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Correa’s A Place In The 
A Place in the explores architectural and urban Issues In India From The in India from the as a machine for dealing with the country’s often hostile climate to the metaphysical role of architecture as a “model of the cosmos” This provocative and eminently readable collection of es. ,

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A Place In The ShadeS good book. Itical Parties And The Politicians Who and the politicians who them and as correa acknowledges run them and as Correa cannot look at cities without wandering into architecture on the one hand and politics on the other” A Place in the Shade identifies the defining issues of the urbanization trends that are so rapidly transforming Ind. ,

Ence purpose. Says argues that the country’s habitat must respond to the overriding parameters of climate culture and financial resources and that our physical environment should accommodate both diversity and synergy Over the last Few Decades Urban Real Estate decades urban real estate become the primary source of financing for pol. .