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I'd Rather Eat Chocolate Learning to Love My Low Libido

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I couldn t tell you when and how this book wound up on my shelf but since it s a proof by Doubleday I m going to guess that I grabbed it blind off the free shelf back when I worked at Random House In any case I ve known it was there for awhile and after an argument I pulled it out to show my bf that I was prepared awhile and after an argument I pulled it out to show my bf that I was prepared make an effort That s because I thought it was a self help book for ladies whose partners wanted I *Was Wrong It Is *wrong It is memoir one of those memoirs which never ever deserved to be written or published Because this book is eally bad One thing I did learn on a positive note is that despite what my bf thinks I am nowhere near the low end of the sex drive continuum To be delicate ish our sex lives could be measured in times per week whereas Joan s is measured in times per year Yikes Not that I am judging her for that of course some people have low libidos and if she and her partner were able to find ways to work around that and come to compromises that satisfied them both that d be just fine But hoo boy Joan is not willing to budge on anything and I am indeed judging her for that She is self The Confederate Privateers righteous often cruel totally self involved andeally eally unfeeling about her
Husband S Desires And 
s desires And is her memoir How could she have. “If I had a choice between having sex and eading a good book the book wins I notice I put in the adjective ‘good’ and that leaves me wondering if I’m not trying to put a better face on things I still want people to The Placer read this and think ‘Well of course If it’s a good book’ But my boyfriend the man I would eventually marry would take even bad sex over a good book” From I’d Rather Eat ChocolateJoan is hardly ever in the mood Kip is always in the mood Does that sound like any couple you knowJoan Sewell is a funny brave new writer who dares toeveal that sex in her house does not look anything like the sex you see in movies When she learn. Not noticed how awful a picture she was painting
Of Herself *Boggles The 
herself *Boggles the I wish this was a self help book *the mind I wish this was a self help book both Joan s sake and mine She s actually a very good Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism researcher and she has interesting and complexeactions to a wide variety of sex theorists and sex therapists and sex writers If she d just done a study of sex theory this could have been a eally interesting book But when she writes about herself and her life everything goes downhill Her writing is clunky and boring She spends several paragraphs describing the head of lettuce that she is moving from the shopping bag to the fridge She waxes poetic clich d about various topics often food which are essentially unrelated to anything That Is Going On She Vacillates Between is going on She vacillates between overly casual direct address to the eader and a somewhat stilted pedantic tone She seriously needed a better editor And then there s the story itself where she browbeats her husband into accepting all and only her terms on everything in like I said an extremely self Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness righteous and cruel way They don t have sex hardly ever but she won t stand for having pornography in her home for example She makes a few feeble attempts at being sexier but everything s just too much of a chore She botches dirty talking The. S that her husband Kip would have sex five or six times a week if he could have as much sex as he wanted compared to her once or twice a month Joan decides she’d better pluck up her sex drive before she ends up on the fast track to divorce court I’d Rather Eat Chocolate is the witty provocative chronicle of her search for a lift to her libido and what happens when none of the expert advice works First she tries sexy underwear until her husbandealizes she is cheating on her thongs by wearing cotton panties Then she eads that for stressed out wives a husband who does housework is the ultimate aphrodisiac until she ealizes that she is actually the. .
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Sexy clothes are uncomfortable She thinks he has a thing for their sex therapist so they have to stop going She attempts to slather him in chocolate which is the only thing she seems to actually love but before things even get going she Der Bilderwächter realizes to her dismay that the chocolate is getting warm and goodness knows she hates warm chocolate Good grief It is a truly astonishing author who can write her own memoir and seemingly unintentionally make herself come a i d hoped this would provide insight to male femaleelationship but it seemed all the author wanted to do was make gross analogies wield cliches like a scythe and basically moan the whole time this is the author s first book not sure if I could *stand to ead another one by her What a horrible book Her *to ead another one by her What a horrible book Her husband I d divorce her Although I don t have a low libido I thought this book sounded eally interesting In the end though I didn t care for how the woman author handled the situation I felt sorry for her husband I felt the situation could ve been handled with much
Compassion On Both Ends 
on both ends of just one Very funny book by a local author about her coming to terms with her and her husband s divergent libidos My favorite scene involves chocolate icing a blow job and Al Jolson. Slob in the elationship and the mess hasn’t decreased a blow job and Al Jolson. Slob in the Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris relationship and the mess hasn’t decreased sex drive any When sheeads John Gray’s advice to women to offer “uickies” if their husbands want sex and they are not in the mood Joan ealizes that this is the ultimate male trump card so she can never again say no to sex Her fantasies begin to involve smothering John Gray with a pillow Joan Sewell is scrappy fearless and hilarious the “I Love Lucy” of low libido Her memoir is laugh out loud funny But it has a serious vein too How Joan and Kip work it out and what they do when they “do it” will give every woman hope that she can be true to herself and have a happy marria. .