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I admire Arthur Chichester s YouTube Channel Bald And Bankrupt channel Bald and Bankrupt highlights his travel experiences He is engaging joyful and enuine as a vlog presenter and that style carries over into this very well written book The fate of the Chernobyl affected population has never been well reported by the united states media in the past the United States media In the past years I only recall watching a few minutes of reporting on the abandoned apartments around Cherobyl left as they were while the residents were "uickly relocated and a probably little watched documentary reporting on the sad "relocated and a probably little watched documentary reporting on the sad of the bio robots who heroically sacrificed themselves in the cleanup of the immediate aftermath of the plant But we have these political Iron Curtains that still exists to this day when it comes to sharing information with Eastern Europe and Asia so I know I would never have never learned about the fate of these small villages and villagers in any other way than this book The chapters unfolded before my minds eye as I read and I saw it all as clearly as watching a vlog I have to say Arthur is a LEGEND for undertaking this journey He writes with sincerity respect and wit I discovered Arthur from his YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago I had spent some time travelling the former Soviet Bloc I the early 90s and found his videos in Belarus and Moldova very interesting and reminiscent and bought his book on a bit of a whimI was very uickly pleasantly surprised at his skill as an author his prose is fluid professional and descriptive yet very entertaining His tale is meandering at times Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide grim without a doubt but at no time was it hardoing it was an easy and beautiful readThanks Bald Arthur for your uniue viewpoint and wanderlust from a new fan I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel I ained a much better understanding of the country as well I am also an avid follower of the author s bald and bankrupt YouTube travels my favorites being his travels in Belarus He has a way about him that makes his readers or viewers feel as if they are right there on the journey with him As someone else mentioned I would highly recommend viewing the videos and then read this book I found the country and it s inhabitants to be beautiful and welcoming as well as resilient and courageous If you enjoy authentic and moving stories this is certainly the book for you The way the author writes is uite captivating He truly knows how to immerse his reade. Join Arthur Chichester commonly known as Bald and Bankrupt as he takes the reader on a journey to the furthest edge of Belarus Europe's least known country where he makes his way through towns and villages seemingly known only to th. The Burning Edge: Travels Through Irradiated BelarusLarusian women are only dreaming of etting laid by a foreigner to Have A Chance To a chance to the country The reality is uite the opposite Most of Belarusian women are highly moral proud and uite reserved sometimes a bit too much My uess is that Arthur is a little cunning and exaggerating his own attractivenessStill I m very happy that such a book exists and will definitely recommend it to the American and British people I work with as it will undoubtedly help them understand our mindset and culture it will undoubtedly help them understand our mindset and culture my knowledgeinterest of Belarus was mediocre at best it has increased ten fold after having read this bookSince stumbling across Bald and Bankrupt on YouTube several months ago Arthur s wit and by the seat of your pants style captivated me This book just adds to that captivationIts easy to read and engaging approach pulls you into the world of the people of Belarus Not only does he ive you a little of their history but a tremendous insight into the strength of will they pull out on a daily basis just to live their life #The Best Way They Can #best way they can the reactor disasterThis was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I sincerely hope that Mr Chichester has plans for another book I have been following the author on his Youtube channel for a long time now A uick Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More glance of the book shows scenes I m familiar with from his vlogs He deserves a MILLION followers and I m ENVIOUS of his perambulations A very boring read with no point It didn t even describe the country of Belarus well Iained nothing from this read I was a big fan of the Bald and Bankrupt youtube channel but have recently discovered the BaldAndBaldrDossier Essentially through some internet snooping people have linked Bald and Bankrupt to various aliases from Pick up artist forums where he posts some pretty sleezy stuffI was skeptical at first but reading into it and it seems pretty legit Makes it difficult to enjoy the book s anecdotes about the locals when apperently befriending locals is part of his PUA strategy Belarus is a country I ve seen on the map but never really heard anything about apart from the occasional negative article about oppression in the press I kind of thought it was just a prison camp but only a few pages in I realised that what I d been told was far from the whole story The author Classic Rough News gives a fair account of the situation there the pros and cons and I finished the book wanting too see for myself Recommend. On he decides to take one last journey off the map and walk alone through the irradiated forest on an adventure that will lead him through landscapes untouched and unseen since 1986 Get ready for vodka babushkas and Soviet bus stops. ,

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Rs into the story as if #YOU WERE ON THE JOURNEY WITH #were on the journey with I have found this book uite enjoyable I found Mr Chichesters book through his alter ego Mr Bald and Bankrupt a You Tube channel a travel diary uite like no other You can hear that same voice in this book Th Through a series of brief anectodal tales the reader ains a rare insight into modern day life in this former Soviet Socialist Republic The writer takes the reader off the beaten track in a very deliberate in this former Soviet Socialist Republic The writer takes the reader off the beaten track In A Very Deliberate To a very deliberate to an understanding of life in the area hit the hardest by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster By the time I finished the book I felt like I had been on the journey with him For maximum effect read with a bottle of cheap vodka and a lass to hand Nasdarovje My review of this book on GoodreadsA bit underwhelming On the technical side of things there s the numerous writing and rammar mistakes as well as the aut I was sincerely surprised by the deep understanding of our Belarusian mindset demonstrated by Arthur being an EnglishmanI especially liked and fully agree with the author s understanding of people s attitude towards Lukashenko With all controversy like buying 1M cards when many people struggle to make 100 a month and most likely rigged elections people still have a certain respect to him memory about the Soviet times It wasn t all negative and many people especially the elderly have certain nostalgia for the times when they lived simple but happy lives having their future certain and not having to worry about many things Although no one in their right mind would like to et back to the USSR now when we all know that there s so much in the world to see and do cult of the WW2 and fallen heroes In part it s planted by the Common People: The History of An English Family government as a convinient ideology we may be poor but at least there s no waroing on But on the other hand it s uite understandable for a nation that suffered so much and lost 25% of its population during the warI don t uite agree on some other things such as Arthur Chichester s representation of the Belarusian opposition all of them being sponsored by the West and living abroad not knowing their own country I personally know many people and I m absolutely confident that many of them come from the people have nothing to do with the West and truthfully willing to make their country better They just don t know how exactly to do it from the book one might Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare get an impression that all Be. Ose that continue to reside in them On his journey through the irradiated borderlands he meets an assortment of characters struggling to make sense of a life in the shadows of the Chernobyl tragedy At the end of his time in the regi.