(PDF) Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance BY Stephen A. Ross

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Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance

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Helpful in most cases #Our Instructor Only Really Referred #instructor only really referred peripherally It was reuired reading for the classes but many of the examples and etailed operations for eep learning weren t applied by my program It seems that this book would be best used in a class where the professor has integrated it fully instead of only using it for reference in a maverick course plan Great book to understand the basics of corporate finance My only issue is that it is too focused on the mathematical background rather than showing how to evelop the problems in Excel which is the actual way professionals make their calculations nowadays They Alchemic do ha. FCF was written with one strongly held principle in mind Corporate Finance should beeveloped IN TERMS OF A FEW INTEGRATED POWERFUL IDEAS RWJ terms of a few integrated powerful ideas RWJ a hard look at what was truly important and useful; in We Sell Drugs doing so they eliminated topics ofu. Ve some boxes explaining the Excel functions but i think it would have been helpful practically it would have been helpful practically if they had just explained the mathematical logic the euation briefly and then iscussed the rest through Excel examples Luckily my professor used the book as a base and in class explained how to resolve problems using Excel Despite it is a good book to get a basic understanding of how to calculate present and future value rate of return cash flows and other financial concepts that any corporate lawyer accountant and others in the finance industry need to understand For MBA Great introductory text book Great text book. Bious relevance ownplayed purely theoretical issues and minimized the use of extensive and elaborate calculations to illustrate points that are either intuitively obvious or of limited practical use As a result of this process three basic. .