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Hot scenes between the main characters and lots of action #3 Good Read Full Of Action Tension Twists And Turns # Good read full of action tension twists and turns I was unsatisfied at the way it ended I have many unanswered uestions I need to go in read Casey story but this novella can be read at its own And a read it was definitely love this powerful men we have in here Alejandro was so how to I put in words so "Male So Hot Yeah Definitely "so hot yeah definitely and that power he has I for sure don t ever what to cross this family It was a super great read love it Rules rules rules my does that man love to Omes Alejandro's Prey "He's An Enforcer Second In Command To "an enforcer second in command to of South America's leading crime lord's Rules are his life He gave her one year one year to adjust to him and his rules But his sweet little mouse broke the rules and now she's. ,
This is my first read from this author "And I Have To Say "I have to say will not be my last I read this book first instead of Scarred ueen Book 1 and I have to say I loved it Alejandro was swoon worthy all alpha and possessive of his Gina Well I cannot say I blame him considering he allowed her 1 year grace to get used to him and her new surroundings Is he the man hell yeah Can our heroine eep up and manage her alpha oh yeah You must read this I was Excited Waiting For This for this and was worth it I couldn t put it down from the first page Lots of super. The rules are simple Don't talk to the men don't communicate with the outside stay loyal to the family Gina tries to follow the rules but every time she turns around there's a new rule It's only a matter of time until she breaks one and bec.

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Ay down rules Alejandro is a sexy dangerous man who has marked the lovely Gina for his own Gina is a sweet caring woman who seems a little timid at first but it is always the uiet ones you have to watch out for Yes on "the surface Alejandro seems get his way but Gina in her own way pushes his boundaries when "surface Alejandro seems to his way but Gina in her own way pushes his boundaries when matters to her I got uit a ick out of Alejandro s mother I want to be just like her lol This novella includes steamy scenes some violence and a commanding male character who has determined he has waited long enough for his woman Enjoy. His Only someone else wants her too Alejandro's Prey is a mafia romance novella Though this book is part of The ueens series and takes place one year after Scarred ueen it can be read as standalone Guaranteed HEA NO cheating NO cliffhanger. Alejandro's Prey (The Queens)