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In Robin Owens s Enchanted No #More the first installment in the Mystic Circle series this was a fantastic urban fantasy romance #the first installment in the Mystic Circle series this was a fantastic urban fantasy romance very vivid scenery and details of an imagi Synopsis As one of the last surviving Mistweavers half blood Jenni knows what it s like to be caught between two worlds the faery and the human But the time has come to choose The Lightfolk reuire her uniue talent for balancing the lements to fend off a dangerous nemy and rescue her missing brotherOnly for Rothly will Jenni deal with those who destroyed her life Only for him will she agree to work with her x lover Tage and revisit the darkest corners of her soul For a reckoning is at hand and she alone has For a reckoning is at hand and she alone has power to hold back the forces of darkMy Review I am a huge Owens fan but this book just didn t sit right with me There seemed to be a shortage of world building I was lost a lot of the time with the faery terms folk types and rituals I was honestly pretty lost through pretty much all the book and had to continuously push myself to pick it up and read it Also I wasn t too keen on the characters Culture and Enchantment especially the main ones there was no connection to them and I found their relationship to be forced I did howevernjoy the guardians the lf and dwarf that assisted Jenni Sadly it nded up being a book just to get through so I could put it away A Magical Lesson of Love Valor and ForgivenessFifteen years ago the family of halfling Jindesfarne Mistweaver was caught in the middle of a vicious magical battle between the Lightfolk and Dark ones All but one brother were slain and that brother Rothly was maimed physically and magically And he blamed Jenni for it allBut no than she blamed herselfDisowned by her brother stripped of her D DAY Through German Eyes 2 entire family ripped apart by guilt and loss she fled her family s land in Northumberland England and moved west through America until she landed in Denver There she built a little world for herself living as the human Jenni Weaver away from the magics of the Lightfolk and the treacherous power of the Eight who rule powerfullemental beings she blames for their poor treatment of halflings in general and her family in particular It was they who started the portal ceremony Baroque Personae early It was they who share responsibility for her family s death But it is Jenni who pays the steepest price for self guilt and burning resentmentNow fifteen years later a knock on her door draws her back into the world she turned from forces her to take up again thelemental balancing that is her gift once Democratic Art eschewed The Eight had offered her brother something he couldn t resist to take on a dangerous task he was illuipped to complete and now he is lost in the interdimensional mist that only Jenni and he can Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? enter They use her love for him to manipulate her into taking up his task and risk herself once again for the Lightfolk She must balance thelemental power of a

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force of the magics or risk unimaginable wild forces of creation and destruction letting loose on the worldWith little than Aric Paramon to be her guardian and guide a half Elf half Treeman who was her lover on that fateful day of greatest loss Jenni faces a bitter battle against forces of great vil and her motions and the horrors of the past. As one of the last surviving Mistweavers half blood Jenni knows what it's like to be caught between two worlds the faery and the human But the time has come to choose The Lightfolk BookI also thought that the vents of #the tragedy fifteen years ago were a little over mphasized and repeated a bit too often through #tragedy fifteen years ago were a little over Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust emphasized and repeated a bit too often through of the book It got to be repetitive for me and because the loss of Jenni s family was such a decisive breaking point in her lifevery time it was mentioned it forced the focus back to the pain and subseuent negative motions surrounding it I found that a little depressing but also noticed it seemed to segregate Jenni a bit from other chara I was drawn to Enchanted No More by the vibrant hues of the cover art and because the plot summary centering on a half faerie woman sucked back grudgingly into court affairs reminded me of one of my favorite urban fantasy series Seanan "mcguire s october dayejenni is a halfling half "s October DayeJenni is a halfling half and half Lightfolk fae She wants nothing to do with her Lightfolk heritage after a magical disaster fifteen years ago in which most of her family was killed Instead she lives as a human in Denver and works as a game designer She is drawn back into the Lightfolk world when her last remaining family member her stranged brother disappears while on a mission for the rulers Jenni reluctantly accepts the mission so that she can rescue her brother Now she has court politics to deal with along with dangerous Pansy Vol. 6 evil creatures and herx lover Aric Paramon The blurb calls him Tage but I think that must be from an Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods earlier draftJenni must overcome her guilt and grief over the tragedy in her past and forgive herself and Aric for the things they could have done differently Her brother has a similar arc learning to move past his