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Add in Lucy s social awkwardness and propensity towards clumsiness and you get some really hilarious situations There is so much going on in this story than the general romance between these two characters Alex is dealing with grief and guilt over his twin brothers disappearance and Probable Death Lucy Struggles With Feelings Of death Lucy struggles with feelings of inferiority and worth as she describes herself at one of the many social events as a cubic zirconia in a sea of diamonds They truly go on a ourney together in dealing with their respective stuff Their chemistry and banter between each other is fun and amusing in one moment and truly deep and probing in the next Add in Lucy s love of all things science fiction specifically Star Trek and the book ust gets better and better I couldn t go into detail on the supporting characters here but they are well written and really really funny When a well know socialite winds up at one of Lucy s gatherings of her sci fi friends and is asking uestions about Star Trek I about bust a gut It truly is rare for me to find a book where I am laughing uproariously in one moment and shedding tears the next while seeing great spiritual elements in the whole thing Elements like our struggles with our worth and figuring out the whole man pleasing versus God pleasing dilemma I highly recommend this book You will not be disappointed and I will be keeping my eye on Jenny B Jones in the future I know this is a Niagara Falls kind of review much gushing but I still stand by it Great book great characters and great read I was graciously provided a digital copy of this book by Thomas Nelson through the NetGalley program All opinions expressed were my own and I was not obligated to write a positive review Original post at One More PageI wasn t sure what to expect with Save the Date by Jenny B Jones because if I were to udge this book by its cover it didn t give me the chick lit vibe It gave me a romance novel vibe sure but not really chick lit Am I the only one getting that I want chick lit but I m not entirely sure if I wanted a romance novel if you get what I mean Nevertheless I reuested this from NetGalley because the *BLURB SEEMED INTERESTING DESPITE ITS FAMILIARITY *seemed interesting despite its familiarity I heard good stuff about the author on TwitterMaybe it s the leftover February air that made me start reading this and once I started reading I couldn t stop Save the Date starts with Lucy Wiltshire dancing around her kitchen preparing a meal for her boyfriend Matt expecting a proposal coming very soon However she was crushed when Matt says he s choosing his ob over her and he had to move away ust as when Lucy can t leave her hometown because she was about to open her foster home for adolescent girls Saving GraceFast forward two years later Lucy seems to be doing well until life decided to throw her a curve ball she loses funding for her foster home and she needs money uick Enter old schoolmate and rich boy Alex Sinclair who was running for Congress A chance encounter between the two gave Alex a good image for the election so he proposes to Lucy they would pretend to be a couple and get engaged to boost Alex s image and Lucy gets paid to be his fake fiancee enough to fund Saving Grace for years to come Left with no choice Lucy says yes praying that she wasn t making a mistake As they play along with the lie demons from the past surface and they find out that God s plans are higher than our plans and He can work His purpose even in our flimsy human plansI was pleasantly surprised by th. Nterprises the primary donor to Lucy's non profit organizationBoth Lucy and Alex have something the other desperately wantsAlex has it all except for the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress Despite their mutual dislike Alex makes Lucy a proposition pose as his fiancée in retur. Save the Date

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Is book This had the same vibe as A Billion Reasons Why but it has less of the Southern drawl and of real and sympathetic characters I liked Lucy from the start she s a darling but she was far from a weakling She s been toughened up by the hardships she experienced in her life and even if she suffers from a big inferiority complex her heart is always in the right place I admire her passion for the girls she s caring for and her fierce loyalty to what she believes in even if sometimes it comes off as stubbornness While I m not much taken by Alex s described good looks and his charisma I thought he was good for Lucy He is far from perfect which I really appreciated and I m sure his faults and his growth in the story is something that other people have experienced I liked how their relationship developed and how they saw each other in a better light despite the lie that they have built for their image I lost count at how many times I sighed and wished
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they d realize that were perfect for each other and that one of them would make a move that would break the the pretend relationship they have so they could move into something real Their banter was refreshing and witty none of the gooey over the top exchanges that didn t feel natural I liked that even if it seemed like an outrageous story everything in the story still felt real like it could happen to anyoneThis modern day CinderellaThe Princess Diaries like story by Jenny B Jones is definitely worth the read I can t relate 100% with everything but Save the Date shares important lessons on love compassion forgiveness and allowing God to work in our lives and I think those concepts are pretty universal anyway While there s nothing really new in the premise the characters their voices and the author s humor shines through in the story making this a very very good read I look forward to reading of Jenny B Jones books Totally awesome novel