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Ble in Nakahara s family life and the story is so much than just sex and the sex scenes are tastefully done Kojima Is The Sweetest Thing Ever the sweetest thing ever s no wonder Nakahara fell so hard for him While Kojima struggles at first to sort out his own feelings he likes #Nakahara as a friend he eventually comes to love Nakahara as deeply as Nakahara does him And it #as a friend he eventually comes to love Nakahara as deeply as Nakahara does him And it t take sex to do it The ending is happy and the two prepare to go to the same college together and promise to be with each other always I m so glad the complete series came in an omnibus The artwork is beautiful and the characters are well developed If ou are looking for a sweet heartwarming Gesund leben ohne Zucker yaoi Little Butterfly is the one forou It will make ou feel all warm and fuzzy insideComment Comment Permalink I absolutely loved this warm and fuzzy insideComment Comment Permalink I absolutely loved this story is sweet but touches on tough subjects handles things realistically and full of hope There are plenty of cute scenes and it s a really pleasant read I own this omnibus and it s one of those that I see myself having on my shelf my entire life i m so fond of this mangai ve read it through multiple times in the past but reread it every once in a while. D Watch as a brand new friendship slowly grows from a fragile bond to a forceful partnership between two distinct and special souls.

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Ol bag choice etc view spoilerI think Nakahara had a much vaster sexual experience than that one older woman I m pretty sure he s been with guys too and I just hope it was all consensual There s all those unexplained absences from home for days at a time and he s very uick to take the lead with Kojima I don t see this boding well for their relationship long term I think Nakahara finds Kojima sexually appealing precisely because he is so much less mature than himself Kojima is non threatening Nakahara gets To Be In Charge be in charge spoiler Great series pretty artwork A really sweet story about two high school guys one who is probably grossly upbeat and another who has had a terrible Home Life Somehow They Come Together And Love Paves The life Somehow they come together and love paves the toward their happiness The only issue I have with this This was one of her older worksIt was okay not my type of pairing There is a reason this is a classic aoi Beautiful artwork and a compelling story EXCELLENT mental illness the earning the tenderness the desperation aggressive chefs kiss I loved this manga It was light hearted but it had some depth to it and some serious scenes We see the trou. Is the exact opposite A shy wallflower he seems aloof and is constantly aloneuntil Kojima suddenly steps into his dark painful worl. I have a lot affection for Little Butterfly even though Nakahara And Kojima Seem Kojima together This is because is a believable 15 but Kojima seems about eight he s a little boy and I feel like Nakahara is pressuring him the whole way through When they do finally get together however Kojima looks so goddam debauched lying in bed that it makes me grinHowever despite this the book so sweet and cute showing a first love and how overwhelming and passionate that can feel Ugh that sense of having lost my mind is one thing I do not miss about being a teenager The sex is very understated with only a few erotic scenes in the whole thing I do love the 12 page section where Kojima dreams about Nakahara and then jerks off for the first time ever The panel layout is perfect fractured and barely coherent just like KojimaThe Americanization of the book annoys me the text has been rewritten to make it as if the boys are finishing high school and looking at going to university together rather than finishing junior high and looking at a high school together This is patently ridiculous as they are clearly far ounger in looks speech scho. Kojima's friendly attitude and upbeat playful innocence help to guarantee his status as a well liked boy But the brooding Nakahara. .

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Little butterfly Omnibus Edition 1 3