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僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 dS were organized based on fundamental elements of chess strategy they focused mostly on subtleetails and nuances of those strategies For example the chapter on The Minority Attack which and nuances of those strategies For example the chapter on The Minority Attack Which Already A Subtle Topic For which already a subtle topic for at my level has a whole section edicated to The Struggle for Control of c4 without the advance b5 by #Black This is a book about the middle game in chess Pachman lays out the ifferent strategic approaches that are relevant #This is a book about the middle game in chess Pachman lays out the Karen vs Alien different strategic approaches that are relevant the middle game and instructs the reader through the use of annotated games that are related to the approach beingiscussed Serious instruction for the intermediate player or beyond Mr Pachman covers the basis of mostly mid game strategy Don t bother if you re looking how to immediately pounce on your opponent through some short term attack combination This is a treatise on how to entrench yourself for the long term For serious players only Pachman is never less than clear in his teaching and the games he s selected to illustrate the points he s making are all well chosen The book is well produced at least in this edition which isn t sadly always the case with modern chess books Why not a hi. Ployed and shows how each leads to tactical opportunities It has been said that his section on the Rook alone make his book indispensable to the serious chess player since the Rook is so important in both middle and endgamesPachman presents his method in the form of a thorough systematic analytical text which raws upon scores of great games for exemplification Both classical and very recent masters are included although stress is on the moderns Capablanca Alekhine Dr Lasker Rubinstein Nimzovich Botvinnik Reshevsky Bronstein Smyslov and Spass.

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Modern Chess StrategyThe escriptive notation is me I ll have to find something else A must for every serious chess playerAlso a classic I ve always that this book was a hideously butchered version of the originalIt s one of these books that you may not fully appreciate for a very long time till you just gave up and appreciate the book on Ludek Pachman s termsYou just have to really really study the positions hard and even get out your computer chess analysis toolsOnce you know all the tactical angers and opportunities of a position then the strategic ideas tactical angers and opportunities of a position then the strategic ideas make sense It took me three years to get through this book not because it s tough going but because it is a practical manual that must be read with a chessboard at hand As such it is a very satisfying experience for anyone fascinated by this ingenious game The author is a renowned international grandmaster and he methodically and exhaustively analyses every aspect of the beautiful game Needless to say his expertise extends beyond how to best use individual figures and the classic openings and middle game positions He considers such concepts as Singing the Law dynamic and static advantage and the perso. Every chess player hopes to set off brilliant combinations and win games in a blaze of glory Such combinationso not come into being by themselves however; they appear only as the result of proper chess strategy It is therefore surprising that so few books eal with this highly important subject and understandable that Pachman's modern classic has been so enthusiastically received by chessplayers at all levelsLudĕk Pachman a Czech grandmaster has long had an
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reputation as a theorist but until now his work has not been av. Nalities of individual opponents Although The Book Was Written Before book was written before advent of the computer chess age he is able to look forward to some of the challenges that this age has thrown up As such it is perhaps the ideal summary of the accumulated wisdom of human chessBut as I stated above it takes the reader on a practical journey with ozens of top level games played and analysed in etail for the reader s edification There is apparently a larger three volume version of the #book enriched by anecdotes from the chess world unfortunately I bought the #enriched by anecdotes from the chess world unfortunately I bought the single volume version but it has no less merit for thatFinally I would like to congratulate the translator for his seamless rendering of the original text As with all uality translations he is invisible and the reader uickly forgets the book was actually written in Czech The escriptive notation killed it for me One of the first books on chess I ve ever owned Yellowed and og eared from having been purchased in 1972 and studied hundreds of times since its still one I keep coming back to when I want To Understand Some Chess understand some chess a little better Understandable but although the section. Ailable in English This present volume which condenses his great Modern Schachstrategie presents his ideas and theories in a form that the English speaking world can assimilate easily Beginning with basic concepts and the rules of the minor and major pieces it covers the use of the ueen the active King exchanges various kinds of Pawns the center and its use superiority on the wings minority attack strategical points and weak suares methods of attack and efense and similar topics Pachman elaborates the various kinds of strategy that can be em. ,