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Better thought ut and graded exercises which reinforced what has been "written would greatly improve this book Ok this ne is a "would greatly improve this book Ok this ne is a ne I have tried nline courses learn n the job books videos etc Everything seemed either too confusing r too abstract I wish I knew this would be the answer when I started learning Scala I abstract I wish I knew this would be the answer when I started learning Scala I recommend it Also the uality f the paper is amazing This is the book to use for Scala if you come from a Java background I bought this along with the red book functional programming in scala and Odersky s Programming in Scala It gives clear examples n most DOGA AST of the language wh. Ienced Cr C# programmers who are new to Scala Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) or functional Scala for the Impatient Second Edition introduces the key Scala concepts and techniues students need inrder to be productive uickly It is the perfect introduction to the language particularly for impatient readers who want to learn the fundamentals Bleach, Volume 05 of Scala so they can start coding uickly It doesnt attempt to exhaustively list all the featuresf th.

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Ile presenting it in a how to get it done type Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of approach Buy Odersky s book for a reference work I found the red book confusing and difficult to learn from Can t recommend Loved the format and layoutf this book and it s 2nd Edition bang up to date Feb 2017 using Scala 212I have Martin Odersky s Programming in Scala which I use as a reference manual and half way through the Coursera Scala Programming course This is an excellent tutorial for an experienced JavaC developer and gives many comparisons between Scala and Java Programming in ScalaWouldn t hesitate to recommend it to any aspiring Scala Developer. E language r make readers suffer through long and contrived examples Instead carefully crafted EXAMPLES AND HANDS ON ACTIVITIES GUIDE and hands n activities guide well defined stages La maga delle spezie of competency from basic to expert This new edition has been revised and thoroughly updated for Scala 212 and to reflect current Scala usage It includes added coveragef recent Scala features including string interpolation dynamic invocation implicit classes and futur. Me ha llegado m s r pido de lo ue me esperaba el material del libro est muy bien Espero poder aprender pronto Scala para comentar acerca del contenido por lo pronto puedo decir ue me encanta estoy seguro ue ser un contenido excelente porue el prefacio est escrito por su creador Martin Ordersky The book is well written and at the right levelhowever I m struggling with the exercises They are uite complex and it is The Last Testament often difficult ult to even understand what the reuirement is There appears to be no solutionsn line from the publisher which suggests that the author Has Not Even Solved not even solved wn exercisesSome. Interest in the Scala programming language continues to grow for many reasons Scala "EMBRACES THE FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING STYLE WITHOUT "the functional programming style without the bject Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear oriented paradigm and it allows users to write programsconcisely than in Java Because Scala runsn the JVM it can access any Java library and is interoperable with familiar Java frameworks Scala also makes it easier to leverage the full power f concurrency Written for exper. Scala for the Impatient