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Cently Very well written Chivalrous by Kelley Armstrong starts as romeo and juliet with werewolves out as and Juliet with werewolves as it turns out not verything and veryone is as it seems Cleverly constructed to play with the tropes we ve become used to through Twilight and other assorted supernatural soft porn Not Last Night But The Night Before by Steven R Boyett One day a man working as a clerk in a law firm starts seeing his death Not as in how he s going to die but as a not further described humanoid creature which appears in his life but doesn t really interact with him at all The death mostly amuses itself by playing computer games and doing small acts of kindness Nevertheless this appearance totally throws him off the railsuntil something decisive happens Definetely the least dark story in this collection A Pulp Called Joe by David Prill Long Rapids has been involved in paper making for so long that the inhabitants have become part paper The upper classes are fine vellum the lower ones cheap pulp paper Also involved a doomed love story A Room With A View by KJ Parker I really loved this one I ll have to check if the author has done any other stories in the same world There s a really special magic system where the magician passes through different rooms in s a really special magic system where the magician passes through different rooms in of which other magical stuff can be done Apart from rooms there s forms something like spells Manuo is something of a black sheep among magicians and gets carted off somewhere to check dogs for demonic possession During this assignment he s supposed to mentor a student magician and things turn out rather unexpectedlyDishonorable mention Hydraguros by Caitlin Kiernan A small time drug peddler after taking some weird stuff starts seeing uicksilvery stuff leaking out of people s noses or arsthen he has an xtended hallucinationand then the story s over No resolution or xplanation nothing Or did they forget to print the last 10 pages Smelling Danger A Black Company Story by Glen Cook I m really sad about having to give this facit on this story because I really love the Black Company books This one however is Obsession extremely confusing and nothing much happensither I don t think anybody who s not read the books could make head or tails out of this There is almost no indication about when or where this is taking place The characters are not introduced or Cabaret: A Roman Riddle explained at all Basically unknown people are doing bizarre things for noxplained reason in an undefined placeVery disappointing The other 4 stories are ok asily readable but not really special in a good or bad way710 all around. In R Kiernan – Hydraguros Jay Lake and Shannon Page – The Passion of Mother Vajpai K J Parker – A Room with a View Norman Partridge – Vampire Lake David Prill – A Pulp Called Joe William Browning Spencer – That Dappled Thing Bruce Sterling – The Partheneon Scalpe. The good news there are some very good and some very interesting stories And I Don and I don there s a really clunker or howler in the ntire bunchThe bad news there are several stories that are rather underwhelming andor have weak ndingsRecommended for dark fantasy fans KJ Parker worshippers Glen Cook completists urban fantasy sophisticatesNot recommended for anyone who is turned off by George R R Martin level sex violence and profanity although actually there s less but just of that grade transparent prose afficianadoes urban fantasy haters I bought this bc of Joe Hill s story Wolverton Station but I liked the second story a lot I hadn t heard of Jay Lake or Shannon Page Even though there were lesbian love scenes it didn t bother me to hear about it I guess from my view you have to write about it a certain way Until now I d never read scenes of gay lovemaking without feeling like the author who wrote it was uncomfortable doing so These authors weren t uncomfortable so it came out natural sounding as if it could have been a man and woman making loveSo far Joe Hill s story is the only one that s in a different style It reminds me of HP Lovecraft where things just happen and you don t get to know why True horror comes from what ISN T known than what you can see Fear of the unknown is my second biggest fear This is neither a great anthology nor a terrible one It is slightly misleading as the stories aren t uniformly dark fantasy There s light and romance high fantasy and humorous fantasy wistfulness and upliftAnd to be honest I kinda liked the anthology that way with me starting ach story not knowing what to All Roads Lead Home expect It allowed me to hold back myxpectations and come into ach new tale with an open mind Most of them were forgettable Some felt incomplete A couple of them were greatIn the nd this book passed the time for me in a way I don t regret That s really good nough for me Chivalrous Otherworld Stories 81 by Kelley ArmstrongThis was brand new to me which was a surprise bc I d thought I d read all of the most recent additions to this series It s a Reese POV and as one of the newer members of the pack I m very interested in his back story that previously had only been hinted at in the main books All that skittishness in regards to Pack wolves Well turns out he had good reason VERY good reason I m looking forward to him ventually getting the revenge he deserves wink wink nudge nudge Kelley Armstrong EDITOR INFORMATION William K Schafer is the head ditor at Subterranean Press which was founded in 1995 Sch. Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy published in 2008 to widespread critical and popular acclaim provided a uniue showcase for some of our finest practitioners of dark disturbing fiction This much anticipated second volume than meets the standards set by its predecessor offerin. Afer s bibliography includes Embrace the Mutation Fiction Inspired by the Art of JK Potter and the first Tales of Dark Fantasy anthologyABOUT SUBTERRANEAN TALES OF DARK FANTASY 2 Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy published in 2008 to widespread critical and popular

acclaim provided a 
provided a showcase for some of our finest practitioners of dark disturbing fiction This much anticipated second volume than meets the standards set by its predecessor offering a diverse assortment of stories guaranteed to delight unsettle and nthrall Volume two proper is a full 20000 words longer than the first Read More Kelley Armstrong Chivalrous Chivalrous Reese as we learn hasn t had the asiest of time and he really became an interesting wolf for me and I hope we get his HEA I got this from the library but wasn t able to get through it Not because it was bad at all I just didn t have the time right now and have too many other things to read I d specifically checked it out for two stories The Dappled Thing by William Browning Spencer and Vampire Lake by Norman Partridge and I read both of them and they were both greatMaybe sometime when things are a little Less Hectic I Ll hectic I ll it out again and read the rest of the stories Wolverton station Joe Hill Fine nothing too xcitingThe passion of Mother Vajpai Jay Lake and Shannon Page Hated Green so wasnt xpecting much but actually njoyed this Glad it was a short thoughChivalrous Kelley Armstrong Liked this one a lot Heart breaking though Made me sadSmelling danger a Black Company story Glen Cook Didnt like it at all Didnt really get what was going on and didnt njoy the styleThe dappled thing William Browning Spencer Okay not my cup of teaNot last night but the night before Steven R Boyett Hydraguros Caitl n R Kiernan The parthenopean scalpel Bruce Sterling A pulp called Joe David Prill Vampire Lake Norman Partridge A room with a view KJ Parker I Won A Copy Of Parker I won a copy of of Dark Fantasy on Pat s Fantasy Hotlist As alluded to by the title this is a collection of 11 fantasy short stories with a dark twistIn general it s uite good with some unfortunate xceptionsSome honorable mentions The Passion of Mother Vajpai by Jay Lake and Shannon Page although this is not xplicitly stated this story might be set in Lake s City Imperishable It s about the final test of a young female assassin student who is confronted with a task rather difficult than what she xpected Lake seems to have a thing about secret societies of women he wrote a rather similarly themed story for another collection I read re. G a diverse assortment of stories guaranteed to delight unsettle and nthrallTable of ContentsJoe Hill – Wolverton Station Kelley Armstrong – Chivalrous Steven R Boyett – Not Last Night but the Night Before Glen Cook – Smelling Danger A Story of The Black Company Caitl. Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2