is reunited with Minshom his attitude infuriates her and she is determined to teach him a lesson Yet even as Jane accepts the attentions of other men it is Minshom she truly wants For she alone knows how to satisfy all of his wicked needs.

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Simply Insatiable House of Pleasure #5THIS IS ALL SPOILERSOmgosh I severely disliked this book I was thinking I was about to read about a husband and estranged wife fixing their marriage and exploring sex TOGETHER what I got was a hero who was having the sexual with all the members of his fathers kiddie fight club first rule of kiddie fight club is you never lose or you get rapedummm so now as an adult they have all decided the cycle needs to continue with mental and sexual abuse Our heroine in this story bless her stupid little heart abandoned by her husband after their son dies 7 yrs ago which she blamed him for and kicked him out returns to the hero because she would like a place in the sausage fest sans sausage She is totally okay with her husband doing the deed with every other male character in this book ust as long as he breaks her off a piece as wellThroughout this book I was shocked by the apparent acceptance of the gaybi lifestyle by members of the aristocracy Casually gossiping about male lovers and the drama that includes My mistake Lords and Ladies Now this is a regency review TADAAA I thought this was a regency where sodomy was a hanging offense The ending did not leave me with warm fuzzies hero decided that he might not have been great to his lady love he goes back to make peace after he chases her off also decided that dear old dad needs to know that everything is okie dokie never mind the child rape and kiddie fight clubOh and also he loves his now preggo wife but he is going to keep his man love on the back burner maybe invite him over on occasion for a 3 way or some one on one time when it tickles his fancyI m sorry but there was no romance in this book How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture just lusty mentally abused man whores galore I reliably enjoy Kate Pearce s Regency set House of Pleasure series and I especially liked SIMPLY INSATIABLEThe heroine Jane likes sex and is adventurous about it with her husband which for the setting is pretty impressive in itself The hero s valet Robert is gay and submissive and has found himself a situation where he can fulfill those aspects of his character through a perceived obligation to the hero his conflict involves breaking free of that obligation to go to the man with whom he s fallen in love The hero Lord Minshom was the villain of previous books He has serious angst from childhood abuse but though that is part and parcel of his personality and he thinks that s the main reason he s kinky it doesn t seem to be really true When as is inevitable in a romance he s confronted most of his issues and is happier he s still kinky it s clearly shown that he and Jane are going to enjoy themselves to the fullest with each other and with a male friendThe main plot revolves around conflict between Minshom and Jane They ve been married for ten years but estranged for the last seven in the interim Minshom has only had sex with men I guessed pretty uickly what the issue had been between them but still enjoyed how it was revealed bit by painful bit Minshom wants Jane to go back home and never see him again Jane wants several things which I won t spoil here They banter and battle and manipulate mostly in sexual ways but not entirely and though Jane is younger they are still pretty evenly matchedOverall I had a lot of fun reading this Though set in the Regency most of the events in this series take place in a House of Pleasure where they can experiment sexually or in various sexual situations There are a few ordinary social occasions portrayed in this book there s a ball and a trip to a modiste but they re not the focus and the books aren t intended as interpretations of Regency society I think they re psychological explorations of relationships That said I love when small historical details are included for instance one character is a captain in the Navy and the way he s described always makes me think of the naval officers in PERSUASIONI m looking forward to the next one I was very wary of this book coming into it Kinda dragged my feet a little before starting it but I ended up really enjoying it I think Pearce did a goodob making a tough story very readableSeries NoteFifth book in the House of Pleasure series You should at least read the previous book before this one since it sets up the hero of this one but then if you do that I think there are others you should read before that one So might want to read this series in orderSummaryBlaize Minshom has turned into a pariah in Londona laughingstock after his association with Anthony Sokorvsky ended Every knew that his sexual sub and whipping boy had left him for a woman Even Blaize s wife Who decides to return to London to win back her husband and get their life back to where it was seven years ago when tragedy chased him awayIn those seven years though Blaize has hardened locked himself in a shell of sexual domination over males who crave pain and punishment But with Jane back in the picture challenging him at every turn Blaize will be forced to confront all the things that made him who he is today note the back cover summary which is here on GR is a bit misleading about how the story actually goesReviewWhat an anomaly this book is I was so wary of this book I was not sure the story the author had planned would work at all I ve loved this series up to this point but I wondered if maybe Pearce would lose me on this storyWhy