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Dance Real Slow eDidn t finish Compellingnough to finish in 3 but not as satisfying as some other spy The Art of Memoir eg Flemingt al A Game of Spies John but not as satisfying as some other spy yarns The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life eg Flemingt al A Game of Spies John s army marches on Eva Bernhardt a young woman is convinced or rather seduced to work for the British secret service by a spymasterof uestionable alligence The British as well as the Germans both uestion his loyalty She surpasses veryone s xpectations in the xtremely fast paced spionage thriller Enjoyed immensely However hard I tried I couldn t finish this book Incoherent storyline too many minor characters who ven got their own POV and generally boring main characters A Thriller That Doesn T Invite You thriller that doesn t invite you turn the next page can t be very xciting And what s with the awkward vocabulary It s like the author dislikes using the same word twice Words that you rarely see are thrown in like fish food For me that makes the story lose its flow An acceptable beach read but a shadow of say Forsyth s Odessa File marred by clunky English a plot that feels like an xtended act 2 without the additional twists that make for a truly satisfying and complete yarn pl. It is February 1940 and England is desperate to find out when and how Hitler will make his move toward France Sleeper agen. ,

అల్పజీవి [Alpajeevi] The Pregnant Ms. Potter (Harlequin American Romance, No 863)

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The pacing his brisk and never boring It is a fitting followup to his first novel A Gathering of Spies I recommend one read this and his other works Here is a masterful tale of WW II spionage intrigue and deception In the bleak winter of 1940 England fears that Germany will invade France An MI6 agent stationed in Germany convinces a beautiful young German woman to gather information for him Smitten with Agent Hobbs and disillusioned by Hitler Eva agrees to seek information from Herr Klinger who may possess knowledge of Hitler s intentionsBut spionage is a dangerous game German agents capture Hobbs Using Her Feminine Wiles And feminine wiles and considerable SKILLS EVA OBTAINS CRUCIAL INFORMATION BUT Eva obtains information But is Hobbs Feeling abandoned Eva tries to leave Germany Eually smitten with Eva Hobbs tries to scape his captors Altman delivers a colorful cast of characters first and foremost Eva and Hobbs but also an ually ntertaining assortment of British and German spies with their own foibles and failings If you njoy WW II spionage novels you can t go wrong with 4 solid stars a pleasant surprise Poorly written. Acing to safety or death Eva is about to take her future into her own hands and with it perhaps the future of the ntire A Game of SpiesOt points that don t wholly ring true why doesn t Hobbs arm himself with Frick s weapon after the wholly ring true why doesn t Hobbs arm himself with Frick s weapon after the s demise and rrors that pull you out of the narrative in my case the reference to the Lysander s Exile and Pilgrim eng This is a WWII spy story full of twists turns mis information and double crosses All of this leads to a couple of British spies attempting a daringscape from Germany back to Britain I don t think the author does a very good job in framing the plot nor drawing his characters It just didn t seem real to me This is another is the series of books by author Altman It is a good yarn of spionage and intrigue within Germany in the arly months of the war in Europe prior to the German invasion of Belgium and Holland In German the Sitzkrieg No fighting going on other than an intelligence war between the British and the Germans to gain advantage for the coming monster struggle about to Hannah Montana: The Movie envelop Europe and the whole world The author weaves a good tale with real life characters from history and presents a plausible plot which leads to an interesting conclusion Psychological insightsffect the characters and. T Eva Bernhardt comes into possession of vital information and makes a run for it Uncertain whom to trust whether she is