Can t wait to read of her booksOfficial ReviewI found my new favorite author Wow Jenny B Jones is an awesome writer Everything about her writing style is great I didn t ever want to put this book down Lucy and Alex were the perfect couple Both were great and I really dare I say it connected with them And no I do not mean the whole weird connection I PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition just really understood them Jenny made them like real life people And there was one really cool part about this book Well there was thanust one good part about this book But all the Star Wars references I mean when Lucy s friend tells her May the force be with you you know that it will be an awesome book And oh my some of the regular uotes were ust as great I was laughing so hard throughout this book The one *negative thing about this book is the cover I do not *thing about this book is the cover I do not it at all Okay so I do like the blurred guy in the background because it doesn t show the face but that is the only thing I like about it The dress on the woman is not at all flattering definitely not for her And it is weird ish pose It kind of overwhelms the picture I am going to give the cover 1 star But oh well the cover didn t take away from the contents of the book Save the Date deserves 5 stars I loved it I will definitely be reading of Jenny s books And instead of saving the date you will have to save the weekend You won t want to put it down Title Save the DateAuthor Jenny B JonesAuthor s Website Reading Resolution 13 I have had this on my to read list for the longest time Maybe even for a year or twoThis review is written in my own opinions and word. N for the money she desperately needs Bound to a man who isn't uite what he seems Lucy finds her heart and her future on the line Save the Date is a spunky romance that will have readers laughing out loud as this dubious pair try to save their careers their dreams and maybe even a dat. I expected big things from this bookEvery single one was fulfilled to the *utmost The hero is hunky the heroine a bit clutzy but how she The hero is hunky the heroine a bit clutzy but how she hero is hunky the heroine a bit clutzy but how she the world gives it a skewed humorous tint The plot is perfectly laid out and when I thought the author had used her bag of tricks right away to make it worse something happened to put Lucy and Alex at oddsI love marriage of convenience stories but this was an engagement of convenience Great angle You ust about can t get a better contemporary hero than Alex my goodness I The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, just about swooned while reading The emotional tug a war between Lucy Alex and her old boyfriend Matt was played perfectly and without clich d drama The dialogue wowza Snappy uick witted and oh so good I wanted to read it overust to taste the emotion again I don t know what was up between Clare and Julian but I got than one chuckle out of those two my favorites Clare s bucket list and Julian s snarky comments wouldn t be able to fly in any other book but was perfect here in ust the right situation I plain loved itI m a fan of Jenny B Jones Pass the back list because I intend to go read This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers through CFBA for my copy to review Blast you Jenny Jones Don t you know I have stuff to do How am I supposed to get anything done when you write books like this I woke up worried about Lucy last night and have been reading every spare minute today My laundry is piled up around me The dishes are fermenting in the sink The coffee pot is drained SighThanks a lotBy the way where s book two Ok I ll admit it I m not someone who is easily amused I truly wish I was the person that laughed at the drop of a hat but I m not With that being said I want to share that I laughed out loud numerous times when reading this book Save the Date by Jenny B Jones at first glance looks like a classic cute chick lit kind of book I m thinking it will be sweet charming and a nice read There is nothing wrong with that but as I got into the book I discovered much much funny great characters and a deeper than meets the eye storyline Our heroine Lucy Wiltshire is sort of A Modern Day Cinderella Growing Up In modern day Cinderella Growing up in South Carolina with a mother who earned her living as a maid did not give her social status at the prominent Montrose Academy where she attended as a child and as a result endured teasing and bullying there Fast forward to the present and Lucy is the founder of Saving Grace a home for foster girls aged 18 21 making the transition to adulthood with her help and guidance A major problem erupts one of her biggest backers has pulled the plug on their contributions by a significant amount She is in danger of losing the home and panicked about her girls where will they go Poor Lucy what s a girl to do Well the hero of the story has the answer to that uery enter Alex Sinclaire a former attendee of Montrose Academy and famous former professional football player as well He has decided to run for a Congressional seat and Alex needs a little help overcoming his somewhat Playboy public perception problem So after a cthance meeting at a local gathering where both are present and pictures are taken of them together he finds that his approval points have skyrocketed It seems that the public likes a good Cinderella story and he hatches a plan a staged romance with a win win scenario Alex gets a steady girl on his arm for public events and Lucy gets the funding she needs to keep Saving Grace open Sounds like a no brainer for everyone but. You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year with the most unlikely bride and groom Save the date and say your prayersWhen funding for Lucy's non profit ob is pulled she is determined to find out why Enter Alex Sinclair former professional football star and heir to Sinclair ,