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Emonies of the Beijing Olympics all but one has traveled the world xtensively tc Let me be clear I am in no way trying to minimize what the author went through it was horrific However when I got the book I was hoping to read about how someone like me would struggle with such a diagnosis I was hoping to read about how someone like me would struggle with such a diagnosis that there is not struggle in this book there is very clearly physical struggle through chemotherapy and surgery then chemo and physical therapy there is struggle with fears and struggle with trying to protect a family from the chaos that surrounds potentially terminal illness But there were many ways in which Feiler did not have to struggle He was very well connected and was able to see the best doctor in the country for his cancer Money was not an issue for him and his family he was able to devote his time and nergy to fighting his disease for a year without having to worry about losing the house I would have rather read the story of some ordinary guy who never wrote a book before or at least someone who doesn t have his own Wikipedia page who doesn t have
An Extensive And Well Connected 
extensive and well connected system for whom money is an issue and who isn t always able to keep his sense of humor ie someone I could relate to someone realAll in all this is a good book I liked it but it was not amazing to me I recognize that most of my criticisms of it tell about me as much as about the book so I recommend you read it and make your own decision You may find it inspirin. Attling cancer while raising young children along with vivid portraits of his father his two grandfathers and various father figures in his life that xplore the changing role of fathers in America This is the work of a master storyteller confronting the most difficult xperience of his life and Spirit of the Wolf emerging with wisdom and hope The Council of Dads is a touching funny and ultimately deeply moving book on how to live life how the human spirit can respond to adversity and how to deepen and cherish the friendships thatnrich our lives.

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The Council of DadsS self so that they can be his voice SHOULD IT BE NEEDED THE BOOK STARTED OFF REALLY it be needed The book started off really giving background story about a leg injury when he was 5 years old how he and his wife met the twins birth his diagnosis Feiler A Vineyard Christmas evenxplores family history Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose eg listening to the audio tapes his grandfather recorded in the 12 years leading up to his suicide in 1983 tapes which the author had heretofore avoided Heven adds periodic letters to his family and friends over the year of his treatment chronicling his xperience and the ffect on him and his family Up until about one third way to one half way point it was all very interesting and the author s honesty and humor were ndearingEven when he began introducing his Council I njoyed it But a couple of things bothered me First because of the way he interweaves story about what was currently going on in terms of his treatment history letters to his family and friends and introducing his Council we don t meet the last guy until he s already all the way through his treatment and been given the all clear That timing was off putting for me Second by the middle of the book the writing style started to feel a little too Mitch Albom for me kind of sappy and offering cliche life lessons There was also a feeling of unreality to the book in that Feiler was not your average Joe who got cancer and his friends were not average ither one has multiple Emmys one offered commentary alongside Bob Costas at the
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cer. I believe daughters will have plenty of opportunities in their lives he wrote to these men They'll have loving families They'll have ach other But they may not have me They may not have their dad Will you help be their dad The Council of Dads is the inspiring story of what happened next Feiler introduces the men in his Council and captures the life lesson he wants Math Basics 6 each to convey to his daughters how to see how to travel how to uestion how to dream He mixes these with an intimate highly personal chronicle of hisxperience A 5 star book and story about a father with a potentially life threatening illness who loves his twin daughters so much he invites six men illness who loves his twin daughters so much he invites six men influenced his life for the better to help influence his daughters lives should he not survive long nough to raise them It help influence his daughters lives should he not survive long nough to raise them It so motionally raw at times you can t help but cry Bruce s wonderful sense of humor also provides some laugh out loud moments Learning about the family histories of Bruce and
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wife was fascinating In nd I found myself admiring the courage intelligence humor transparency wisdom and beauty with which he walked and shared his journey of hellish medical treatment and procedures family life during the process and choosing the great guys he calls The Council of Dads Made me wish he was MY dad Tybee and Eden are two of the most blessed little girls one arth I nourage others to read this book and I definitely plan to take walks Didn t uite get it until the letter to his daughters This is how much a daddy is supposed to love his kids Makes me wish I had been blessed in that regard as there were so many times I could ve used a man s input and guidance in my life Truly beautiful the lessons this book teaches Won this as a First Reads giveaway I really liked the idea of it man gets cancer in his femur and realizes he may not be there for his 3 year old twins in the future so he calls upon six friends to create a Council of Dads These friends represent the different parts of hi. Bestselling author Bruce Feiler was a young father when he was diagnosed with cancer He instantly worried what his daughters' lives would be like without him Would they wonder who I was Would they wonder what I thought Would they yearn for my approval my love my voice Three days later he came up with a stirring idea of how he might give them that voice He would reach out to six men from all the passages in his life and ask them to be present in the passages in his daughters' lives And he would call this group The Council of Dads.