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An amazing book Nathuram Godse had his reasons to assassinate Mahatma I can T Judge Them Reading judge them Reading book it feels that those reasons were pretty logical but then I haven t read much about Gandhiji Basically I don t know if Nathuram Godse was right or not but what I know is that he was a reat soul confident at his convictions and yet at the same time flexible enough to accept the truth even if it possibly shattered all his beliefs on which he bas I have been very critical of Gandhiji s supremacy over Indian Politics in last 3 decades of UNDIVIDED NON INDEPENDENT INDIAHIS FAILURE OF ALL THREE MOVEMENTS non independent IndiaHis failure of all three movements either started or participated is well known His pro Muslim and anti Hindu philosophy is what is the basis of today s so called Seculars Sick ulars I m not anti Muslims but rather than looking into problems on both sides history has the occasions when he knowingly looked away from atrocities being levied on Hindus in particularThe flawed Gandhian principal is still in existence This is what is destroying idea of India India is plural I have always accepted this as a fact and I m proud of it But idea of India says all are eual be it of any community no special favors to any community and development of everyone eually Nathuram proves this point in his statement to the court This book is too much relevant in today s India esp for the new Khaki Kurta or Kurti or Saree wearing NGO Activists with combed hair or lipstick shouting for secularism without knowing true essence and meaning of this word My Prisoner of Midnight grandparents are home Myranddad picked up this book and was surprised that it was available He said this was a banned book and people possessing it in his time were punished I said the freedom of speech act facilitated this He said our country has come a long wayIndian history has been illustrated by the Congress so far winners write history Isn t it But this is a RSS view of the events Gandhiji was assassinated by Nathuram Godse on 30011948 at Birla House The incident spread like wildfire and Radio had arrived for the first time in our state and the news was delivered People were shocked Riots swept Mumbai then Bombay Newspapers all over published the same What views I supported in the book Gandhiji though right in his teachings of Ahimsa didn t see it through completely at times His desperation to unite Hindu Muslim community only drove them further apart fuelled largly by the British too I m not an extremist Hindu but I do think Gandhiji should have stood by Bhagat Singh and co and shouldn t have sent them to the BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. gallows His opposition to Bose was a power play that drove Bose toet help from the Japanese Also I have found the Hey Ram supposedly uttered by Gandhiji to be tad dramtic After 3 point blank shots I doubt anybody can utter comprehensible words Letting the British drag Indians to ww1 and ww2 even if it wasn t our war and we really needed to focus on our freedom strategies was something I didn t supportWhat I didn t like Statements about making India a hindutva nation No sir secular please I still fancy my cake at Christmas and Biryani at Id The partition in view of the mass murders and loots was a correct decision in my point of view to bring peace Losing lives to just keep something whole isn t worth itGodse was discarded by RSS after the assassination But nothing that Godse said justifies committing a murder Godse was found mentally sane and was executed in November 1949 in was found mentally sane and was executed in November 1949 in the decision to read or not read this banned book lies solely on the person Do you want to carry an untarnished version of Gandhiji Then don t These are just views I as a person will be considered ood by some and bad by some It s all subjective Nevertheless as educated people we need to be aware of our history as a whole from all points but still not be blood thirsty extremists Thin line really This book was finally published after. On 8 November 1948 Nathuram Godse 19 May 1910 15 November 1949 rose to make his statement in court Reading ui.

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Why I Assassinated GandhiUality of all Hindus Hindus He believed it was his duty to serve Hindus Hindus Let me tell you a very parallel story Jinnah was born Hindus Let me tell you a very parallel story Jinnah was born a devotional Muslim family who actively worked for the euality of all Muslims Muslims He believed it was his duty to serve Muslims Muslims On one hand there was Mahatma who saved human lives than any of the so called Hindu or Muslim activists ever did And then was Godse who boasts of his profound love for Hinduism and Hindus but nothing of other minorities Does it take one to be Hindu to love Hindus to be a Muslim to feel for Muslims to be a woman to fight female infanticide to be a Black to fight racismWhile reading this book I was sure that it was wrong to ban this book in the very first place that too for so long I mean anyone can see that Godse was filled with hatred towards a significant population How can someone spewing hatred from his heart influence any sane person But the shocker ratings on this site are heartbreaking and reviews show minimal to no research and critical thinking done on the part of reviewer to arrive at the conclusion What does it reflect on our education system How come we failed so drastically to teach our own history to youth how come it s so misguided deluded about our founding fathers Till the date history is just a chronological study of what happened when results will be mere disappointmentsIn the end I need to borrow a line from Nandkishore Verma s reat review Godse is still alive in India it seems while Gandhi has been long buried This book should be beyond review It s not a cooked up story to provide merits and demerits to itBut this book is a must for every Indian to understand the divide in the society wherein lies the seed of the divide The statements of Godse makes you think harder on how History was twisted modified and suppressedIt is high time to declassify many documents from Indian history and modern Indian history be re written It s our history which was not told to us We deserve to know our history as it