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N a few pages Sue s DEFTNESS IN HANDLING A NARRATIVE OF in handling a narrative of sortSue learned his trade through a series of pot boilers over twenty years modeled on the novels of James Feni Cooper These are not unreadable books but they are trivial Then in 1839 with the novel Arthur he began to develop a social awareness of a different order a conscience and sense of duty a sympathy for the poor and oppressed After 1852 with the failure of the revolution and Sue s banishment to the provinces he fell back on the pulp s banishment to the provinces he fell back on the pulp of his arly career In between were ten years of good stories though none so Conscience and Memory exhilarating as Les Myst res Arthur Matilde 1841 Paula Monti 1942 The Wandering Jew 1844 Martin the Foundling or the memoirs of a valet d un valet de chamber 1846 The 1844 followup to Les Myst res does test his social consciousness a bit but considering the pervasive anti Semitism always present Sue sffort is not badLes Myst res is as good as anything by Dumas It deserves your attentionStill it s full of 19th century authorial commentary and pulp sentimentality This stuff is not Pansy Vol. 6 entirely dispensable however Forxample halfway through the novel buried in a sermon on the goodness of a certain lady is one of Sue s very few remarks on his own craft They would awaken in her he writes sufficient novelistic curiosity and indulgence in mystery unconnected with love to satisfy her imaginative needs her soul and in this manner they would keep her safe from any new love affair This opens a uestion which might puzzle a modern reader what are these mysteries which Paris has over a thousand pages of It is as with the medieval mystery play It is something imaginary because limited humans cannot better understand what is real which we receive in the form of a story concocted by one who is better able to imagine the imaginary and which serves to protect us from lesser forms of vulgar sentiment Regardless of what might think of this formulation and to our minds the hypocrisy of filling the book with the very vulgar sentiment which we are to repudiate the reader must admit that these are high aspirations to learn something of the bits of goodness in veryone and the whodunit of faith. L is scope and si. .

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AcknowledgmentsForewordTranslators Introduction The Mysteries of Paris Letter From Eug Ne Letter from Eug ne to the Editor of Le Journal des D bats French Currency in the Nineteenth Century Like Dickens but darker The original French text is available at La Biblioth ue lectroniue du u bec Volume IThe original French text is available at La Biblioth ue lectroniue du u bec Volume IIFree download available at Project Gutenberg Volume 1 of 6Free download available at Project Gutenberg Volume 2 of download available at Project Gutenberg Volume 3 of 6Free download available At Project Gutenberg Volume Project Gutenberg Volume of 6Free available at Project Gutenberg Volume 5 of 6Free download available at Project Gutenberg Volume 6 of 6 It is a cobblestone Very very much a product of its time If you thought the Elizabeth I ending of Camille was awful don tven start If you found Dickens boring you certainly don t have the stamina for this But if you re prepared to wallow for weeks in a sentimental morass of misguided but well intentioned social commentary hung on the bones of a gothic revenge piece then boy howdy is this the book for you The New MysteriesMirable dictu a new translation of Eug ne Sue s Myst res de Paris has been published after 171 years Penguin Classics 2015 20 paper 299 Kindle though at 1360 pages maybe you wouldn t want an Education in a New Society e book The translators are Carolyn Betensky and Jonathan Loesberg and they have made a creditable job of it In their introduction they spend some time in handwringing over the difficulties of translating the criminal slang thiat Sue made use of in the first part of the book but the translators have made good choicesThe original English translations of the book were made over just three years It is difficult to believe considering the book s unprecedented popularity that it fell so rapidly and thoroughly out of English speaking readers consciousness lets us know that the late 20th century practice of the blockbuster is not as new as we think it is There was something like a media frenzy first serialized in 150 issues over sixteen months in the French newspaper Journal des d bats it was read byveryone from aristocrats to serving girls Agents Mysteries Of Pari. F English and American publishers bought issues hot from the press shipped them off by fast packet boat to be translated overnight and published the following morning Sue and Dumas the
novelists to work in this the following morning Sue and Dumas the first novelists to work in this new medium made fortunes Dickens was publishing serially from 1836 seven years Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education earlier but his work appeared in monthly installments as separate pamphlets Sue s intricate melodrama unfolds around a Paris where despite the gulf between them the fortunes of the rich and poor are inextricably tangled The story of Rodolphe a magnetic hero of noble heartmbodied the social and political aspirations of 1843 and the heritage of the 1814 constitutional government culminating in the short lived revolution of 1848 a government in which Sue held a parliamentary seatIn France the book has been continuously in print A biography of Sue by Jean Louis Bory appeared in 1962 It is doubtful whether anyone but the French has heard of ither Eug ne Sue or Les Myst res de ParisIt is true that this book is a sentimental melodrama and is fully in the spirit of 1843 in many respects Modern readers will likely find some of its ffusion difficult The Baby Swap Miracle especially the remarks on women its belief in the physiognomy ofvil on virtue and other matters But lest anyone doubt Sue s views let her read the perorations on justice p655 659 and on utopia p690 691 Similar passages are scattered throughout the bookA new translation now may be thought something of an oddity However the lurid pulp cover suggests that it is not It certainly is not the decorous presentation of the typical rediscovery of a neglected book Les Myst res is a romp Sue had a talent for keeping multiple story lines in the air at once a talent which stood him well for the creation of a newspaper serial that the reader ncounters only one small bit at a time The whole nterprise can t be foreseen in detail by its author who must therefore seed ach installment with multiple opportunities for continuation while at the same time introduce no confusion or misdirection for the reader The success of Les Myst res inspired many imitations A comparison with Reynolds The Mysteries of London will reveal withi. S is a large nove. Les mystères de Paris