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Urge you to look into Film Art An Introduction though as this book almost adds to what you will learn from reading that Let s say Film Art gives you a base knowledge and Film History adds to it by taking it one step further Let s compare it to maths and say Film Art is your addition and subtraction and Film History is your dividing and multiplyingThere are tons of fun information and it sure opens your yes to new movies that you might have never heard ofThe only drawback I can find is that it definitely is a tough read It jumps a lot in time In some chapters it jumps back and forth and it is hard to find a timeline It literally LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE GOT A KNIFE like someone got a knife cut "The Spin Of The Book And So "spin of the book and so pages I have to be really careful with because they are almost torn off Whoever had this previously definitely Did Not Take Good Care Of It In Pretty Sad not take good care of it In pretty sad but the book is still in tact Has some water damage and wear but is still legible Will do for now Ok we all make mistakes sometimes I get it Sometimes my college textbooks make grammar mistakes and I know it s hard to check an ntire textbook for grammar so I give a little lenience there But when my college textbook says Howard. Lm Art An Introduction now in its ighth A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, edition concepts andvents are illustrated with frame The Shadow Reader enlargements taken from the original sources giving students realistic points of reference than competing books that rely on publicity stills The thirddition of Film History. Good as new very happy with the low price The book is an introduction in film history The texts are short and clear but not really laborate The book is in good condition Accurate summary of the Film History Nice to have at hand Same review as when I ordered Beginning Theory for my son s Film Production CourseVery fast TURN AROUND BOOK WAS IN PRISTINE CONDITION I WAS around Book was in pristine condition I was as this book was considerably cheaper from this vendor Was a large variance in price than others so "I Had Thought That "had thought that this would be a Bangalore special where the paper uality was poor print would be gray dust between the pages tc After living in Bangalore and seeing books like this I recognise them uickly However this was nothing like that Clean white pages and solid dark ink no blurring or any other signs of an inferior printExcellent value and thoroughly recommended The book came in rather good condition I can clearly tell how used it s been but overall it s pretty usable Cheaper than anyone lse have sold it it came on time it s what my professor needed five stars Easy read wish i could mark up kindle version If you like film and want to learn of the history of film this is a good book I would. Written by two of the leading scholars in film studies Film History An Introduction is a comprehensive global survey of the leading scholars in film studies Film History An Introduction is a comprehensive global survey the medium that covers the development of very genre in film from drama and comedy to documentary and xperimental As with the authors' bestselling Fi. Menken wrote the music for The Little Mermaid instead of givING THE MUSICAL GENIUS OF ALAN MENKEN THE CREDIT HE RIGHTFULLY DESERVES THERE IS NO MERCY THE DUDE FREAKING WON THE MUSICAL GENIUS OF ALAN MENKEN THE CREDIT HE RIGHTFULLY DESERVES THERE IS NO MERCY THE DUDE FREAKING WON OSCARS FOR THE MUSIC IN THE LITTLE MERMAID SO YOU CAN AT LEAST GET HIS NAME RIGHTOn a side note do not ver buy Film History An Introduction by Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell Bordwell Thompson ndeavor to take in the sweep of world cinema from its beginnings to the present day in a single volume And I d say they succeed admirably They introduce "Each Chapter With A "chapter with a background on the major historical and political currents of ach period which really helps to situate the films in their cultural context I have taught with this text in critical film studies at new york in Critical Film Studies at New York Academy and found it to be a marvelous companion to the course and a wellspring of great topics for discussion The book is written in a straightforward style and would be accessible ven for non students Most importantly this book helps to nurture a love of cinema and will open doors into areas readers likely had not ncountered before Speaking for myself after fifteen weeks with the text I now have a much longer list of must see movies. Is thoroughly updated and includes the first comprehensive overviews of the impact of globalization and digital technology on the cinema Any serious film scholar professor undergraduate or graduate student will want to read and keep Film HistoryVisit the author's blog

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Film History: An Introduction, 3rd Edition