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Ve I was sent a knock off of the real thing Although it was new "and packaged as soon as I pulled off the wrapping I noticed it had a " packaged as soon as I pulled off the wrapping I noticed it had a smell I ve never smelled anything like it so it s hard to describe But it s terrible Then I began reading it The pages were faded in some spots and there are very bad spelling rrors throughout what I have read so far I had to go to my college bookstore and buy a copy from them and I compared the real one with whatever the heck was sent to me I am attaching pics to show how bad it is There are a lot rrors I am just posting a couple I am returning it immediately It sounds like most people are getting the real deal but do be aware that there are bad copies going around as wellI just wanted to add that I am not talking about the rrors that accompanied the first printing this was supposedly a 7th printing with the rrors fixed This was a book that had with the rrors fixed This was a book that had been badly re typed by someone as can be seen in the pics I included This is a counterfeit product IMO If you are a college student that is going to be writing APA style papers or you re a person that will be writing APA style papers this is the book that you need to have This is what I consider to be the bible of APA style writing Everything that you could The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? ever need to know is covered in this manual which is written and published by the American Psychological Association which is the association who sets out the guidelines for writing APA style papers Owning this book willnsure that you do not have uestions On Paper Set Up Paper paper set up paper and the all important resources layout So if you are like me and you are one of the people that want to make sure that very APA paper that you write is 100% correct then you need to own this book and use it to its fullest You will not be let down by any means Also I wanted to mention that you cannot beat the price for this book in hardcover side note this is the most up to date American Psychological Association guideline book for writing APA style papers As of 2018 This review refers specifically to the Kindle dition of the manual The book itself is very handy but the Kindle version is clunky and unmanageable There is no within chapter navigation so you have to scroll up and down and not very smoothly at that to go between pages and sections When trying to format a document with tables for The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online example you may need to refer to content on a dozen different pages but have no way of finding it other than to go backwards and forwards over and over Do yourself a favour and get a hard copy format This is uite useful manual for postgraduate psychology students and members of staff to refer to when preparing a journal article for publication It is relativelyasy to navigate and it contains useful sample Cover Letter which is sent along the manuscript journal article It can be a bit overwhelming though trying to follow all guidelines so it is recommended that you refer to it freuently as you write your articl. Ation Manual also offers guidance on choosing the headings tables figures and tone that will result in strong simple and legant scientific communicatio. I purchased this from MagicBook1234perhaps That Should Have Been My should have been my clue However I purchased from them because they had the best price and the reviews for the seller seemed to be goodthen I started working on my paper and found GLARING issues with the spiral copy of the manual I receivedThere is no way this is the approved manual Perhaps a first run or someone horribly plagiarized the book Glaring issues are throughout Ex on page 67 of the spiral book First sentence says mtending instead of intending Same pg 1st sentence under section 308 states only what needs to be said This section starts with a lower case and it is not a complete sentence Page 68 says 10 year olc instead of 10 year old There are level 2 headings not bolded when most are I could go on Be cautious when purchasing It s pretty comprehensivehas a lot of stuff about publicationand publishingas well as the usual APA punctuation and grammar rules for the styleIf your an undergrad studentthis manual may be than you re looking for when it comes to writing college papersA lot of what this book has and can be found What can I say The APA is the APA and if you re dealing with term papers it s a must have I got the spiral version which I strongly recommend because it will lie flat while you search for the guidelines you needMy reason for rating it four stars rather than five is due to the way the APA organizes the guide not due to the print or binding uality of the actual manual I ve used MLA as well as APA and I find the index listings of the APA needlessly difficult and intuitively lacking While it s true there are things we didn t need a few years ago the various only citation guides tc there s no real reason for the manual to be organized so you have to search for several terms before you find the right one and sometimes you still don t find it The 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) earliest printing of thisdition had rrors in it go figureAs a university instructor I think the manual could benefit from additional paragraph length xamples so students can see how a full paragraph would look with the various iterations of author and page citation criteriaIn case anyone needs to know this you can also find most or all of the manual on the APA website Purdue OWL is of course a go to site where we refer students but I ve learned it may not be as updated as we needHave a strong pot of coffee or a glass of wine handy if you re using this style for the first time It is what it is and we have to live with it I am an Undergraduate Psychology student in my final year I bought this manual to help me with my citations and references for my dissertation The APA referencing system is something that I have always struggled with I have previously found that many of the online information on APA referencing is unclear and that websites contradict Your Everyday Art World each other this is probably due to the many differentditions and revisions So despite having used this referencing system throughout my time at University I wa. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides invaluable guidance on all aspects of the writing process from the thics of S still not 100% certain on the rules So far I have found this book to be really informative and I feel like I will be ABLE TO SUBMIT MY DISSERTATION WITH to submit my dissertation with piece of mind knowing that I have followed the official rules for my references I also thought that the price for this book was really good In the past I have purchased core textbooks for my course which have been 80 So I thought that 20 for a new book was great I really should have purchased this book when I started my degree I didn t think that I would need one at the time but I would definitely advise anyone who is starting a degree in which they will be reuired to use the APA referencing system to buy this book I was also great that I could use my Prime to purchase this book as I ordered it uite late it came the next day Overall I think this book is going to be really useful This book is ugly fails to xplain adeuately why we have to write in this manner Claims psychology is a science when it of social art It comes off as a benign manual but what it s really designed to do is nsure that what is written between the lines of the text gets implemented in the field of study This book is a political manifesto of the worst kind I find it utterly shocking that modern psychologists don t stop to consider the merits of their own manual a free mind cannot delve into the depths of human thought with such diabolical narcissistic and petty

*rules being applied *
being applied One copy of this should be preserved the rest burned After opening the book the first time and my friend s as she also got one pages just broke off I m not sure whether it s because they were published a while ago so the glue has dried but many pages have fallen out which makes it difficult to handle the book I rearely refer to it so it s not that much of an issue but I still wouldn t recommend buying it I m working on my master s degree in Library and Information Science and APA is the preferred style for my program I was reuired to purchase this manual for one of my intro classes and needed to cite it for assignments otherwise I think I could have probably done without it The reason is that there are many free online sources for APA style guidelines my favorite being the Purdue OWL website While this book is well formatted and clearly written it is simply much asier and faster to search a website for answers to most formatting uestionsThe main benefit I see for owning this book is that it offers many Duty Free Murder excerpts of sample papers and reference pages Many APA formatting samples are available online but having this book to refer to takes away any doubt about the correct formatting Other than that I don t see a lot of benefits to owning this book other than that it goes into detail about style rules than online sources My biggest wish has been that the APA would publish a searchable version of their guide online I would happily pay good money for the convenience I am giving the low star amount because I belie. Uthorship to the word choice that best reduces bias in language Well known for its authoritative andasy to use reference and citation system thePublic. ,

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