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Cendrillon A Caribbean CinderellaIs is the Caribbean version I Read This Book In read this book in 4th grade as it was eatured in our textbook and I loved everything that dealt with Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America fairy tales back then so I was hooked on itrom the beginning Until I started noticing the differences that I was a bit disappointed but reading it now Cooking for Company felt amazing and aresh of breath air or a classic story Everyone on the planet knows the story of Cinderella there s Disney s versions ilms musicals books and cartoons that illustrate this classic My avorite version of Cinderella is the Whitney Houston and Brandy version of the MusicalWe meet the narrator of the story

which is godmother 
is godmother Cendrillon When the narrator mothers passed away she gave her this magic wand that could change objects rom one thing to another but the big catch is you Can Only Use The only use the My Wife's Affair for someone you love She took care of thisriend who has a daughter named Cendrillon and when the mother passed away in many ways the godmother takes care of Cendrillon Chicken, Chicken, Duck! from afarCendrillon gets a new stepmother and she is awful and the interesting aspect is theather lets the abuse because he is afraid of his new wife Um The uestion that pops in my head is then WHY DID YOU MARRY HER He never dies in the book which I Inspirations found to be a huge difference in the book and a bit sad that you don t have the courage to stand up and defend your daughterCendrillon is treated as a slave and while that may seem tragic she never lets the pain andrustration get personal and enjoys life to the ullest Then one day the godmother makes the connection that Cendrillon is not acting like herself and igures out that there s a special birthday partyball or Monsieur Thibault s son Paul tonight They are not royalty but Monsieur Thibault is one of the richest man in the islandCendrillon amily doesn t permit her to attend the ball but the godmother makes the connection that she can Slo Mo! finally use the magic wand to help her godchild When everyone in Cendrillon household leaves to the party the godmother uses her magic and creates a phenomenal carriage and a beautiful gownor Cendrillon and both head to the partyThe illustrations are one of the best I have ever seen in a children s book and make the magic and beauty of both the Carribean and Cendrillon story to pop out with color and her dress is spectacular in the illustrations better than the Disney animated versionPlus I love the aspect that the godmother is always watching over Cendrillon and by attending the ball she doesn t appear like this crazy woman who popped out of nowhere and has magical powers I do not know Poor Mrs. Rigsby for other cultures but especially the Hispanic community most huge parties that are celebrated in someone s household if a girl that hasn t reached the age of 18 and wants to attend she cannot go by herself It seems impolite prevents the girl to be alone with a boy and poor manners on the parents part I can only speakor the Cuban side and I ve seen this happen countless times in my upbringingThis story reminded me a lot of the movie Ever After with Drew Barry I used to watch it countless times as a child and I believe because it was a Cinderella story I was just entranced with real people What I loved about that movie is the magic aspect doesn t exist so she gets caught when she attends the party I had the same Pirates, Ships, and Sailors feeling and I thought Cendrillon would get caught at the ball but I believe since she never cleaned herself up and put makeup and all the beautiful aspect of getting dressed up it possible that heramily didn t recognize her or they were suspicious as to who is this beautiful woman who walked inYou know the rest of the story of Cinderella so there isn t much left to explain Midnight comes and all the magic disappears Surprisingly the slippers don t revert back to its original state and Paul makes the decision that he will search or this girl and marry her I love how the author made the reference to the original story and in many ways insulted it at the same time When the stepsister is trying on the slipper the godmother says maybe if you cut of her toes it will inally War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today fit and the stepmother gave a look that could kill I was laughing immediately because that s the original story of Cinderella Once Cendrillon tries on the slippers they get married lived Happily Ever After The End I like this version of Cinderella because the bad people aren t associated with being ugly and being pretty doesn t make you the good one Yes Cinderella is beautiful in her dress but there s no emphasis on ugly step sisters or step mother The step mother is puffed up proud because of heramily s origins which I would actually consider to be a A Boy in Winter flaw in a person Being ugly isn t a characterlaw That s what really bugs me about most Cinderella storiesAlso the godmother is a person not a Frost at Midnight fairy and is the narrator which gives the story a niceee. Her left her and soon she has a plan to give her dear Cendrillon the gift of a love that will change her life Adapted Princess Baby, Night-Night from a traditional Creole story thisresh retelling captures all the age old romance and magic of Cinderella melding it with the vivid beauty of the Caribbean and the musical language of the island. ,