own self pity and his bitterness toward Jenni Readers whonjoy this type of character journey may find Enchanted No More hits the spotFor me it was a bumpy read The trouble starts with Jenni I had trouble warming to her At the beginning of the book she s immature lashing out in anger at the most inopportune moments She throws tantrums at royalty not generally a good idea but her magical talents are rare Elizabeth I enough that they put up with it Later as she deals with her past she becomes sympathetic but still has annoying traits such as a tendency to meddle She prods Aric about his dad issues when they re supposed to be having a romanticvening and dispenses career counseling to the other halflings at court In the latter CASE IT S NOT SO MUCH A PROBLEM THAT it s not so much a problem that does it but that they instantly feel motivated to better their lot after a brief conversation with Jenni unrealistic IMHO Meanwhile Aric never uite feels fleshed outThe magic system and the scenes of magic use are often confusing to follow while other aspects of the story are over Education in a New Society explained The deaths of Jenni s family are rehashed so many times thatspecially after the Fire ueen tells her own version and offers to let Jenni read the other royals accounts I was sure there would be a twist wherein the incident would turn out to have happened differently than Jenni remembered This doesn t occur howeverFinally there are a huge number of comma splices I hate to nitpick about grammarediting but when there are Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education enough of theserrors it becomes distracting Enchanted No More will be appealing to some readers but fell flat with me I m sad to say I d rather be reading October Daye. Or him will she agree to work with her x lover Tage and revisit the darkest corners of her soul For a reckoning is at hand and she alone has the power to hold back the forces of dar. .

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Threaten to break her before the fight ven begins Only by healing from wounds still fresh in her psyche and soul and The Baby Swap Miracle embracing the full grace of her nature can sheven hope to survive let alone triumph But the risk of opening herself up to that sort of pain #once again may prove too much for jenni #again may prove too much for Jenni takeWhat a rich deep magical world Robin D Owens has created with this series debut Straddling the human and Lightfolk worlds Enchanted No More offers up a thorough three dimensional reality that is both intriguing and captivating as Jenni and Aric work together for the good of the world at large I was very impressed with the complexity and originality of the concept for the fantasy lements of the Lightfolk cultures and the plot of the story in generalJenni was a fascinating heroine Her journey was about forgiveness and finding an internal balance that allowed her to heal from her loss and take her rightful place in the Lighfolk community than it was about battling an xternal foe and that proved to be surprisingly compelling Especially when the vents that traumatized her so deeply were combined with fresher conflicts over the status of halflings in the Lightfolk world Yet the threat posed by malevolent Darkfolk and their shadleech monsters was also taut and thrilling and provided much juicy action for reading njoymentOwens was masterful at the slow steady volution of Jenni throughout the book and I thought her development was completely realistic and sympathetic I was particularly fond of the deft strokes of relationship mending between her and Aric as the story progressed Aric was much like his nature a steady force of immutable strength and while that could have tipped over into stagnancy for the character his own issues of dissatisfaction for how his people s needs have been ignored and the dissidence between him and his father along with the sometimes too restricting fealty to the Eight kept his character interesting real and freshAs a couple Jenni and Aric complemented ach other and while there was a definite romance subplot it Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation evolved in a satisfying and natural way that seemed very organic to the characters growth and development and remained respectful of their past Secondary and ancillary characters richly populated all threads of the plot and some of the mostnchanting aspects of the story surrounded some of the least powerful of the beings in it Owens impressed me with the many and varied personalities so finely woven into the tapestry of the taleThe narrative took me a while to get used to and the book did start out slow for me The stylistic touches in the narrative aren t completely to my taste as there is very little world building or xplanation of the fantasy aspects What I learned about the Lightfolk and their connection and interactions with humanity I had to divine through the actions and dialogue of the characters i don t like to be overwhelmed I don t like to be overwhelmed xposition who does but I do prefer to feel a little less like I ve been dropped into a foreign land unaware of the rules or the inhabitants unable to speak the language and forced to muck about until I suss things out on my own There was a little too much self sussing for my tastes Generations and Collective Memory especially for the first half of the. Euire her uniue talent for balancing thelements to fend off a dangerous nemy and rescue her missing brotherOnly for Rothly will Jenni deal with those who destroyed her life Only Enchanted No More