[PDF/EBOOK] (A Prescription for Murder The Victorian Serial Killings of Dr Thomas Neill Cream)

A Prescription for Murder The Victorian Serial Killings of Dr Thomas Neill CreamMedicine police work and law and ven the nvironmental landscape in his claims as to what may have compelled Cream s actions but are those really justificationsTo sum up a pedantic "Yet Intriguing Case Study In "intriguing case study in I wish Part One was as gripping as Part Two was ducational This book was a little dry than the other non fiction accounts I had read this crime month Unlike the others the focus wasn t on the crimes themselves but on the greater social context that had a part in bringing the crimes aboutthis book was similar to the Poisoner s handbook in that it contained a serial killer who used Strychnine in his murders However unlike the Handbook it wasn t completely about the detectives toxicologists AND MEDICAL EXAMINERS WHO MADE IT medical xaminers who made it to catch the crim but. 's vividly detailed story of the killings Using press reports and police dossiers McLaren investigates the links between crime and respectability to reveal a remarkable range of Victorian. About women who although completely unrecognized acted as witnesses and at times bait to catch the man who was hunting them I found a lot of frightening similarities between the culture at the hunting them I found a lot of frightening similarities between the culture at the

of these murders 
these murders the current climate in the United States In part Cream must have felt his murders were justified and in fact called for by the society in which he lived where the women he preyed upon those seeking abortions or working as prostitutes were marginalized and criminalized by society I m sure much violence towards marginalized groups within the United States are thought of by their actors to be justified within this social landscape Very frighteningI found this a very interesting study based completely in fact unlike similar works on the famous Jack the Rippe. Sexual tensions and fears McLaren xplores how the roles of murderer and victim were created and how similar tensions might contribute to the onslaught of serial killing in today's socie. .

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Cream is one of the multitude of suspects for the Jack the Ripper murders so I ve included this on my JtR shelf The true story of Dr Thomas Neill Cream a 19th century serial killer whose weapon of choice was to poison by strychnine and whose victims were women of ill repute Be warned this book is one scholar s statement of society than a true crime story and is in no way captivating in its telling The first half of the book is dedicated to Cream s killings and has a disappointingly scattered and rushed job feel to it while the second half is a better written but very detailed thesis like look at the societal influences McLaren believes bred monsters like Cream Jack the Ripper and Dr Edward William Pritchard In this manner the author uses the history of women s roles. From 1877 to 1892 dr thomas neill cream murdered seven 1892 Dr Thomas Neill Cream murdered seven all prostitutes or patients seeking abortions in England and North America A Prescription for Murder begins with Angus McLaren.