He story is told i is a is a interesting take on CINDERELLAWhat I enjoyed as much as the take and lavor was the the story was take on CINDERELLAWhat I enjoyed as much as the Caribbean take and lavor was the the story was Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution from the perspective of the godmother Here she s not so much aairy and a kindly lady in Cendrillon s life who has inherited a magic rod of woodI liked the way elements of the traditional tale were woven in and I liked how the author seamlessly wove in his won take I have read many different versions of Cinderella during my time but this is the irst time I have heard of a Caribbean version of the classic airy tale Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella is a uniue retelling of the classic airy tale by Robert D San Souci along with illustrations by Brian Pinkney and it is about a young woman named Cendrillon who with the help of her godmother tries to go to the ball to meet the handsome prince Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella is a brilliant retelling of the classic Cinderella tale that everyone will loveI have really enjoyed this version of the classic airy tale Robert D San Souci has as usual done an excellent job at retelling this French Caribbean olktale and what I really loved about Robert D San Souci s writing is that it is told rom the godmother s point of view This aspect of the story was uite unusual Nini for me since I have always read the storyrom Cinderella s point of view and this was the I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) first time that I have read a version of Cinderellarom the godmother s point of view I really did enjoy seeing the story told Flight, Vol. 7 from theairy godmother s point of view because it really helped me see how close the godmother was to Cendrillon and you gain a better understanding of the story if it is told rom a irst person s point of view Another aspect of the story I really loved was how the godmother was so close to Cendrillon that you can see the relationship as like a mother and daughter relationship and it made the book so heartwarming to read through As I love to read in various airy tales and olktales that originate Camp Rex from other countries I was glad that there was a French Creole translation key at the end of the book since it really helped me understand the story much better and I love learning about languagesrom different countries so this was a treat to read Brian Pinkney s illustrations are beyond beautiful in this book as all the characters look extremely realistic yet colorful at the same time I loved the scratchy look that Brian Pinkney provided to the illustrations since it really made the illustrations stand out My avorite illustration int his book was of the mansion of Monsieur Thibault as his mansion is huge and is surrounded by palm trees and lowers and the purple sky really brought out the true beauty of seeing a lit up mansion at night Overall Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella is a Touch of Enchantment fantastic retelling of Cinderella that every child who loveairy tales will definitely enjoy When Dads Don't Grow Up for many years I would recommend this book to children agesive and up since the French Creole language might be hard or younger children to understandReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Cendrillion is a Caribbean twist on the classic Cinderella story This version tells the story of a poor washer woman and her god daughter Cendrillion The story takes place on the island of Martiniue For the most part it ollows the classic Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, fairytale but the author includes the beautiful Creole language and aew details that pay tribute to the Caribbean culture Pinkney s illustrations or this book are breathtaking and vibrant I believe he used both scratchboard and watercolor to complete the illustrations The colors and textures add to the airytale and also allow readers to visualize the cultural aspect of this book Each page has a detailed illustration that brings the words to life The illustrations also help to explain some of the Creole language which might be new to many reading this book This would be a great book to use with any kids rom ages kindergarten ourth grade One neat text High Heat feature of this book is that it includes a glossary in the back of the book to explain all of the CreoleFrench terms that are used to tell the story It is toldrom the God Mother s point of view and this adds an interesting element to this version of the classic Cinderella tale It would be great to use it in a Fairy Tale Unit Students would have an opportunity to compare and contrast this version with other variants of the Cinderella story It also provides students will an opportunity to learn about the Caribbean culture and language I would also recommend sharing the author s note in the back of the book with any readers It gives important background knowledge and explanations behind this story To check out my reviews need everyone to stop with what you are doing and read this beautiful and cultural story of an iconic classic of Cinderella Except th. He tale rom someone who was there a poor washerwoman rom the island of Martiniue She has just one thing in the world to love her goddaughter Cendrillon When she inds Cendrillon heartsick over a rich man’s son at irst she doesn’t know what to do But she has sharp wits a strong will and the magic wand her mot.