Simple the hero Or rather he really should be called an anti hero because that s exactly what he is Blaize Minshom is definitely not your traditional romance hero He really truly is an anti hero For anyone who read the previous book Simply Wicked You Ll Remember Blaize As The Dom Who Had you ll remember Blaize as the Dom who had Sokorvsky under his thumb and who refused to let him go when Anthony decided to make some changes in his life Blaize is essentially a villain in that story I personally didn t like him So when I read the excerpt for Simply Insatiable at the end of Simply Wicked I couldn t believe that Blaize was going to be the hero I wondered how in the world author Kate Pearce was going to pull that one offBut somehow she manages to make it work I was fascinated by Blaize as I read this book As you read the story you come to see that he s an extremely vulnerable mentally scarred man who covers it all up by being an unemotional sexual dominant Did I like Blaize by the time I finished the book I m not sure He does a lot of things that makes it hard to truly like him but there was something An Alien Heat just really fascinating by him Iust wanted to keep reading to see what would happen nextThen there s Jane What an odd duck she was to have put up with everything Blaize did But they have a great battle of wits in this book I really did enjoy reading about them and every chess move in their relationship Jane seemed to be the perfect match for Blaize And yeah there s some scorching sex thrown in to Is the story perfect No The historical accuracy is a bit off language wise and I suspect the ton would have never been so casual about Blaize s antics But did a mind that No It works for this kind of storyWill this book work for everyone Big NO to that This book and series is for those with open minds about alternative relationships and for those who like than a little kink in their sex It s also for those who don t mind reading about an anti hero because that s exactly what Blaize isI wasn t sure the story would work for me on that last one but it did I ust really enjoyed this book and am glad I gave it a chance This is a great series overall though and I look forward to the next bookWARNING this book contains okay let s see there s very explicit sex and language of course andoy this is where things get messymf sex mf oral and anal sex mm oral and anal sex mmf oral and anal sex BDSM whipping restraints dominance submission etc exhibitionism voyeurism body piercings clamps coercion rough sexI think that s about it but I could be wrong Not much romantic development but good if you like the series After a 7 yr separation his wife returns and he treats her badSTORY BRIEFMinshom was the cruel and sadistic sexual tormentor of Anthony in the previous book Simply Wicked For the past seven years all of Minshom s sexual partners have been men So it is a surprise when Jane shows up She married him 10 years ago They had a fight 7 years ago and separated She still loves him She wants to get pregnant and live together He doesn t want that so he tries to do things to scare her away He takes her to the pleasure house ties her up and tries to hurt and humiliate her but she takes it He won t buy her any clothes so she walks around dressed as a pauperservant We learn that Minshom suffered horrible abuse as a teen because of his fatherREVIEWER S OPINIONThis was ok but there s no romantic relationship development other than Jane anticipating whatever strange sex act he might be doing with her This book did not have a feel good uality to it I was unsettled during the story and at the end I did not feel good It was of a mental happy ending than an emotional one Minshom is cruel and mean to Jane and she compliantly takes it What was most interesting was why Minshom was so abusive to others He was abused by his father and it was horrible I can t place it in the group of you must read this but for those who love the series then yes get it This is the fifth book in the Simply series the series then yes get it This is the fifth book in the Simply series scenes include bondage whipping pain rear door activity group sex sex in front of an audience and men with men Some of the men are actually truly in love with each otherCAUTION SPOILERMinshom s interaction with his father was not finished at the end I don t know why he wanted to forgive his father I wouldn t have I would have liked explanation I also wanted to hear something from the father which did not happenDATAStory length 284 pages Swearing language mild including religious swear words Sexual language strongerotic Number of sex scenes 18 Approximate number of sex scene pages 48 Setting 1819 London Copyright 2010 Genre erotic regency romance Another fantastic read from Kate Pearce I truly did not believe she could make me feel anything remotely resembling concern or interest for Lord Blaize Minshom based on his character in previous books I was prepared to read my first Kate Pearce novel that I didn t fully enjoy HA Not only did she manage to fully engage my interest she made this one of my favorites and a 5 star read It takes talent to pull that off my friends Lord Minshom was possibly damaged than any of her previous heroes in this series Is that even possible He had many glaring character flaws to address and issues within himself to face head on It was like pulling teeth to get him to do so but do so he eventually didto his credit I very much enjoyed. No fantasy is too wild for Madame Helene’s Pleasure House a brothel in Regency England where forbidden desires are than welcomeThe most scandalous passionsLord Minshom is known throughout London for embracing every illicit longing the scandalous the better When his estranged wife Lady Jane returns with an ultimatum he flatly. ,
