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E Bird Is a Raven which in actuality is like A Novella Than Anything Else A Slim 110 Pages And novella than anything lse A slim 110 pages and large type as well the book is not much than a chronicle of a conversation between two young German men while on a nighttime train ride from Munich to Berlin it s a long and boring journey for those who don t know one perfect for intimate Berlin it s a long and boring journey for those who don t know one perfect for intimate between strangers in a shared bunking carAh but unfortunately for this being such a tiny book there sure being such a tiny book there sure a whole lot of problems with that conversation at the center of The Bird Is a Raven starting with its xtremely uneven tone how ven as it s ostensibly a re telling of the action based stories that are driving both of these young men from Munich and into Berlin in the middle of a random night it is also filled with the kind of aimless navel gazing nnui that marks the stereotypical jokes about indie European arts just pages and pages of young males staring balefully out dark train windows while muttering lines such as Oh ja I am filled with Der Angst and now I wonder perhaps if an angel dies very time a rose sheds in petal Not to mention that the stories the men tell about their Munich days are kind of offensive and misogynist and gross and dark anyway just witness the dour main story Henry s that is ntirely populated with repulsive characters doing repulsive things given any opportunity at all to do soBut then it gets ven worse than this believe it or not now witness the other young man s story Paul whose ntire arc basically xists just to deliver a sitcom like punchline at the very nd of the manuscript something so pointless and arbitrarily violent that it just leaves you scratching your head afterwards and saying the f ck Stupid language loving angst A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, embracing Germans I tells yaOut of 10 22. He finally reveals to his unsuspecting traveling companion goes into the darkest sphere of human behavior Shocking and raw The Bird is a Raven is the work of a writer at the beginning of a stellar career From the Trade Paperbackdition. In this first person Novella protagonist Paul shares a sleeper car on The Train With Henry Who train With Henry Who Talks Talks Henry who talks talks we get Henry s story in this second hand storytelling Occasional *forays into Paul s mind shows he is troubled by something he s returning to In the *into Paul s mind shows he is troubled by something he s returning to In the Paul s problems are revealed leaving Henry gaping In all it seemed a sophomoric device such as found in beginner creative writing classes Not really original just reproduced in a 21st century style lots of sex and graphic language Weird I loved it very self indulgent author uses two characters who are interchangeable as they have the same view that women The Shadow Reader exist just to taunt them and remind them of the ineptitudes of theirxistence to Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies express various philosophical musings he maybe shouldve j gotten a diary but i liked the weaving stories format and find some of the musings interesting and the sparse writing makes it go uickly good public transport book But I just want you to know that I won t be forgetting this train ride anytime soon For me it was the weirdest train ridever You can bet I ll be telling people about it foreverNever has a character uttered a truer sentence Can I give this zero stars I received this one for free from a publisher s mailing list There is no way I would have chosen this book otherwise let alone read it I think I only stuck with it because I wanted to be able to tell people about how comically bad it is The book is about two young strangers who meet on a long train ride the narrator of the story actually spends most of the novel listening as his traveling companion tells an laborate story within the story about the reasons he is on this train fleeing Munich for Berlin The traveling companion reminds me a lot like the narrator from The Perks of Being a Wa. Henry and Paul are strangers when they find themselves sharing a sleeping compartment on a night train from Munich to Berlin When they begin to talk their stories appear to be variations on the same theme young guys adrift in the big cit. ,

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Llflower a wide yed observer who feels and sees and talks about too much He talks about hanging around with his two older friends both of whom have The Power Of A Choice extreme psychological issues and his tale culminates with thextremely large male violently attacking the frail anorexic female sending the boy fleeing for Berlin The whole book is written in short choppy sentences that are tiresome by page one and I have to agree with the review that calls
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book aggressively boring anyone asks me what the worst book I ve read all year is I ll the worst book I ve read all year is I ll the answer ready Not my kind of story A perplexing read that stars off delightfully about travellers connecting on a train journey and gradually sinks into despair as the themes get darker The nding is worth the wait though the rest of the book tends to drag Recommended for those who have taken long distance trainbus journeys and would identify with the numerous characters one comes across whether or not one wants to interact with them Why do I continue to read German translations They re always so odd Weird short strange I am baffled by the title I m actually somewhat baffled by the whole thing The theme I suppose is young men seeking something desperate from women How young men think a love affair will fix verything An interesting read but somewhat shallow Nowhere as deep as it pretends to be Still njoyable nough I suppose Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercomMany of CCLaP s German readers will of course already be familiar with author Benjamin Lebert he s a German as well after all whose previous novel Crazy was a big cult hit over there in the arly 2000s back when Lebert himself was barely than a kid And now we come to his second novel a tiny little volume called Th. Y relationships gone wrong broken hearts Henry is running away from a triangle of friendship gone sour; Paul is running away too but as the night unfolds and the train speeds north across the German landscape his story turns ominous What. ,
Der Vogel ist in Rabe