was and not the changed version We were taught in our schools that Godse was a bad man as he killed him Why we were never told why he killed Gandhi Let the people decide whether he was right or wrongFor several years these writings or statements were under ban People should know about the killing The press carried portions of the statement the next day Both the intelligent class and mass which were kept in dark came to know of the stand of Godse They also came to know that he had not denied the charge of assassinating Gandhi Jawarharlal Nehru was the prime minister of India at that time On his directions state after state banned the publication of his statement in part or in full After hearing the statement of Godse No sooner the judges returned to their chambers the police pounced on the press reporters snatched their note books and tore them into pieces They threatened the persons of true reporting Banning or hiding the portions of history is no solutionJust remember there are always two sides to every story And most the time no one is completely innocent Just don t ever second Mr. Jelly's Business guess it Most of us knew only one sided truth but if someone wants to discover another side this is the bookI was enlightened by the information provided in this book I am not against Gandhi but undoubtedly blinded by his ideology of non violence he made many large mistakes which has been deliberately hidden from public knowledge Read this book to know the other side of storyReaders should read this book to know the reality Don t listen to others what they say Read this book to educate yourself You are the one who decide not others Form your own opinion after reading this book Everyone should read it not just IndiansOne thing there is 9 pages kindle version of this book don t read that one Entire statement is than 120 pages So buy that one which has around 200 pages. Statement it provides an insight into his personality and his understanding of the concept of Indian nationho. The court intervened Itives a 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, great insight into the way Godse thought and the events leading to the assasination Aood read for anyone who wants to know about the historical background and the socio cultural context of the incident Before picking this bookI m well aware how na ve I can be and its pretty easy to brainwash me However whatever be the reasons killing someone for a difference of opinion is not at all acceptable Holding a ban on the publication of his statement may not be only for a political reason albeit to suppress encouraging these kind of violent thoughtsAfter
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is a must Brainwash or no brainwash Should Be Left Upto The be left upto the to decide However the statements presented by Nathuram Godse are very detailed and Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı give a clear insight on his intentions It was a well thought execution with full awareness of its conseuences He has addressed Gandhiji with respect in spite of having major difference in opinion He did try to hold peaceful protests against the Gandhian notion Going for a fast and twisting the arm ofovernment body thereby crippling democracy may be termed as non violence but this act hindering prevention of mass massacre is by no means non violentOverallAs the old and wise adage Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines goes there is no absolute truth It is always your truth and my truthDisturbed to realize uiet a lot of uintessential history data has been treated like thisVerdict Must readPS This was my secret santaift thx Guttu couple of years ago Should have picked it up earlier I took a long time to finish such a thin book Sometimes I needed to sit with a marker to highlight factsWhile no violence can be defended least of all that of Gandhi But it can t be denied that Nathuram put his case very logically It also affirmed what I always felt that Gandhi was not very democratic very logically It also affirmed what I always felt that Gandhi was not very democratic his approach All kinds of satyagraha and fast unto death are manipulative and blackmail I felt similarly in the recent Anna Hazare case too Ironically had Nathuram not killed him Gandhi would have lost his credibility within a couple of years as he was not unbiased in his approach not only for communities but also for persons as was seen in the case of Subhash Chandra Bose Got this banned book in a book fare Must read to The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River get a counter opinion on India s most loved man Gandhi Nathuram Godse Justifies why was it important to kill him From August 1946 to than a year Mahatma Gandhi travelled all over Bengal including Naokhalioing from home after home pleading Hindus as well as Muslims to not kill each other trying to pacify the situation Due to his efforts Bengal suffered a lot less harm than expected at the dawn of freedom thus making East Pakistan and later on Bangladesh an ally of India What happened in Bengal was indeed a miracle But at the same time Punjab had started burning leading Gandhi to immediately head west towards Punjab only to stop by delhi in order to address the concerns of Hindus Muslims On February 8 or 9 he was supposed to arrive in Pakistan to ensure the protection of minorities there and ask those who had fled to India to return to their homes Strikingly nor the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy ganges nor his fragile old age nor the hostile communities who had stoop to the level of killing and raping each other could stop him from spreading his peace message even in Pakistan until his last breath On 30th Jan 1948 Gandhi was assassinated by a proud Hindu patriotic Indian Nathuram Godse on his way to the morning prayer Had Mahatma lived longer he could have been able to replicate in Punjab what he did in Bengal It is but a wishful thinking Pakistan might not have been as hostile a country as it is now Maybe Maybe not But there was a possibilityIn the book Why I assassinated Mahatma Gandhi that s the GandhiNow let set to I Nathuram Godse Godse was born in a devotional Brahmin family who actively worked for the eradication of untouchability and the Etly from a typed manuscript he sought to explain why he had killed Gandhi The book is an excerpt of Godse's.