Lord and Lady Minshom together and loved watching their relationship evolve over the course of this storyThis series in my opinion is superior to most other historical erotica series in the market today As I ve said before it is written with great emotion and a very uniue cast of characters If you enjoy your historical romance both steamy AND with a good story you owe it to yourself to try Kate Pearce s Simply series In her latest release SIMPLY INSATIABLE is the fifth installment of Kate Pearce s award winning erotic romance series Pleasure House which has riveted readers from all over the globe One uestion How did Ms Pearce turn the oh so b Lord I have tried and tried to write this reviewbut I found it incredibly difficult considering the roller coaster ride I experienced while reading Simply InsatiableFirst off I hated Lord Minshom before I even started this book He was featured in book 4 and maybe others I can t remember and he was a completely despicable piece of shit sadistic fuck I can t remember hating a character so much So when I found out that book 5 was HIS storyneedless to say I was less than thrilled I thought how in the world am I even going to get through this bookFor the first part of the bookmy opinion of him didn t change We find out that he has a wife named Jane but he hasn t seen her in 7 years She lives in their country house and has absolutely no contact with her He spends his time in London at the pleasure house on the third and most extreme floor of the house I might add He gets off on abusing men there And let me ust say thisthe abuse is consensual He isn t raping anyone He s being rough forceful and violent with themhe beats them humiliates them etcbut they are all asking him to do it Not that I feel the need to defend Lord Minshom I ust want it made clear that while he IS a sadistic douchebag he ISN T a rapist So thereFor whatever reason Jane still loves and wants her husband AND she wants a baby And she wants Lord Minshom to father the child Jane seems WAY too sweet for a dick like Minshom Like you almost have to think that she s an idiot for even wanting him So obviously there is something about Minshom that is lovable if someone so seemingly sweet as Jane is able to have feelings for him even after not being in contact with him for almost a decadeSo Jane is now in London and is refusing to leave even though Minshom has made it perfectly clear that he doesn t want her in his home or in London even And he refuses to get her pregnantagain Come to find out they had a son who died in infancy This revelation leads us to learn about why Minshom left Jane and moved to London in the first placeIt s hard to describe the many plot twists and turns without giving away the whole novel but I will say thisI did a complete turnaround in my feelings toward Lord Minshom While I still consider him a douchebag of epic proportions I learned why he became that way Childhood physical emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of his father left deep emotional scars that he was incapable of dealing with This led to his belief that he was a despicable and perverted person that no one was capable of loving No matter how much Jane professed her love he refused to believe it until it was almost too lateIn romance novels I love nothing than a tortured hero The trouble is when I started this book I considered Minshom so tortured that he couldn t find redemption Didn t deserve it even I found him to be that vile But after finding out who he really was and the history he had my heart broke for him over and over I started to read between the lines and even as he spoke the most hateful words to those who loved him I saw him as a character so broken and abused that he had no choice but to lash a character so broken and abused that he had no choice but to lash Why would he or and abused that he had no choice but to lash Why would he or could he EVER trust anyone Of course Lorn Minshom became a hateful bastard He had to be in order to survive So yeaI started out hating this book Hating it before I had even read a page of it I don t remember exactly when the transition occurred but after that I couldn t read uick enough I had to make sure that this man got his HEA Because if he didn t my heart was going to be broken all over again Lord Blaize Minshom the dark evil sadistic villian from Simply Wickedis nursing his ego after being publicly dumped by his lover Lord Anthony Sokorvsky when his wife shows up Minshom married Jane 10 years ago but they have lived seperately for the last 7 years after a sad personal tragedy Jane wants to talk and make peace with Minshom and maybe try and salvage their marraige Minshom is renowned around London for being a sadistic master D This book is so terrible it made my brain spin The pitch an estranged couple in Regency London something about a high class brothel a marriage on the rocks that is presumably mended through magical sex adventures in no way resembles the actual book A accurate pitch for the book would be something like In a fantasy version of Regency London where everyone is totally cool with very 2013 San Francisco sex activist attitudes about homosexuality public sex bondange etc etc a nobleman slash sexual sadistgeneral sociopath has a lot of gay affairs Luckily everyone in London is anachronistically cool about this like if he d worn the wrong color coat to the opera His estranged wife also a crackpot returns and he is horrible to her and they have rather a lot of anal sex and he takes her to a strangely boring brothel Along the way it is revealed that the hero starred in Boyfight videos which is supposed