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Learned a lot about auctions As with most her books similar formula but still a great read Would recommend to those who like chick lit Eine Geschichte zum tr umen mitfiebern und miterlebenKatie Fforde schafft es da man einfach weiterliest und nicht aufh rt bis man auf der letzten Seite angelangt ist Eine Autorin mit sehr viel Fantasie und Einf hlungsverm gen Zur Geschichte selbst schreib ich nix nur da ich das Buch sehr empfehle Book und Einf hlungsverm gen Zur Geschichte selbst schreib ich nix nur da ich das Buch sehr empfehle Book very poor and is ripped in half I still prefer to have a book in my hand but enjoyed the Kindle option and if ou are a Katie Fford fan ou will love this This is uite a short audio book on 3 CDs but I enjoyed listening to it and I listened to the endIt is read by Emilia Fox who has in my opinion a perfect voice for book narration being a gentle voice with feeling and the ability to convincingly convey different characters You can always rely on Katie Fforde Love her books and Flora s lot is Thank goodness for Katie Fforde the perfect author to bring comfort in difficult times She really is the ueen of uplifting feel good romance AJ PEARCEA wonderfully romantic novel from the No Sunday Times bestselling author of Recipe for Love A French Affair andThe Perfect MatchFlora has decided to move to the country to join her familys antiue businessHer knowledge of antiues may extend only to watching reality programmes on daytime TV but what she lacks in.

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His book give it a shot You will love it I
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a feeling that readers of this novel will struggle with Flora s experiences of moving from life in London to life in a village or small town in the West of England Those of us who have made the transition from city to town will find it totally believable Flora is a very oung confident and flirtatious individual who surprises herself and us with her capacity for hard work and her creative vision However romance throws up complications and her self confidence takes a knock this makes her a very sympathetic character The plot centers around the fate of an antiues auction house The very nosy AND INWARD LOOKING COMMUNITY IN THE TOWN AND PARTICULARLY inward looking community in the town and particularly the auction house is well described Details of the antiues trade are well researched and are informative and absorbing There are some subtly funny subplots and the settings are gorgeous A wonderful read which would make a great gif. Business that she has grown to love but which may not surviveThe whole world loves Katie Ffordes work Modern day Austen Great fun RedTop drawer romantic escapism Daily MailWarm brilliant and full of love HeatDelicious gorgeous humour and the lightest of touches Sunday TimesEffortlessly lovable warm and fun CloserCurl up on the sofa with this book and dream delightful The LadyDeliciously enjoyable Woman and HomeUplifting and delightful Hot Brands Cool Places. Ood It is all about Good Friends The Uncertainty Of friends the uncertainty of the right one and discovering true love in the end If ou need a warm and fun finding the right one and discovering true love in the end If ou need a warm and fun this is the book for Impossible Things you Not too deep but some good observations even if everyone does seem to drink a lot of wine and doesn t get fat 0 In some ways it was uite predicable but very enjoyable The countryside settings sounded true to life and wonderful Another great story from Katie Ford Thankou When Flora decides to throw caution to the wind and join the family antiues business she certainly does not forsee the catalogue of obstacles that would be falling into her path An enjoyable relaxing read with an entertaining plot and nice characterisation Gentle escapism I haven t written a review for a book before but I thoroughly enjoyed this book It made "Me Laugh And Get A Small Lump In My Throat "laugh and get a small lump in my throat the end I loved the way the characters were described and the actions they made I truly loved Experience she makes up for in blind enthusiasm So she is than a little put off when she doesnt receive the warm country welcome she expected Stuck with a cat about to have kittens Flora is forced to stay in an abandoned holiday cottage miles from any neighboursBetween fighting off dinner invitations from the devastatingly handsome Henry and hiding her secret lodger William Flora soon discovers country life is far from dull as she sets about trying to save Flora's Lot