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Sexy and fun The insta love was a little much for me If you are looking for some uick serious sweaty bodyies this is the book for you It puts some X in x rated Just so ya now It s a uick read C review to come I couldn t finish it That Martina would have a threesome involving her friends crush pissed me off She should have told Rob to find another guy instead of Aleks I was going to read the next story about Rob s sister and Aleks but not now That was just liw down Sexy and sweet This book would be good for anyone interested in mild BDSM m nage mfm or alpha male themes Read it in a few hours can t wait to start book 2 I liked this book There were plenty of super steamy scenes Rating 3 CupsForever in Lingerie is one eyebrow scorching read As a fan of erotic romance I have to say this is a very entertaining story Rob and Martina are positively combustible and wh. Bare Naked Designs #1 How far would you go to hold on to foreverMartina Jackson spent the last two years Running From Her Past from her past the practice of Holistic Medicine she has meticulously transformed into a self fulfilled woman with one tiny exception hot steamy sex with no stringsWhile she waits for the job offer of a lifetime why not uench he. no stringsWhile she waits for the job offer of a lifetime why not uench he. ,

Forever In Lingerie Bare Naked Designs #1

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To be true He seems een to do whatever she desires in bed something that has been lacking in her life But Martina is also a troubled character She has seen a lot of pain in #Her Life And Built Up A Lot #life and built up a lot walls to try to protect herself from being hurt by loss again Rob isn t fitting easily into her preconceived notions of how things should be I don t want to give too much away but there is a moment in this book when one character hurts another one emotionally and it was such a real moment that it caused this reviewer actually pain in her stomach Needless to say I Found This To Be A this to be a well written book My only complaint Martina is definitely better developed as a character than Rob I might have liked to have seen a little bit of what made him tick outside of Martina But I think if you like a really well written erotic romance this is a story for you4 12 Tea Cups. R discussing her secret sexual fantasies Rob decides to give her what she s been missingAs they play out each fantasy he connects with Martina on a deeper level confirming what he new the very first moment he heard her voice that she is the one he s been waiting forWARNING Explicit sex menage and the use of Holistic Medicine as foreplay34119 Wor. En they come together it is one heck of a fireworks display i really liked how a fireworks display I really liked how though their mouths ept saying it was just sex their inner dialogue was very emotional as were their physical actions It brought a whole new meaning to the words paying lip service If you love stories that are spicy and naughty but that still have a satisfying ending then you do not want to miss Forever in LingerieReginaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreFull Review Pretty good book a little on the short side Check out my review on Nocturne Readshttpparanormal on the short side Check out my review on Nocturne Readshttpparanormal Hunter s Review This book has a lot of heart to it At its core it is the story of boy meets girl In this case its boy meets girl while she is modeling lingerie in his sister s living room only boy doesn t tell girl he saw her or heard her talking about her sexual fantasies Martina thinks Rob is too good. R sexual desires with an eager man willing to push her to the limit What she doesn t plan for is the fling is exactly what she s been running fromRob Taylor has been waiting his whole life to find the woman he can call forever He didn t expect to find her in his parents living room wearing nothing but white lace and stockings When he overhears he.