to explain a bunch of inexplicable crap A lot of things about this book are startlingly terrible characters are cardboard cutouts plot is crummily paced book seems uncertain as to what it is actually about but the one I was most troubled by had to do with its treatment of same sex relationships While I was rather startled to read a book billed as a Regency romance albeit one with a lot of sexytimes and find that it contained mostly MM sexual interactions starting with the hero demanding oral sex from his male valet on like page 2 I can imagine someone writing a book about Regency era men who love men and doing a really great ob and really addressing the social realities for men in that situation at that time But this book is the opposite of that I read a lot of historical romance novels My favorite kind is legitimately a historical novel and feels steeped in the s of place and time and is written by an excellent author who understands how to paint a picture of characters and the dilemmas they must overcome in a compelling way My least favorite kind treats the time and place of its setting as a kind of cosplay opportunity LOL you guys let s put on some CORSETS but refuses to acknowledge any constraints placed upon characters because of the era in which they live What is the POINT of setting something in Regency England if you aren t going to acknowledge the limitations and boundaries of the culture I guess given the astonishingly high rating of this book many people aren t bothered by this But I am If you re going to have your male lead engage in a lot of casual gay sex and have there be rumors and scandal about this I Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings just Iust do not understand that you then don t think to yourself I guess I should use this as an opportunity to raise the stakes Instead the huge uantity of gay sex is treated in an astoundingly casual manner like everyone considers it a very minor social snafu Frankly I found this to be kind of offensive So this historical romance is not actually historical at all in my opinion It has some phrases dropped in via Georgette Heyer and people say all in my opinion It has some phrases dropped in via Georgette Heyer and people say lord a lot but for all the use the author makes of the time period it might as well be set in modern day Manhattan In addition I don t really think that this book is a romance It s basically pornography not that there s anything wrong with that that occasionally has a pretty dull story of people trying to reconcile running through it The portions of the story that are about the troubled couple are not well done and the characters are cardboard cutouts The huge uantities of gay sex are not what killed this book for me it s that the sex was so anachronistic and boring and disconnected from any emotional content whatsoever Do NOT read this stupid book Why Feel free to spoiler yourself and find out Btw foul language alertview spoilerThis is the first time I am going to say something like the following and I feel ashamed I was never a prude I read so many taboo books I can not count and not one of them made me cringe Not a one I read erotic books about siblings having sex even one about a father and a daughter Lost I read gay sex books I read m nage books MMF action MMFMM action FFM action all you can think of and even And I was fine I even liked them This book It made me cringeI wanted to scream you people are horrid You are freaksAnd it was not because of the sex It was not because of all that MM BDSM SHIT in there I say shit because Blaze and his male partners made me want to vow never to read gay erotica again as long as I live No It was because of all the emotional torture all of these characters had Most of it was self made and Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) just plain nauseating And the cheating I think every male character in this book was cheating David Robert Blazeit was penis sharing all around And they all loved They had some person they loved but they wanted even loved to get all hot and botheredewJust ewIf you do this dear author don t tell me about love Don t treat me like I am stupid and can not understand their love There was no love All of these people were perverted Not because they were gay or bi or liked to be subs or doms or even because they cheated and fucked who and what ever No they were perverted because they had hots for people they despised like David for Blaze in the hallway scene after heust sucked off Robert Or for people they Gramatica de baza a limbii romane just plain used like Blaze for Robert even thou he doesn t even want to have sex with Robert and is fucking everybody thinking about his wife Reading about this made me feel the need to delete the things I read on the pages from my mindThis works as a wholeit stands for the entire bookbut lets talk about characters and plots as it progressesRobert s obsession with Blaze as his safety net was described by many gr readers as emotional I on the other hand have seen it in a different light emotional Yes But it did not change the fact that Robert was one sick puppy One very sick puppy And to be frank He wanted Jane to calm Blaze and he liked Jane He was in love with David So why did he notust fuck the hell out of Blazes life Really why What could Blaze give him And really what did he think he would get when Jane. Refuses even if it means she will turn to other men Forced to watch Jane flirt shamelessly at the House of Pleasure Minshom is enragedand excited The innocent girl he wed at seventeen has transformed into a voluptuous woman who still ignites a scorching hunger within himAre always the most pleasureableAfter seven years apart fr.