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Springtimenaked in the birth of springspringtime born from magicmagic of rhythmthe toothlessdiseased mobsingle eyed and paranoidcried all overmy insane heart without hate mobsingle eyed and paranoidcried all overmy insane heart without hate Single Instant of Belief pg 130From Joyce MansourMy mother eats meTortures meAnd to prevent me from following herShe buries meI eat my familyI spit on their remainsI hate their tightrope diseasesAnd their ear hallucinationsBe careful of toothpasteThat bleaches without destroyingIt is wiser to have fun by devouring One S Own PeopleThan To Walk On All FoursTo DrinkOr s own peopleThan to walk on all foursTo drinkOr to pleaseGirls Fresh Cream pg 166From Henri Kr aOh yes the lovely sceneryLofty appearancesGood breedingCorrectnessGood mannersDistinctionJust the "right amount of mineral waterThe cold elegance of milkHermetically sealedOh yes oh "amount of mineral waterThe cold elegance of milkHermetically sealedOh yes oh Oh Yes pg 176From Tchicaya U Tam siI pulled p my throat with multicoloured glassI wished to kick chance in the pantsmy second victorya little pox on the brainand I don t know how to save myselfthen I dreamt of returningto my villagewith eyes behind dark glassesand I had to fear my sorcererI leaped the seawith my sensual insomniasalt fills my headI must arm my people against their destiny tonightin order to name it laterin golden figureshe earned his deathlong live love Against Destiny pg 182From Jean Joseph Rab ariveloA purple starevolved in the depth of the sky a flower of blood nfolding on the prairie of nightEvolve evolveYou see nothing of her but her myriads of eyesher triangular reptile eyesthat open one by oneamong celestial lianas A Purple Star pg 189From Fenton JohnsonLook my weary brother ere you die Night is here the phantom nigh Soul of rabbit with the magic breathSoul of Life and foe of living DeathEre we die my brother Re not and a few fall outside academia's narrow definition of surrealismThis collection is the first to document the extensive participation of people of African descent in the international surrealist movement over the past seventy five years Editors Franklin Rosemont and Robin D G Kelley aim to introduce readers to the black brown and beige surrealists of the world to provide sketches of their overlooked lives and deeds as well as their important place in history especially the history of surrealism. .
The descent of wreckage in the course of night struck by wild scentsWhat can I do about itYou must beginBegin whatThe only thing in the world worth beginningThe End of the world my GodMake room for me I will not get out of your waySometimes I am seen in a grand toss of the hat to snatch an overly red cloud or a caress of rain or a prelude of winddon t sedate yourself too muchI force open the yolk sac keeping me from MyselfI Force Open The Great Waters Which Gird Me With force open the great waters which gird me with only I check the yolk sac keeping me from myselfI force open the great waters which gird me with bloodI only I check place on the last train of the last surge of the tidal waveI only Itake p the tongue in the final anguishI oh only Iensure that I receive from the strawfor you who one morning will hoard my words in your beggar s pouch and will take as the children of fear while htey sleepthe obliue path of flights and monsters In the Guise of a Literary Manifesto for Andr Breton pg 76 77From Cl ment Magloire Saint AudeSurging hoursin a fiery fa adeSparks echotoward the mirror of timeLittle bells child s rattlesa wild mop of hairsound a haltto the messenger s song Talisman pg 102From Ren B lanceHopelessly I left perception behindunder a bay of rooftopsCrimson dawn no longer spreads a pathto welcome our weary footstepsour silver voicesI hold a memory of mists past timestorches lit our wayI drink deeply of the sands of oblivion Awareness pg 106From John La RoseThe lineal connectionBetween space and timeTangles like ship s ropeNo coils Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español unwindBut stretch their stenchTonobtained oblivionTormentTwined in an nderbrushOf corroding customUnwinds itself in inky blood lettingsUnstatisticatedMemoryMounts its pastIn muddled pride Connecting Link pg 113From L on Gontran DamasFor a moment believein a hand without a glovea hand luminous of. Ck poets have been invisible Academic histories and anthologies typically but very wrongly persist in conveying surrealism as an all white movement like other artistic schools of European origin In glaring contrast the many publications of the international surrealist movement have regularly featured texts and reproductions of works by comrades from Martiniue Haiti Cuba Puerto Rico South America the United States and other lands Some of these publications are readily available to researchers; others .

Lovely selections Great insight into the internationalist reality that was the surrealist movement and how true was the surrealist movement and how true its roots it was in its vision of emancipation of humanity from oppressive forces most notably imperialism and colonialism Some exceptional visionary writers highlighted here and some great connections to surrealism like Thelonius Monk for instance Rosemont also provided much needed context that has helped navigate my interest in surrealism and than a mere aesthetic movement it was not as such despite our culture s whitewashing as such Black Brown Beige brings readers a selection of poems and writings by Surrealist authors outside of the white male canon including tienne L ro Aim C saire Cl ment Magloire Saint Aude Ren B lance John La Rose L on Gontran Damas Joyce Mansour Henri Kr a Tchicaya U Tam si Jean Joseph Rab Arivelo Fenton Johnson Bob Kaufman Hart Leroy Bibbs Jayne arivelo Fenton Johnson Bob Kaufman Hart Leroy Bibbs Jayne and Sunny RaFrom tienne L roAbandon to electrical detentionsOur hands and the birdsThe elevator carries offThe trees and the photographsThe river keeps our head of hairThe night strangles itself to the banging of doorsand you begin the adventure again Abandon pg 39From Aim C saireLet s countthe madness rememberingthe madness howlingthe madness seeingthe madness Twisted (LOST, unleashedWho and what are we Admirableestion Haters Builders Traitors Hougans Especially hougans For we want all the demonsThose of yesterday those of todayThose of the yoke those of the hoeThose of the forbidden of prohibition of marronnageand we mustn t forget those of the slave traderAnd so we singWe sing of poisonous flowers bursting across furious prairies skies of love slashed with embolism epileptic mornings the white blazing of abyssal sands. Surrealism as a movement has always resisted the efforts of critics to confine it to any static definition surrealists themselves have always preferred to speak of it in terms of dynamics dialectics goals and struggles Accordingly surrealist groups have always encouraged and exemplified the widest diversity from its start the movement was emphatically opposed to racism and colonialism and it embraced thinkers from every race and nationYet in the vast critical literature on surrealism all but a few bla. ,

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