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Own pace Catori is a Great Female Lead She S female lead She s up but she

Doesn T Whine About 
t whine about instead she decides to push forward and figure things out not asy when you re part faerie and part hunter She s caught between two worlds and things are getting dicey so she ll have to make some tough decisionsAnd I love the cover This story just keeps deeper and deeper I m with Cat and not sure who to trust and what is really going onalthough maybe I do a bit This book series is nothing like I thought it was going to be And it s all good Cat is a not boy crazy though I am so impressed with this book The twists and turns were written very well I don t have one complaint specially in Kitty Cat s love life because the character I ve always liked uite possibly has won her heartThe one con I would say is that she needs to toughen up I don t know if she can take some self defense classes or some kind of training in Detroit or another major city but she needs to do something to protect herself She pretty much was a walking Target The Whole Book the whole book with just a little training she could have avoided herself being hurt on than one occasionOther than great follow up to the series I can t wait to see what comes next Good lord I didn t want this book to nd I m so happy because the what I wanted to happen in the first book finally happened Ms Wildenstein is a terrific write. A book a peculiar collection of myths and legends Turns out it was so much than stories And just as I was on the verge of unlocking its secrets it was stolen from me by someone I called a friend Now I dont know whom I can turn to whom I can trust All. ,
Great story Rowan Wood Legends expands beautifully on book one and its charactersI love the take on fae that Olivia beautifully on book one and its charactersI love the take on fae that Olivia been able to create in this seriesI feel this one was better than book 1 and I can not wait to read This is a good read Interesting story kept me ngaged throughoutReally njoyed the characters and the settingsFun and ntertaining read Great second readlisten From Author Olivia Wildenstein I Got This Book Back In author Olivia Wildenstein I got this book back in of this year never got around to reading it until now Well written suspense with captivating well developed main characters the story captivated me from the opening of the first book and since I own both the Kindle Audible ditions I was able to follow along while being read to I ll be reading by this author RIP Marley January 20 2014 July 24 2018 I have a bad habit of reading an ntire series and then going back an ntire series and then going back review and at that point it s all mushed in my brain But ither way the ntire series is fantastic I love how the author threw me for a loop I thought it was one love trope then another and it kept me guessing I highly recommend Let me start by saying I didn t read book 1 but I jumped right into the story and never missed a beat although now I want to go back and read book 1This book has so much going for it Action Engaging female lead Conflict Love story And it all weaves together in a can t put it The Vampire Diaries with faeries Welcome to RowanI wasnt the sort of girl who believed in fairytales let alone tales about faeries But that changed the day Faeries came to my small town and Hunters rose from their graves On that fateful day I received.

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