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There is so many versions of Cinderella Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella written by Robert D San Souci and was published in 1998 It is similar to the original Cinderella that we are all aware of This version does have a ew twists Cendrillon makes sure to adjust the Cinderella story to the Caribbean culture This version is told by a narrator who is the caretaker of Cendrillon We are introduced to this narrator early in the story because we learn a little bit of her life living in poverty before she inds work with Cendrillon s momI enjoyed this version of Cinderella because of the culture differences and the twists it has This version starts a completely different way then the Cinderella we know This was probably my avorite version of Cinderella This version of Cinderella could be used in classrooms 1 3 grade This version of Cinderella could be used with the original version of Cinderella to compare and contrast the two versions Students could even compare the culture s Plot Summary This traditional literature tale based off of Cinderella is the Caribbean tale written by Robert D San Douci This tale is told in the perspective of a poor washerwoman who looks after a young girl named Cendrillon Cendrillon lives with her ather s new wife and her two daughters Her stepmother works her very hard and always makes Cendrillon do the work Nothing was easy or Cendrillon at home but she always had a smile that lit up the sky and everyone loved her except her stepmother and sisters One day she was very sad and the washerwoman asked what was wrong Cendrillon wanted to go the ball and see Paul her crush but she was not allowed Only the stepmother and sisters could go The washerwoman used her wand and makes Cendrillon all dressed up She has Cendrillon ind a breadfruit to make the carriage and then uses her wand or 6 horses and men Cendrillon went to the ball and the washerwoman told her she had to be back before midnight when her spells would run out Paul ask Cendrillon to dance and paid no attention to anyone except her that night Cendrillon was so happy and then it was nearing midnight and she had to take off and Paul "was yelling because he didn t even know her name Cendrillon had "yelling because he didn t even know her name Cendrillon had behind one of her slippers Once they got ar enough away their spells ran out and they were back in their washerwoman clothing all except Cendrillon s pink slipper The next ew days Cendrillon was sick with a broken heart until Paul ound her matched her slipper to her oot and they lived happily ever afterLiterary Merit The literary element that is noteworthy to this story is the style incorporating the culture of Caribbean into a classic tale Cinderella This is a very key element because it helps introduce ways of telling classic tales using different cultures younger children Robert D San Souci did a great job at telling this tale using the Caribbean cultureReader ResponseClassroom Connection To connect this to my classroom prior in the week I would have read another illustrated version of Cinderella and each day of the week I would ind different cultured books of Cinderella to tell At the end of the week I would put my students into various groups and assign them two of the books we read and give them manipulatives I would tell my children to create a Venn diagram comparing the two books that I assigned them and then each group would present them to the class This would discuss the different cultures and different aspects of each Cinderella story I would invite my class to compare and contrast two different versions of Cinderella paying attention to the cultures An entertaining and interesting retelling of Cinderella with a Caribbean Don't Hex with Texas flare The French Creole vocabulary is used skillfullyits with the low of the story rather than being rustrating or jarring The glossary in the back explains anything that one couldn t gather via context Also appreciated the story being told Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation from the Godmother s point of view a charming variation and I liked that she and Cindrillon had a long established bond Cendrillon A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert D San Souci illustrated by Brian Pinkney this story is very non traditionalrom the Disney CinderellaThe author tells the story Pajama Party from theirst person The author Bunco Babes Tell All focuses on telling the real version of Cinderella it a story based on a beautiful servant girl The story is toldrom the perspective of the grandmotherFor the most part it ollows the classic airytale but the author includes Creole language and the context may be difficult Bringing the Outside In for children to understand It a great book to read aloud to younger students who are being introduced toolk literature orm different countries Cendrillon is a French Creole adaptation of the traditional Cinderella set in the Caribbean as is recommended or children in kindergarten through third grade A Caldecott Honor authorillustrator team brings us a Caribbean Cinderella story told rom the perspective of the magical godmother You may think you already know this story about a beautiful servant girl a cruel stepmother a magnificent ball and a lost slipper But you’ve never heard it or true Now you can hear